When a Desi Goes To USA For The First Time

Jackets Sweaters and one more sweater so that these sweaters don’t feel cold because no matter where you are going, you should always be prepared for Antarctica (lol true that) Taking along some homemade snacks (of course) “Son did you keep your underwear?” YES MOM I’m making a vlog here. (xD) “And take this along for your aunt.” “What?” (um okay) Cooker? (everlasting problem with packing smh) (the ultimate solution of crunching packed stuff) So travelling abroad means enjoyment exploring, and- Oh its nothing. People go abroad just to get some good pictures clicked. (duh) Its about to be 2. Do you think anyone here is in a mood to dance? Do people drink these (insanely) expensive drinks? (HOLY SMOKES WOW) (lmao accurate af) (feeling fancy with 1.36 million others) It’s apple juice you dirty minded people (:P) Ma’am so are you feeling going to America? “It’s feeling awesome how should I express it Meaning YouTube has called us such nice arrangement has been done-” Dude I’m least affected (lol) So guys we’ve reached Dubai where we have a 2 hour long layover after which our flight will head to New York which is about to be 13-14 hours long (damn) It is 6:30 in the morning and dessert is being served as breakfast Its free. And amazing. (fair enough) So the miser behavior had started before even reaching there. So here we get glass glasses (opposed to steel glasses) which is only taken out for important people at home so this is my first time with this. (relatable) This is Bisleri for rich people. And if you wish to burp the entire day here is carbonated water And this free stuff which is going straight to home. And bro this towel is giving off steam (is it angry?) Others were putting it on their faces so I did the same as well don’t know what it is (observational learning) When will we reach? “Still 8 hours to go” Let them charge 100-200 extra but just land the plane already (lol) “Since so long-” “Yeah someone please drop him off here in Tunisia itself” And Gregory from the Emirates staff gifted us a cool handmade sketch (that’s amazing!) Mister Abhyudaya, keeping his horniness intact is watching ‘Stree’ (=woman) on flight as well. “What did you say?” Pfft. Horny. So we have finally reached New York But did you check the washroom first? (THE UNIMAGINABLE HORROR) Yeah let’s go and check. Its not there duuude (the beloved fountain of water has been ‘siphon’ed off. HAHA) Dude we have to stay here for 8 days. (happiness has been ‘siphon’ed off. imma stop) Where are you? (Atlantis? Under the sea?) Baby where are you? I have no intentions of sketching while taking a dump. Why the hell is this even here? Nothing gets cleaned with this But am I going to give up so soon? Yo! What is this thing? Oh sorry. Squirt…gun? Finally found the solution!! So this great person has bought the instrument used for watering the plants They have given such a long pipe that water you use will reach from across a village (lmfao) Are you going to take it till my room lol? The water is getting stuck here itself. There must be instructions on this. Read those first. What is written on this? (SO NEAT AND CLEAR) WOW. Really, really amazing instructions are written there. (SqUiRt GuN dOiNg ThE jOb) ~oh no, I have been fooled~ So now we are about to go to the famous Times Square where there are only, ads? Meaning people pay so much to come here and see ads? Ad, ad, ad, ad ad, the entire building is covered in ads Subscribe to Slayy Point Ad If this were in India the entire thing would be covered with Oppo and Vivo ads Here also all this (Tik Tok) is going on so it’s time to get away from here (lol) We had arrived here to get our photos clicked but people handed us their cameras instead to click their pictures. And when we are clicking photos so they are standing beside us in the photos like this so their faces are visible in it We have clicked others more than ourselves I can do this as well. Have you looked at your face? ~amazing rendition of Lamberghini~ My room says ‘Mr.’ Kawale and mine says ‘Ms.’ Mohan (lmao swap) Today is our first day in New York literally. Where did Abhyudaya disappear to? What happened? There is some magic in the air here (less pollution maybe?) Nothing its the same ol’ pollution (lol hypothesis rejected) Get aside. Look at my face and this will have two slices of pizza Hey! If cos is here then where is the sin? (he’s probably getting a tan lol) (me when I see maths anywhere) *maths students laughing* So we are in YouTube bus right now Don’t know where they are taking us some museum they were saying There are a lot of creators here And we out of the blue saw Ashish Chanchlani on a family vacation Those who wanted us to collab with him Here, its done ๐Ÿ™‚ So we have arrived at the museum. Yay! Yay! And we don’t even know the name of the museum His…- “Nose has been chopped off” (=losing one’s respect) Even his son must be a YouTuber (fire alert) Have some shame you commenting people you guys keep messing up my name people here have written it correctly Where have these YouTube people brought us? So Slayy Point is no longer family friendly after this museum visit Close your eyes Smile I’m taking your picture (sure ’bout that?) Yeah, You’re looking amazing Now that we are here lets learn some AmERiCaN AcCeNt so that we can show off in India the moment we speak something Spray some mouth freshener on the screen first (LMAOO) This entire advanced course is just for the alphabet ‘T’? (I mean down to the T) Like this it will take us 26 trips just to get the accent right Let it be. Hi we’ll talk like this only. And then we spent 3 days in YouTube Space New York where we weren’t allowed to shoot more than this So now, moving ahead (oh dear siphon) The poor guy is unable to move on from the break up Oh no wait. He HAS moved on. So right now we’re here and going to this building the World Trade Centre On the top of this is the Best view in the world Is it better than my balcony? I don’t think the view is good without some pigeon poop on balcony Wait wait wait why are you closing it bro? This was supposed to happen. You’re our friend. Don’t thank us like this (lol) Oh who left Ambani’s house here? And staying true to our photographer duties On the top of that, Abhyudaya has taken this job quite seriously Yeah sit down the photo will be good. Sit sit sit sit no. Sit. (OMG DON’T) You A-hole Learn something from him. Oh he’s not sitting on that. So the view is good but we don’t know what to do next We also clicked photos in 10 minutes But since its 80 dollars for the ticket so we are trying to salvage it. (of course) Look there. That’s how Instagram stories are made. So we’ll just sit here idly for 3-4 hours till we feel it is worth the money One hour has passed away. “Yeah yeah we’re leaving.” “Oh Yeah yeah sure.” “Sorry” “Actually we wanted to go to the washroom” They don’t allow you to camp for the day. So here there is a queue to get clicked with the bull’s…area. The behind of a bull Yeah yeah go ahead and pose. Yeah go touch it (desperately trying to keep subtitles PG 13) *voice over* These tomatoes are well-ripened. (LMFAOO TOMATO) No not this one the stock isn’t good this time (ROFL pun intended?) Dad dad look! I’m Bahubali! (bahu-bull-y? bahu-ball-i? XD) Hey uncle move aside things can’t be hidden even if you try This photo is a secret between us. Mom should not know about this. (*dying of laughter*) I don’t understand humans at times. Otherwise they’ll keep saying ew ew ew but they’ll get clicked with all this stuff (pretty ballsy of them) They’ll come here from lakhs of kilometres away for this. To see this. This is why aliens don’t visit us so that humans don’t grab them by the balls (LMAO) China Chale(t)? (chale=let’s go) Let’s go. So our faces are completely swollen I don’t know what I am going to vlog and what you’ll comprehend but here is the famous Brooklyn Bridge (nine-nine) This is such a long bridge and we’ve decided to walk till the end in this chilly winter where even gloves aren’t enough As you can see our noses are completely red (Rudolph. Rings a bell?) Faces are also swollen. But mostly people come here because the New York sky line looks amazing from here as you can see. “It’s amazing” My nose goddamn Yesterday, it was 15 degrees celcius and today it is suddenly zero Tomorrow again they’re saying it will be warm Can’t understand anything about here. Nothing at all. Even Mumbai is better than this. It is warm throughout the year “It would be better to sweat in Mumbai” Dude no matter how developed the place is lovers will never develop Some breakups might have happened over the handwriting This guy is okay with any person Bro you just spoiled our nation’s name (scribblers) “Its so cold.” “Very cold” (WATCH OUT. WTF BIKE DUDE) Finally we’ve reached the end of the bridge guys! Everything is so damn cold here! Don’t try to be all fashionable here wear that. “Sorry mom” So let’s bathe! (Shower. Age: 5+) No I mean, who the hell is this shower meant for? Do I bathe while doing squats? So today we are going to do a lot of shopping But only of those things that are cheaper than in India! Convert this to rupees. 20 dollars. Look it up on Amazon as well. Hello mom, how much does this cost in Big Bazaar? Really? Okay then, cancel. (Thank you, next) Its 10 rupees cheaper in Big Bazaar. (lol) They know from the Marvel movies that Spiderman comes from Queens. That’s all I know about Queens. “What do you know about Queens?” “The name is good” “The name is good. And?” “The place is good” “WOW. Give her job in Make My Trip already.” Are you injured? Don’t go to the hospital! Contact these two baldies! (If they are watching, issa joke) He definitely looks like he can cure me. Get thousands of pictures clicked so that everyone thinks we are on a year long vacation That is the vibe to be given bro. INFLUENCER! Go abroad once, post pictures for the entire year to appear wealthy “UGH Stop saying all the schemes out loud for people to know idiot” “What are you looking at?” “Brother?” “Listen to me brother.” “Brooo” “Uncle?” “Grandpa?” “C’mon I’m sorry” “How could’ve I known that you like strawberry-flavored tobacco?” “All this is not available in our place” “Go. Show this attitude to someone else. Go” Dude. This is the owner (*founder) of Adidas. (Adi Dassler, kids, take notes) “Bro, please give discount. Please.” (lmao okay) *The last video had one million views* (collective facepalm) The Ninja technique to try & sell used dirty shoes. We had ordered one pizza. and they’ve sent it for the entire hotel. Hello neighbors? Does anyone want a slice? Take it! Looks like we’ll have to eat this for breakfats as well. Dude! Why did you wear white as well man… “You go and change. I’m not doing-” “Hey, this is not even London. You go change. Go.” And now people think we are twinning. (lol obviously) #CRINGE (#mood) But after coming here we came to know that those rich Mumbai girls were just making a fool of us by using that American accent dude *imitation* “Issokay yaaa” “C’mon yaaa” No one is even speaking like that here. But today is the last day. And budget is less. So that’s why we took free ferry which shows the Statue of Liberty from a little far away because the one that goes near is expensive and we don’t have the budget So what does our low budget public say? “How are you?” “All good?” “Having too much Pudin Hara (green color tablet) huh?” “Oh lower your arm or it will start aching” “madam?” Told my mom we are in a boat so: *Keep your phone carefully on boat* That’s all what mom had to say. Since one week all we had was milkshake, burger fries and that too with kidney beans god knows why. He is taking me towards their gang. I’m sorry. There is an army of pigeons which murders people by drawing them near *this guy is off his rocker* Stay cautious, stay alert This is Pigeon Patrol (like Crime Patrol) Jai Kabootar (Hail Pigeons) Bird fly! Fly! Bird fly! (recalcitrant bird lol) (LMFAO THE GLASSES THUG LIFE) Things for the maintenance of curly hair Everything is so amazing here! Everything is available. I’m confused about what to and what not to buy. So people here call this season the fall season because all the trees here start shedding leaves (so leaf fall down) So many leaves! So after running for 50 meters we have done a lot of workout My jeans are slipping I’ve grown so thin (me 5 mins into exercise) Show the abs. Those girls are here. So then show the abs right now no. No duude. I don’t think I should distract them. “DISTRACT?” Here people also come to play crude cricket which is baseball. Cover drive! Oh good lord. Players like these pick the balls from the gutter at our place. Cricket is better! (whoopsies rundundundun) *Back to home* So overall, the amount of sorry and thank you I’ve heard here in this trip I haven’t heard that much in my life “never in the entire life” People even say that people here are rude because they are always in a hurry. It’s nothing like that. It is almost like Mumbai everyone is in a hurry, everyone has stuff to do- “No one follows the traffic rules” “Yeah” Duude every time the same joke!! stop Keep crying babies in the upward- No sorry. keep the luggage in the overhead cabin This madam is walking around the plane like in a mall. SECURITY! If you try to pull off a ‘Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj’ (an irritating song) then even the crew won’t be able to help you. The bathroom has a camera The kid has been fooled by giving him a lens instead of window seat “Mom why am I seeing baldies instead of cloudies?” Orange juice Pepsi! Oh this one has Bhaang (drink made from marij*ana) coming out of it! (DUDE COME ON) What the hell are you searching here dude? “Mia. Drake’s song.” “Mia Mia…you’ve heard it right?” So today I’ve booked a window seat! (FANTASTIC BLINDING VIEW) Refund it. I haven’t even paid for this but still refund. (OH GOD CRYING BABIES ON BOARD) (me when I see babies on plane) ~Padharo Mhaare Des~ (visit our nation) So guys don’t forget to like this video And we’ll see you guys in the next one. Subscribe to Slayy Point. (lmao home water is the best water) Drank it to my fill. Now we’ll reuse it. (lol)

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