Will Things Get Messy On This Girls Trip to Costa Rica? | Basketball Wives

– [Jackie] I just wanna turn
up you guys and have fun. No fighting. – I’m not allowed to fight? – Resist the fight. – We’re not fighters, we’re lovers. And all of us, all of the ladies. I’m excited too. – Lover’s still can fight. If these ladies are
smart, they will not give CeCe, Jackie and I a
reason to give them (beep) on this trip. – [Feby] Is this a pool? – [Malaysia] Oh, yay. That’s really nice. – Yes. Oh my gosh, the villa is amazing. Beautiful, this is top of the line (beep). – What? These bitches look like they’ve been here. – The pool in front. I’m getting naked tonight. Bitch, where is the bottles. – Evelyn and I are down here. – Okay. – There’s a bedroom back there. – I’m not like going crazy about my room, as long as I’m not
staying with the vultures. – Keep geriatric Jackie,
Stone Cold Steve Austin Jr., and bozo ass CeCe away from me period. – I just really don’t
feel like dealing with no old faced young hoes. – What did you say? – Jackie, she is an old faced young hoe. She has an old face and she acts young. – That is so true. – Wow, that’s a good one. – ‘Cause you messy. ‘Cause you always running
your mouth and you smiling and you giving people
gifts and you’re doing all of this and then when I’m not around it’s like yeah, Feby said this. Feby said that. Yeah, she did say that song was about you. Yeah, she did say you’re too. It’s like I didn’t, shut the (beep) up. I’m just really upset on
why she feels the need to go back and say things
about me when I thought we were getting to know each other and we had similarities. You try to bond with
me and that your mother passed away from cancer
knowing that my grandfather just passed away from cancer. And then, you try to
play me and try to make all of these issues. All of that (beep) was bull (beep). I’m annoyed. – Well, you’re gonna have
dinner with her shortly. So that should be fun. So a bartender’s gonna
come and set up here. And have out little bar and
everybody can have drinks, ba ba ba ba. And then we go outside and have drinks. – Ba ba ba ba ba ba, outside. No demons allowed. – No demons allowed. – No demons allowed. – Nope. – Jackie’s gonna throw a
glass through the window. – See, demon. I only get mad (beep) they can’t enter. At this point, I’m so okay with CeCe. I love CeCe, she’s amazing. And OG don’t bother me
neither as long as she wants to leave her arguments in her villa. But Jackie, she has
bad energy and she just made up a whole bunch of bull (beep). I don’t feel like dealing
with that in Costa Rica. Can I be excused from y’all little soiree? – No. – I am hoping that everybody
can be real grown up on this trip. Not like Amsterdam or San
Diego or any trip we’ve ever had in the history of trips.

100 thoughts on “Will Things Get Messy On This Girls Trip to Costa Rica? | Basketball Wives

  1. Fibula gets on my everlasting nerve. She’s so wack and can’t own up to anything like why is she even on the show? Which baller is she with or is she only on the show because she’s Evilyn’s lapdog? I need answers

  2. Feby needs to be let go. She talks quite a bit but has yet to back it and own it which I think is LAME asf. Stop trying to come for someone and when they find out you wanna start talking about, no I didn’t and bring up that Jackie was genuinely trying to be nice to you with a candle and you trying to play her like it wasn’t genuine. She AINT TRYIN to have anything in common, she DOES share something in common with you tf?? Feby just wants to be liked so bad by Shaunie so she can stay on the show but baby girl your time NEEDS to be up cause you starting to smell like spoiled milk?

  3. I can't watch this mess any more good for Tammy for leaving shaunie has let Evelyn and feby turn this show into trash and OG you are better than this

  4. Malaysia, that "old face young hoe" comment was corney. No one even laughed. I know you though about that jab long and hard before saying it one camera but it was cringe.

    Fauxdreads – I mean Feby your justification for being mad at Jackie are ridiculous. You're in the wrong. 10000%

  5. Idk who Feby really think she is but its culture vulture and disrespect all over her…both her and evelyn have to go matter of fact whether they go or not I won't be tuning in..shows like this stunts the growth black women are making in real life and I wont be supporting that mess

  6. Feby is a cardi b wannabe she is not original her whole look is trashy and her music is whack . Can't any of these women keep a man for 2 seconds the only one that has for 23 years is Jackie Cristy that's all I'm saying.

  7. I dont understand who thought she was good in the group from the beginning I have said, Jackie is too old I dont like her evil energy at all like stanky old lady stank attitude

  8. First of all Shaunie is one of the fakest there. Second, evil thing is too and just plain ol messy. Malaysia is just delusional and Fury just ain’t it. She can’t back up nothing she says so she needs to go! They’re weird lol. Oh and Kristen be lying and exaggerating stuff. Ugh she can go too.

  9. How are you going to come to somebody’s event with all that smiling and laughing and giggling but then turn around cut their face out of it And then say you feel some type away about the pictures and stuff if you didn’t wanna be there you should’ve showed up but u supposed to be supporting her But you had something to say about the picture y’all took together That’s phony fake ???????

  10. She said lovers still can fight ?Phebe will not shut up until she get beat the hell UP. ?Shaunie so why another trip u know they gonna fight ?

  11. Feby is a wannabe. I don’t like Malaysia. I don’t understand why she acting like this… I bet if her bestie Brandy was around she would be on the outs with Shaunie and Evelyn.

  12. Mother fucking miss the old Basketball wives crew. Even when I was irritable with someone of the cast. I miss the old cast (TAMI TAMI TAMI TAMI, Shaunie, Brandi, Meghan, Jackie, Malaysia, Evelyn,) & OG. Some of this cast can BLOWWW ONE. (Feby)

  13. Ok febie is there for what. To say things that everyone else is too afraid to say..shes ghetto as he'll and is out of her league even with these annoying chicks..and what happens if. Malaysia finds out that Jackie didn't say all if thr things She s accusing her of

  14. "Old face, young hoe". This is a cruel comment to make about anyone. Malaysia should apologize for this very cruel remark. No one remains young forever and so one day Malaysia may hear these same words being spoken about her.

  15. Feby talk about roaches..let's talk about that cheap ass outfit you got on..looking you came back from a track meet looking for your edges

  16. Malaysia feby and Evelyn are more demons than the other ladies and they need to stop calling Jackie and the rest old you’ll are going to get old one day

  17. I think that a real woman will call ameeting all talk it out but you ladies are back bitting you guys act like crips and bloods ?

  18. All those shady women who have Nostrils as their ring -leader should be put on notice and know that 99.9 % of us are with Og, Jackie and CeCe! And calling Jackie old, while you are all 40+ is a joke! Whatever your exact age, it´s clear as the day that none of you are spring chickens. ??

  19. Feby… issa no. Also, why Evelyn & Shaunie laughing about age jokes towards Jackie? They're acting like they're not right behind her. Jackie is 50. Evelyn is 44 this year & Shaunie 45 going on 46.

  20. Feby, you are so immature as hell. OG, would kick that skinny ass. That pink hair got to go you are nobody Nikki M. OK Heifer ?✌?

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