Which Countries Are Best for Medical Tourism?

We’re back with Reeae Marie Stephano President of The Medical Tourism Association and Glen Cohen Harvard Professor and author of the book Patients with Passports. Renee, I wanna ask you, if you are someone who’s considering medical tourism can you talk about maybe some of the locations out there where they’re doing a fabulous job of transparency and sharing data, sharing outcomes with us? Countries like Singapore, Thailand, South Korea for example those are three excellent examples of where superior medical expertise is also met by government regulation and reporting requirements for medical travel and medical travel programs. If someone is interested in medical tourism and going abroad, how do you ensure that you’re going to actually see the same MD that you’ve researched online? How do you avoid maybe a bait and switch scenario where you do all your research but then you go abroad, you don’t speak the language, you’re relatively isolated, then you find out you’re not getting what you signed up for? You absolutely should request that to be in your contract. I think it’s important to travel with somebody who speaks the language and to have somebody there as support for you. And here it is important to realize that not all countries will be as accepting of your spouse or support. So for example if you’re in a same sex couple, that’s the kind of thing you wanna find out. Whether that person has power of attorney over you. Whether a living will will be enforced, situations like that. But it’s really difficult to put this on the shoulders of the patient. Caveat emptor, buyer beware is good for car salesmen. That should never be our slogan for medical care. Well I appreciate both of you weighing in on this important topic. We really appreciate it.

31 thoughts on “Which Countries Are Best for Medical Tourism?

  1. NEVER!!!
    Go abroad for medical procedures. Too risky and if something goes wrong, "WHAT YOU GONNA DO?". Wave an American passport they will wipe themselves with?

  2. In the end … it's always all about the actual physician / surgeon that treats you. The hospital and medical facilities there do weigh in a bit .. but a good doctor will always be working with hospitals with good facilities anyway. Sometimes, even the best hospitals may allocate you a doctor who can't get a grasp of your problem. Bit of a coin-toss really.

  3. No better country than india for medical tourism. It is on par with any other country in the world.. Some of the people come here from western countries not for the price but the quality of care..

  4. How people dare to go to India for medical procedures! !! In Iran , when they want name an example for unqualified doctors or surgeon s and also fake or low quality drugs …We ask: is the medicine made in India? ?
    Or ask about the doctor certificate .India is one of the countries that Iran medical ministry of health, do not accept the doctors certificate at all.
    Everybody in the world know about Germany and it's high standard quality in healthcare. Germany accept iranian medical …M.D. certificate s and they know to become a medical doctor in Iran needs high IQ and really hard work. I lived 4 years in Australia and always scared of indian G.P s . As I used to compare their knowledge and skills with persian doctors.
    I know how western countries are trying to show iran is not safe or what so ever. But beleive me Iran is much more safe than USA or some uropean countries as getting iran visa is so hard .

  5. Guys indian doctors are best …other than they counter peers in any other country..Indian students only want to become doctors or IITans …imagine the heavy competition out of students to grab a medical seat out 1million to 1.5 million writing the exam, every state there are 0.1 million competiters (23 states) per yr for MBBS degree…some top hospitals in India to get a post graduation seat AIIMS Delhi 120/80,000 competitors, NIMHANS 3/30,000 competitors(0.0003%),PGI CHANDIGARH 150/60000 Competitors u guys could never imagine lol ….

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