What can stress cause you in your IVF journey ?

In this video, I’m going to be sharing with
you, what stress can cause you in your fertility journey. Hey everyone It’s Selina
here, where I would like to to help you in your fertility journey and as we go along we
may also be improving your fertility and with that, hopefully you may not be
needing IVF in the end. Stress can shut down your reproductive system. During my first
IVF, I was very nervous I was stressed up and I couldn’t sleep the whole night
before my transfer and I did it during the festive time. The anxiety and stress
was more than I can handle. There was a lack of attention to my
mental health, it wasn’t a good idea where I had to be attending lunches,
dinners and gatherings. I wasn’t well prepared. I was the worse version of myself
most of the time. Now most of us are addicted to our stress, the more stress
you are, the more validated that you felt in some aspect of your life. The thing about
feeling stressed is that when you are stressed your body will be flood with
adrenaline and cortisol which makes our body acidic, which is not a good host or
your baby and it’s not a good breeding ground for fertility, what we need in our
body are dopamine and serotonin hormones. Which are actually happy hormones that are
alkaline in nature and much more hospitable hosts for baby and many other things
like improving immune functions, sleep, reversing our body age and things that
matter to us, better performance. When you are stress, your
body is ready for predatory attack like you have this illnesses and that. Stress
level can also affect the condition of eggs in your bank. When you are stress, your
follicles will not be able to function its best.
It may means they’re unable to absorb the nutrients efficiently and they are
unable to form good quality embryos. It can also cause you to have intense PMS
syndrome, your period can come very early or very late because of the disrupted
hormones and it can also have miscarriage in your pregnancy
because of the inability to produce more hormones to support the pregnancy. Stress
also has its effect on babies birth weight and premature birth, when the
mother is stress, it can influence the baby’s brain and nervous system with the
increase adrenaline hormone levels in the pregnant mommy. Mothers who have
made the effort to de-stress have found that their babies are happier and
give less cause for concern. All this information about IVF will cause you
stress, yes, but after you are well equipped with all this knowledge you are
suited up, and know how IVF process works and you can walk the path feeling like a
Wonder Woman complete with cape, and boots, and you got this. Preparation is the key
for confident journey. And I will see you soon. Hope you’ll be successful in starting your family. Send you lots of love to you and your future babies. Now if you’re
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