we travelled during the coronavirus outbreak

I should be asleep now but you know no sleep so currently I am packing because I will be leaving at 7 a.m. with my
sister to take a flight at 10 a.m. to meet my parents on a deserted island I
would say it’s a deserted island because it’s literally away from civilization
where my sister and I are going it’s kind of confidential because my family
isn’t comfortable with exposing where we live so we are going on an island they kind
of want to keep that private if you know what I mean… don’t want that stalker yeah
continue watching to see how we will survive this COVID19, coronavirus
don’t forget to wash your hands after you peepee so peace that was kinda dumb oh my
gosh update it’s been an hour it’s 1 0 3 a.m. I ate a late night snack
we kind of ran out of bread and we don’t want to go out as much because if
you guys are aware there’s been a virus going around and anyways we’re leaving
there’s no point of us getting groceries and wasting food so we don’t have bread
I had peanut butter and jelly on crackers my dilemma right now it’s
trying to figure out what do I need in the morning if I do need those certain
things and they’re deep in my luggage and I have to take everything out and
then after that’s the possibility of me forgetting to put things back inside and
that’s just a hold another thing that I’m yeah I just wanted to update you
guys it’s literally 1:00 a.m. I need to wake up in like 5 hours so I’ll
probably only get four hours of sleep but we’ll see how that goes wish me luck
guys I can figure out how to pack I’m like stressing out for no reason
and I should just be happy that I’m travelling huh during a coronavirus when
literally people are being quarantined see you guys in the morning
peace *dramatic music* *typical lofi beat travel vlog music* she got her siopao and right now
we’re trying to find a seat look at this thicc boi, so much filling we’re waiting for a flight to fill you guys in on a back story we’re actually
supposed to be leaving OOOn next Friday but because of Duterte and
the government and this covid nineteen they are banning all domestic traveling
tomorrow actually so our parents they had to scramble and get a last-minute ticket
for us so we could be with them I feel like I thought of it as boring before but like
people say like finna be a movie shoutout to the people who wanted 2020 to be a movie
because it’d be acting like a thriller we have scooters so I feel like we’re
gonna make it cool so continue watching on how we will survive this virus I’m
not really that hungry I ate last night as I mentioned earlier in the past clips
that I had like peanut butter and jelly and crackers
I still feel it in my stomach and I’m really groggy I don’t know I just feel bleh
in the morning yeah that’s an update for you guys *suspenseful rock music* we just got on like a premium bus
which is gonna take us to the airplane I’m guessing… watch were like just blindly
following the herd yeah we just gave in our boarding pass and then we were
all in a herd and huddled up and then after this bus comes and nobody reallyyyyyy… legit told us to get on we all just blindly followed one after the other
so I hope this is the bus that we’re supposed to be on this is how it looks… *cinematic music* we’re on
the move, it’s hot they want us to have that luxury experience of the AC, the air con the AIRCON I wonder if this is just a joyride they’re gonna be touring us around the
airport *boojee music* i don’t know if you can hear us because there’s like music playing really loud there’s basically nobody in this plane, because of the virus so we got moved to the back
because we were too noisy. We were rowdy when Thanos snap they’d be filled, they’d be filled with bare bodies, bare tourists, bare mans they’re playing good bops right now. I don’t really know what the guy is saying FLOWER oooooooo Harry Styles *sunflower, vol. 6 by Harry Styles* this is what we do in our free time we just make funny faces and dance one of the pros for wearing masks is if you have acne it covers it up it just covers your face in general, so that’s a plus don’t look at my hideous face *sunflower, vol. 6 by Harry Styles* (gets interrupted) we have landed! good flight, I like it so far except for the landing *attack on titan music* I’d rate it 4.2 it’s my favorite so far out of Air Asia and Sky Jet we survived. we didn’t die guys and the plane didn’t crash *Mango Kimono by Ljones* it’s 734 p.m. a lot has happened since the last clip of what I filmed my
grandpa came over we cut some coconuts right here this is my cup of coconut
water yeah that was fun and interesting I should have filmed that but we’re
probably gonna cut more coconuts in the future to update you guys my sister and
I are self quarantine for 14 days this is day zero you have to mark off if you
have symptoms or not which I don’t so I marked the first one we’re basically in
house arrest for 14 days this is gonna be two weeks worth of content if you
guys want to see more of being self quarantine for 14 days
a deserted island don’t forget to turn on that post notification bell to be
updated when I will post that’s it with the video bye guys

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