Why can’t I move my head?

a very common experience for many people
is that of waking up one morning and suddenly finding that you can’t move
your head you can’t move your neck you are essentially locked like a robot it’s
actually a very simple condition and nothing to be afraid of and the
Communist cause is just a simple but quite intense muscular spasm in the neck
it can be global or it can be very localized around a
facet either way it’s just a muscle spasm
now the communist muscles I call I find that are responsible for that is the
trapezius muscle which goes from the base of the skull out to the shoulders
and down to t12 so there’s several ways to resolve this and if you’ve watched
many of my previous videos you’ll understand the concept of slow buildup
of muscular tension causing a spasm eventually causing such a lock there’s a
lot of very practical things you can do to help release this neck spasm and get
your neck moving again one is hot and cold packs alternate which I will cover
in another video but that is very effective
another is yoga exercises specific yoga exercises just to stretch out the
muscles and start to get that movement back and third is a cream the sooth
cream contains natural herbs which are known to be anti spasm and to relax
muscles off these are three very very good first aid aids to help you release
that acute spasm now once you’re out of that acute spasm you need to if you can
take the time you need to consider why it happened in the first place and the
most common cause is a big muscle imbalance so you’ve just allowed a great
the core muscles to become inactive and the movement muscles to become
overactive so if you don’t do something about it it will happen again so for
this purpose of addressing the long term management of your neck pain and
preventing and neck lock reoccurring I have a six
week muscle balancing program so video program that you just go gently at your
own pace now what this will do is rebalance those muscles reestablish core
stability in your neck and hopefully you’ll be painfully forevermore

22 thoughts on “Why can’t I move my head?

  1. Ahh I feel tortured I can't make my head straight or stand up or turn it to the right and I would have to probably skip school but it's Labor Day 🙁I woke up with my neck hurting sooo bad

  2. I got up but my neck really hurts I'm too scared to move 😭😭so I just grabbed another pillow adjusted it and now I'm all good thx to this pillow I barely wake up with a stiff neck every morning I wake up 👌

  3. Marine here, need to fix my neck quickly. Right arm curls and then all of a sudden stiff painful neck. Looking in any direction causes pain in right backside of my neck and ride side of my spine.

  4. My right side of my neck hurts because I went to crack my neck which I do often and something went wrong and I had a big pain on the right hand side of my neck and it’s been about 4 hours now… getting better but it still hurts if I turn right.

  5. This is Only True if it's a typical spasm – but Not True if someone has Laxity or Ligaments or Torn Ligaments – the Muscles are holding on for dear life to protect you. One needs a DMX (Digital Motion X-Ray) to verity that ligaments are not damages. If one pushes through muscle tension – they can inadvertently pull on the Spinal Cord – getting dizzy, loopy, head pressure, tingly legs, occipital tightness, facet joint stiffness and pain… So one needs to be careful and assess this with a trained Physical Therapist or Physiatrist. If no improvement – they need to seek out more imaging.

  6. I can't turn my head to the right because a certain part of my head starts to hurt and tells like is going to get stuck! Please help

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