17 thoughts on “USS Farragut faces aggressive moves by Russia ship in Mideast

  1. 100% american lie!!
    It was the destroyer of the United States Navy that was on the left of the Russian warship and made a dangerous maneuver, crossing russian ship course, flagrantly violated international rules for preventing collisions at sea.

  2. Trump ain't gonna do shit!! Because it's Putin he will blame the US Military.
    He's believed Putin over CIA in the past.

  3. Russia will probably collapse if they tried to extend to fighting anything domestically in the US… they can hardly keep it together and their technology is decades behind.

  4. All…Read…"The International Rules of Preventing Collision at Sea".
    Rule 15. Crossing situations:
    "When two power-driven vessels are crossing, the vessel which has the other on the starboard side must give way and avoid crossing ahead of her.
    …When approaching, the Russian ship was to the right of the American ship ))
    …I think this is enough for you all to shut up…Even the Americans ))

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