Why ‘Dream Eater’ Is the Worst Pokemon Move

– Haunter, use hypnosis! Perfect! Haunter! Use Dream Eater! – Okay, I’ll just – Wait, what? You want me to eat his dreams? – JUST DO IT. EAT THE DREAMS. – Alright. – Pikachu, you are cool and I respect you
finally. Please kiss me make out style on the mouth! – Ha ha! If you insist! – Woah! Woah! Woah! What the Helix is going
on here? – HAUNTER! DO IT! USE DREAM EATER! – I really would rather not. How about I just
use confuse ray, or LICK!? Huh? – *Ah yeah! Lick me harder Pikachu! Lick me
with your tongue muscle!* – Not lick! Not lick! Uh. Something else! – *Oh Tentacruel, let’s put those tentacles
to good use.* – OKAY. OKAY. HERE IT GOES. (Chomp) (Pukes) – Oh god! It tastes like lube and Garbador’s
dick! I can’t do this! (Bang) Oh. Right. Already a ghost.

100 thoughts on “Why ‘Dream Eater’ Is the Worst Pokemon Move

  1. Haunted:How about I use Confuse Ray or Lick

    Red:Oo yea lick me hard Pikachu , lick me with ur tongue mouth


  2. Oh tentical let put those tentical in good use lololololkko wahagahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣 im dead ash is a pokemon pedo

  3. or actually in game:
    shiinotic wants to learn dream eater
    "let's see, do I want to keep using giga drain, which has STAB to do almost as much damage in 1 turn, and keep effect spore relevant, or dedicate 2 move slots to something that might not work and won't be all that spectacular if it does work"

  4. Haunter eats Pikachu's dream

    Haunter barfs oh! It tastes like loob and garvadors dick! I can't take it anymore!*shoots the inside of mouth but fails*

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