Trip to Bali yuhu

we wanna trip dung dung dung hello guys now we are on the way to Soekarno Hatta Airport look at her and this is Bodat bodat Elina eh bodat okay, guys just watch us yeah !!!!!!!!!! with Lambe the Lambe’s hello guys hello guys now we have arrived at airport hello sir huaaaa so we are flight on 6 am and now still 1 am and you are dumb !!! dumb dumb dumb :p don’t walk like a marathon so guys Sauli who was sitting like a queen before now she is a servant can you see guys alright bye bye see you on the next time El what you eat El you eat ice cream in the midnight ice again if you get flu people will think you get corona hello guys keep silent, please so now is almost 2 am and our flight at 6 am and we already arrived from 1 am and we feeling bored so we just bought ice cream and bought potato so now we just waiting until the Fajr comes so we waiting I still don’t understand with this two bodat bodat bodat bodat BUNDA bodat with this humans they are choosing a bus I really remember that El said she better wait for long time in the airport than left by the plane and see now look at now even before we wanna take a bus at 9 pm if 9 pm we will fix just arrived at 11 pm this is Marc this is Marc, Elina’s crush no, he is my friend ehm yeah I hope so we are friend duh, guys, why you pull my hijab woy eh eh your pin ha ha aw this is a pin/needle haaayyyy do you wanna talk with a Bule guys? say hi Marc hello Marc say Sauli is the cutest girl in the world no don’t say that it’s a lie you are FREAK okay you are FUNNY you are FUNNY? NO we use this to be safe hellowww guys so morning check so, guys, we have a plan to wake up in the Fajr El : hm bullshit, bullshit check we wanna go to Ubud and it’s kinda far from Jimbaran and the fact is bheummmmmmmmmmmmmm overslept bablas angin’e we just overslept

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