What’s your career journey?

My personal journey in law enforcement began in my 20s. I took some classes at Sac State for
criminal justice and I just fell in the love with it. I went through the academy and I got
hired with the sherifs department, and then I went to Elk Grove in 2007 and it has been the most amazing career
and I’ve loved every minute of it. My career journey over the last 10 years with the
City of Elk Grove has been a really good mix. I started in frontline customer service and over the last 6 years worked my way up since then, as the Executive Assistant to the City Manager. My career journey began with the City of Elk Grove
as a customer service representative in the department of Public Works. Through resources, training, and my hard work ethic
I’ve been able to become the Residential Recycling Coordinator. I couldn’t think of a better position to be in because
it allows me the opportunity to help others. I grew up in a very poor family. We grew up on food
stamps and so it was instilled in me to work hard and be financially independent so I don’t have to reply on others and also to help
others who need that because I know the feeling. And also to always try whatever your interests are you don’t have to stick to one thing because
your parents tell you go into nursing. Try multiple things figure out what you like,
don’t like and then just go for it.

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