Why I Move – Jon Beney

What’s the point in coming home every night you know moaning about what you’ve been doing I wanna come home every night and go do you know what? that was amazing I’ve had a great day do you know what I mean? Why am I a dancer? I suppose as a kid I grew up watching Michael Jackson and breakdancing and we’d go on holiday quite a bit to Spain so I would dance in the clubs as a kid and win drinks for my Mum and Dad and I suppose that’s where it started. But, then in terms of dance as a career I never really thought about it and it was just little events in my life that kind of carved that pathway. I lost my left eye when I was five so I’ve never known really having vision out of two eyes and when I tell people that they always kind of go well how did you manage such a successful rugby career couple of lads asked me to go training when I was about 12 I went down, I got addicted to it training wise, I loved the physicality of it I liked the challenge and each year I got better and better and that led me to play for Great Britain at under-18s toured France come off that tour and I got British Player of the Year was having a whale of a time went down to play for Kingston Rovers and then got kneed in the side of the head had a seizure and stopped breathing died for just a short period of time. and they brought me back around you know, I had to choose really it has informed everything I’ve done since that period I need to be happy about what I’m doing and that’s what I try and pass on to other people you could be gone, like that. In people’s minds dance is so far away from rugby in my mind, they’re so closely linked I just realised that actually dance is pushing my body, in the same way that rugby pushes my body it was just a natural route for me it made perfect sense. Dancing just makes me feel different everytime I do it sometimes it can make me feel sad because I know it’s gonna come to an end. but, seeing other people listen to what you’ve got to pass on is what makes me really happy when you hear a beat kids either bounce their feet or clap their hands. We all have this innate thing to move it’s the word dance that’s the problem I work with the word movement yeah, I genuinely believe everybody can move.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your journey, Jon. Very touching story. I did some dance/drama workshops a few years ago in Francis Askew Primary and the theme was Rugby. I got some Rugby coaches to come in and do some warm ups and then used those as a starting point for some movement. I also got some recordings from Radio Humberside Rugby matches and the sound was an integral part of the pieces we shared with other kids there and their parents. The kids were excellent at taking risks. I had to be careful to ensure that I didn't favour one team over another as you can imagine!

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