I will come to the authorities in college. There’s an oftener than Okay propagate In America still again welcome to the mogul nobody will again So right now We’ve just reached the end of zanzibar. We went all the way to the end of zanzibar and there is beaches all around from left Right as you can see the page is called wen, hua Rocks Beach hotel right there Is Wi-Fi in the that’s like the main thing that’s not a Wise way it’s like the best thing like I can explicitly subscribe Yes, right a little blip I have to go for this here. No joke you need a bunny go oh So I’m hanging nothing on the go what oh yeah? Ah which one? Well yeah? so baby So basically this is a very very popular road right here When the government could actually invest in is implied in line marks on it because as you can see look at the road The stage of the Road the car is acutely tipping up and down. Maybe unfair for the drivers out here So they’re here Even the people that have photos here. They bring low interest in bringing a lot of money with it in general But the robbers have people struggle and keep the profit very slightly Or we’re about to gain that might not be houses, so be interested I’m hoping Sorry jumping up and down as you go down Upon in so the head is many hotels here as you can see the cell the road It’s very rugged and I’m jumping up and down or Lack technology see See see what about so right there my room or point that we get me We know right there very interested Mashallah every ladies aren’t all wearing Scott every cultural contrary Oh my God audience Oh my comics image turns on the light now as you can see Each write Their own label David said I’m sold oh My God 20 parenting new quality factor So reverse them back to see this fish, so they’re there for this fish fry head I Want this fish cold, honey? Merlin Yeah once They write a very big fish I’ve never seen a fish is big rectangle Molly Berlin Guaro Glaros when they are Trendy now freedom or dada Dada Dada Dada Dada Rosada Auto service in English Arabic on Todo, Estaba Tomando A maraca modular Harmony among hand in hand is very blingy martial law well Please filling into the hurry up Pacifica tested that everything Santa That is a very very big fish. I think that’s just fresh from the sea. I’m assuming a push from the sea Hey some crazy So these are one of the hotels right here when the Beach resort irony money bumbling department Has a magic camera Thank you The fiery Rhetoric sliced off in when I come at Five five people vote on the boehner plan except in spies oh good degree so so as you can see we’re in one of the hotels right here in Zanzibar and pemba then at the Moment We come back here Love so we’re going to quit when the Arpa makes General, Orlando laser I don’t know Monica’s being able As you can see the selling mix right there, it’s very close another cultural food and more drinks in order to get to Fender rocks, so He was one of my inside um lack of Emotion El Tráfico, all right among the funds from the Kohanim for my extra lip here ya little yeah, but you’re always gonna you call them with that House they serious evil Visions. Oh okay, okay? Yes? so We’ve just stopped right now. We about to go checking the pinch with abraham Oh no, no special ah we serve any kind of tools with them the ball ready You let your back inside uncle Mike like in the water. Okay indirect area okay, so Recorded noise. Abraham is also a camera right now This Playstation on a Sailor Madison. Thank you Wanna connect it to Allah and then it’s a curricular key to Getting angry at the world Ambani. Nan Galina – here can estimate eloquent of a laconically pneumonic way to you Silicon is Roger Obama’s I look when I change a dollar and a ban on gay And I like is kill a sequence when exchange dollars before they even there’s money exchange One or fifteen description for a particular section part on a super megatron us by name on record no super Value coming for peridot Villages can take a prescription whether I’m working, okay, Santa I’m not innocent. Thank you very much So now happen very nice Marshall I looks very close, okay? second Of course I can say oh they did in the car You sure I’ll go Another cup I will see working Attica Gary and today is push for video fear who you my dear my dear, my dear my dear Let’s go to a video peer quality Quality Lulu jump Superior purchase this video Patrick awake yellow spinner and then later and the can I enjoy Pai only So my brother was going to go back his his iPad. He wants to record it as well very nice Any happen on 18 on the camera so good You need that sound but they expect he vivo know Where it was particularly smart not blow me money so suddenly was too good to be true? mother you’re joking Yeah, yeah Yeah Poutine I have one Ocotilla well if you have enough people Maggie. Do you mean everybody told me money? Sorry, what – Valley below me – kim. You’re taking oh You’re joking because it is first the Debris that is about this that islamic it is either Okay, I’m you’re joking What? milik another mobile a video baba – a hotel in Manila Pa baba for Telangana egress any cover is October gonna be I’m all care. So he saying basically I should do the booking so it’s a perfect timing gear Perfect perfect little mask, so my brother’s back right now is back ready to shoot. I don’t I will be muffin You know I wanted your wi-Fi password up So as you can see look at the amazing This looks so good oh My God, so what did we come from Toronto partly? So we came from all the way there And we drove in the way up to the corner of the Sunday early enough. That is so good Oh my God And I think the biggest fish we saw that one there so right now. We’re slowly cook eat Ok so right now. We’re about to go checking the beach. Yeah So I Get so we have to read these kwinda rocks. I think is a structure value Thank you for visiting our be photo a minimal spending or two thousand Tanzanian shillings and ten dollars is required Please Kindly purchase a debit card which you can use in towards the spend in the restaurant for use or facilities We hope you enjoy your day this mission provides Equinox management. Oh Aqua Panda Okay, ten dollars Give the American citizens in here Yeah No road the traffic. I told you I get a jet fighter paper backing you my a Cadet core vip red Seats vision attackers, either oh my God Shaken automatic a wife as I say even it’s just a TV. Oh why why finding Emily the pilot? Wi-Fi one hour there for them well learn and Ganya Jamun, so This is the rock spa my life cut is called my like a tattoo. So the tattoo my like at the to panco This square. This is my life Here is donate clock ah good morning, okay? what without Olivia way for feminine finger, okay so we are inside the I’m not sure this is where the old to do most of the events and as you can see very coach very nice indeed So I Can’t see how the thing is right but That’s a funny idea So she’s doing in the wi-Fi right now is my phone. Yeah. Thank you very much sentence Yeah, no problem. I take it someplace else. So we’re here now and we’re about to explore the outside so I’ve just finished in replying back to all of the messages back in the uk and Now about to go check in through the beach and see how it is done there Shall be interesting You can see right now that is amazing view amazing indeed Oh my God Oh my God Oh, oh my God So there’s actually a poll here where you could actually play crazy? Relied on the glow. I think you look at this like I can’t I am blown away I am actually blown away by this This is amazing I Am blown away, so uh look at this other Check this out Yo, I’m actually blown away. This is the third Beach I’ve ever been in this country, and I am in short like and Amazing coaching in higher, New York oh my God This is like ten times better than the other one that we’ve just went to it’s crazy I Can’t Express. How oh? My God look at this. Yo Look at this look at this look at this Are you crazy? Look at this. Oh my God. Oh My God y’all can’t express the feeling I’m right Here this is amazing yo, oh My God I said studies


  1. Walahi beautiful vlog of Zanzibar!
    Asante sana, going there soon, will definitely use the same taxi driver! Shukran

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