What is the Buyer’s Journey? 2-Minute Explainer Video

The buyer’s journey is often shown as
progress toward a purchase. For technology solutions, it’s usually a buying cycle. Involving a buying committee. LinkedIn used this diagram in a survey
technology buying committee members. Hank Barnes at Gartner points out that free access to online information lets these folks to jump in and out of the buying process any time with ease. This creates streams of ongoing activities, which Hank denotes (with E’s)
— explore evaluating engage How much of each activity is going on
various over time For any given product, each company’s buying decision process is different. Of course, time to purchase also varies. And, at any time, a committee just might put off a decision. The activity streams continued during the
owner’s journey — so this is really a customer lifecycle. Good support and continued engagement help prevent abandoned here. A lot of decisions — not just purchase decisions — get made during this buying cycle. And, there’s ample opportunity for thoughtful, imaginative marketing — don’t you think?

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