The good morning guys, it is like 5:30 in the morning Pretty chilly out right now. You can see there’s the van and There’s a Denny sign a part I’ve slept in a Denny’s parking lot last night right off the highway definitely do not recommend But I’m driving down to Bryce Canyon right now and I would just like could not yeah, I was in super tired last night So I figured this pull off in like a truck stop area. And this was kind of where I like other RV’s and campers So figure is kind of safe. So I just crashed under this light for now But man, there’s cold one. It’s about 25 degrees out right now and see just like the van is entirely Frosted over I’m making some coffee right now that I’m gonna get on the road cuz I want to try to make it to Bryce Canyon for the sunrise I’m about like an hour and 15 minutes away from the park Pour over coffee and then be on the road Can you see that? I don’t know if you can but and it was a cold one. Let me just tell you that No friends just an update currently I am in Bryce Canyon National Park and it is absolutely I want to say dumping so but it is sowing pretty pretty heavily There’s probably about an inch or two on the ground Already and I’ve never really driven this van like in the snow kind of taking it slow because I am sliding a good amount But it’s gonna be so cool to see the park like these hoodoos with the stones The throttle it’s called the yaktrax which are like chains for your boots just because like footing is pretty Pretty sketchy you could say I don’t think I could ask for a better situation because that little light layer of snow I just made this fall just so insane literally just doesn’t even feel right that I’m walking like through this like orange The red rock of the hoodoos here in Bryce Canyon, but then just covered with a crisp little layer of snow, which is just beautiful You always looked after me, brother When we were children You always had my bag let’s see what this is saying the Saw this side. Now the whole loop is closed due to trail damage ahead. The table is entirely closed I read on their website there was like a rock fall or some sort of like landslide. Essentially that is kind of blocking the trail And then with it being winter this thing too taking extra precautions Which is always smart for practicing social distancing here while exploring such a rare sight here Bryce Canyon in the winter, man. Just So incredibly Trying to take like a glorified selfie of me like standing on this trail with the rocks and stuff there and I realize like I didn’t have my Mic my main tripod and then I realized that I left it literally outside my van in the parking lot. So I Certain it’s still there. But yeah, I just left it outside my my door the parking lot. So I’m gonna walk back Make it big a little more breakfast and see if I can secure that tripod here For me All right in the moment of truth Right where I left it okay breakfast Potatoes eggs and this cheese right here black pepper white cheddar and it’s like So good, I don’t even eat cheese that much but somehow I got my hands on this I’m like addicted Instead of just turning the gas off like at the knob here if you turn it off at the source itself I’m going to try to do this. I don’t burn myself here. So if I actually shut off my Tank here Shut that off and that way you can just ensure that there’s no gas like in the line or anywhere else in that There’s really absolutely no gas left that can leak or anything like that and then I just shut it off Like I would normally hit the knob but just a way to kind of be extra safe Look at the final product here the cheese melted on the top. We got potatoes underneath. Let’s give her a little taste test here I say seven and a half. I mean, this is solid the only thing I wish as I said I had some hot sauce I didn’t have any hot sauce So that would probably bump it up to about like an eight eight and a half. Maybe even a nine I’ve seen your side of the story the plan I had of hiking what’s called the peekaboo trail is no longer because basically that whole area is closed off that Part that we saw earlier on sunrise where that sign was is like a big channel to allow you to get to other trails I am going to improvise and like a trail it is open at least a little bit because None of the loops are really open because everything comes up to that kind of cut point at this point I’m really just exploring and venturing have no plan anymore. Which I guess is the plan the plan is there is no plan You I’m about to go take one of these window door sections Eddie. Here we go. Look at this right through The entire freaking Canyon that’s pretty cool Right through it. One thing I did not account for at all is the mud. I am so There my gear like my the tripod thing I use is completely covered in mud from setting it down I mean my hands my camera is literally dirty like hope my shoes with the snow comes wet mud and everything else Looks like we have one more another one of these tunnels My god my focus so have you with freaking mud Look at the mud on this year. It’s like two inches of mud this point just weighing me down me. It’s so much money But I get for quite a while now It’s about 2:15 And I’ve been going out for about two and a half hours as you can probably tell I turned around Maybe you can’t tell I might have taken a wrong turn Because I was expecting the trail to kind of be closed at some point. So I just don’t have any food I’m getting hungry because I haven’t ate and just have a little Gatorade left. So I’m gonna turn around There was like a cool little cave spot would like a log of them take a breather I probably shed my coat see if I can pack it away because now I have to go up the canyon now which is gonna just be It’s gonna be a lot of fun. So Heading back up So I guess most people know it is getting angry right when you’re hungry angry That’s kind of where I was just at but I was more just like I was so just like low vibe, you know Like I just my body was just dying because I just had not eaten But you guys didn’t see was me Essentially eat a whole head of broccoli with hummus and I also made some rap and soup because that’s Mormon It feels good might be nice to find a new viewpoint and set up for sunset and make some dinner over there and just chill But right now I’m enjoying the meal I have in front of me I’m at a place called privacy lookout I’m walking through like the woods right now to try to get to the spot I take it. I don’t know. There are some people coming from this trail Oh super muddy again Yeah, I should spend like a good half hour after I hate just like cleaning my boots and Like trying to get the mud off, but I think it’s a lost cause around here They say those time-lapse is oh my gosh, those are some of the best time lapses I think ever shot not even that I did anything. Just we had so much cloud movement right now The clouds are just ripping over this valley here And with that becomes a bunch of light changes because they stuck to cover the Sun super super soaker hose came out But I got to tell you I am just freezing cold right now. Absolutely freezing. This place is literally magical absolute magic Here’s the deal we can’t be in the parking lot of Sunset Point and not go check out the sunset You know what? I mean? I’m on the wide-angle lens on my beard to see but just the last light on that formation there and all the way in the back my favorite days and I love doing this as being up for the first light and Staying out until the Sun set It just makes me feel like I just completely got everything out of the day that I could Does it get much better than this? Oh my gosh. Look at these tones the colors right now All right guys head to squeak out one last time laps there Thank you guys so very much for hanging out with me all day today literally starting in the Denny’s parking lot So that was fun I’m gonna make some dinner here chuffa And I make some tea try to stay warm because looks like it’s gonna be a cold one tonight So with that being said take it easy fam. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you in the next one. Peace out Send me free from this

5 thoughts on “WINTER VAN TRIP!

  1. First time bringing the van through some light snow like this! AMAZING to see the red rocks with a dusting of snow!

  2. "The plan is there is no plan" yewwww rule number one in the vanlife rule book! Love going on adventures with you mayne keep it up 🙂

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