Trip of a Lifetime

Rolf, are you sure there is a river here? Oh yes 50 arctic char on 5 square meters. Totally crazy I’ve never seen anything like it Beautiful white fins Increadible That looks like a usable thing. I’m gonna get one of those He might take No, he saw me There’s one coming. You shouldn’t have moved it He took it There’s movement up there By the bushes He passed under the fly Pull it Keep it there. There’s a fish coming He’s jealous He got spooked No, he’s back He wants to eat the char He’s in feeding mode He’s too close now We have to wait until he moves up again. Stand still He missed it Take it easy Did he miss it again? He’s too eager He’s back on the same dark spot He missed again Does he go into the branches? Yes Not the best place to land a fish That’s a nice fish. Beautiful colours Golden Do you want me to take it? Yes please Thanks Mox. That’s a nice fish Back to the stream Good netting. Yeah, that’s almost half of the catch That was a really nice trout Cheers to the first “real” trout. But not the last Tasty. What is it? Irish All right, let’s get to work again He got spooked He stopped a bit further up Did you get it Rolf? Yeah Do you want me to net it? Yes please He’s not ready yet Strong fish Very nice fish Good bye fish Beautiful fish Yeah, and it was a nice take Congratulations. Thanks For the big trout by the tree up there I’m gonna use one of these I’ve got that from a reliable source Streaking caddis I’m gonna use a big one Yeah, do that. And pull it when the fish comes He’s moving He’s coming Yeah, he’s coming He took it under the water? Yeah This is the biggest trout I’ve ever hooked Reach out with the net. Are you standing on the bottom? Yes Keep it in the water. Keep it in the water Real espresso out in the mountains. Awesome Cheers Lovely. Strong and tasty Don’t let him into the branches. No That was awesome Beautiful pattern Congratulations. Thanks He looked at the fly Maybe now He doesn’t want it. I’m going nuts Maybe try from further up It’s lovely to stand in the water Hope I didn’t spook it Silvery as a salmon What do you think I’m gonna use? I think it will be an E12. Oh yes He was rising further up now Nice fish. Yeah, very golden Tasty There’s one coming Nice little char He’s getting strong You really worked for that one Rolf Beautiful fish Swim on little friend Close to the bushes? Yeah, about two meters It’s not going to be easy He took it. I didn’t think he would Nice fish. Yeah, and strong What did he take? A pupa? No, an Europa 12 This is crazy I’m going down. Yeah, do that The hackle sits on the line So the fly got smashed? Yeah Beautiful fish That was pure reflex Rolf, is it a trout? Yes He took it. No. Yes he did He apparently did That’s a big fish Watch out for the branches Try to move him here Good job mate What a trout. Crazy What a fish. And there are several more out there This is a heavy trout Leopard pattern Rolf, there is a nice char here Right beneath the tree He’s rising Did you see him? Yeah That’s the right angle He’s watching He’s rising Very big fins. Beautiful Is it hot today? Yeah, really hot I think it’s around 30 degrees Celsius Too short? Spooked That’s good. He’s moving He’s coming A bit too fast That’s a nice fish He’s backing down He seems to be very relaxed Make a cast and I’ll watch He took it. Or was it another fish? Yeah, it was another fish I was watching the other fish He’s in a good spot there. Can you reach him? I think so That was close There’s another fish coming Yeah, a smaller one He’s coming here now Yeah, he changed position He’s moving into the shadows What? Stand still He’s too close now He’s feeding Can you reach him from there? I think so Not easy to reach him. No I get tangled in the bushes He took it He took it, our old friend Not a bad fish And there’s another one, bigger I got slack in the line And barbless hook. It will never work He probably got spooked there Or maybe not That’s a fast fish Nice spots What a fighter And the wind was heavy There are two fish I think. No, it’s the shadow No, there are two fish Can you fish on him now? No, I have to wait till he moves up Why did he have to stop there? Looks like he’s watching us Take it easy Good cast He missed it He’s here now He’s just pushing it Am I too fast? Yeah, maybe. But he didn’t take it properly I think Wait a little longer if he takes again Very nice That was crazy He’s still there When I saw him rise he was only a meter above the rock. Yeah, he moved a bit No reaction Too far to the right And a bit too short No, he’s coming There’s another trout again. Crazy Watch the line and the rod It’s a big trout. At least the head is like on a big trout It’s a nice trout New record He’s swimming away there What a head. That fish could easily weigh two kilos Now you can swim back Very nice fish. Trout is the king

100 thoughts on “Trip of a Lifetime

  1. Great video!! Do you have a tip on how to start planning a trip to northern Sweden? It's somehow hard to find enough good information in the internet (especially about where to find rivers where you are allowed to fish). Thanks for a comment 🙂 Greetings from Switzerland!

  2. 32 minutes of Happiness. No words. This video is stunning. The landscape, the river, the trouts, smiles, . You made my day once again. The cameraman is just out of this world. Thanks from France. 🌍

  3. A wonderful, joyful film. The tranquility and beauty of that place is truly incredible. Thank you for sharing this. 👍

  4. What a phenomenal video, allowed me to relax and forget about the nasty virus invading us right now thank you and god bless you.

  5. Thanks for giving us a reminder that there's still something to look forward to after the apocalypse.

    Fantastic cinematography, great edits, perfect musical timing. I was smiling all the way through the short film.


  6. Absolutely Stunning ……… A delight to watch! Keep Safe and sound boys. I wish you Good Health. You have now, taken my mind of this Virus that has forced myself and, my family into isolation. At least i am able to watch Your wonderful videos, and get on My Tying Vice!! Many thanks and Kind regards Colyn.

  7. Where I fish often,Sil river (Galicia,NW Spain) a trout of this sizes you’ll have to fight at least 10 min. And with a barbless hook,you’ll miss a good 30%. Beautiful vid,anyway. Thanks.

  8. Am I the only one who wants to know where to get a couple of those little cups to fish and drink?! I just pull from my flask like a heathen… Well done video; cheers.

  9. I’ve been a fan of your videos for a long time, but this takes it to a new level. Great work. Destined to be a classic.

  10. Michael sitting in for Christina, down under..Australia. Fantastic video. Superlative wilderness fishing. Got to ask. What mossie repellant do you guys use ?? Cheers.

  11. Och kort tittade flogudarna ner och log mot oss And briefly the rover gods looked down and smiled on us. Thank you for sharing your trip.

  12. Fantastisk film. Den bästa fiskefilm jag sett. Och vad god den wirren såg ut. Jag antar ni är i Lappland

  13. Ciao ragazzi come sempre un meraviglia, questa natura è questi pesci. X ora covid – 19 ci tiene chiusi nelle nostre case, speriamo tutto passi i fretta. Unica cosa positiva che stiamo vedendo ora che inquiniamo molto meno e il pianeta respira. Cia ragazzi siete mitici 👏👏👍

  14. Hatten av for en av de fineste fiskefilmene jeg har sett!! Fantastisk filmet, og for en vakker liten elv!

  15. Never stop what you do best. You bring out the beauty of fly fishing to show the world. Stunning as always

  16. Started to watch this video with a Riesling bottle, what a great experience.
    Did not understand a word but felt so connected with the moment in such a peaceful setting.
    Simply beautiful

  17. hello from colorado, wonderful film. Thank you for not revealing the name of the river. You really know how to do a fishing trip !!

  18. Hello and thanks from Florida's west coast. As a fresh and salt water fly-fisherman, and a former small mouth and trout fisherman a bit farther north, I really enjoyed this video. The finesse and obvious respect for the fish and environs were really apparent. I just sent a link to my grandson in Ft. Myers, he's a kindred spirit. Thanks again and stay well. Mike Dameron, Major USAF (Retired).

  19. Hello from North Germany,

    Your films are the best over Fly Fishing!
    Beautiful trouts, clear water and two gentleman, which knows how to fish professinal.

    There is only one word to discribe your masterpiece: Perfect.

    Thank you!

  20. Another great video, beautiful country, river, fish and friendship. as much as i like irish whiskey still better with a scottish whiskey.

  21. Entretenido video, da gusto ver como suben las truchas a comer el engaño. Hermoso lugar…

  22. Grymt fina filmer. Vi var uppe i Kiruna fjällen 2019 och hade det riktigt varm även vi. Vi var där där vecka 30. När och vart åkte ni?`

  23. What an amazing trip ! Really beautiful. I wish I could have such this kind of fishing adventure with my brother soon.
    This is the first video I see on your channel. I don't understand why YouTube does not suggest it to me sooner.
    You've just win a new subscriber from France.

  24. Only 7 minutes in and its the video of a lifetime. Great camaraderie among the two of you. Love the fishing, teamwork, and overall quality of film. God bless you for putting up with the bugs, sounds awful!

  25. Great video! Just what I needed to see. Beautiful fish, beautiful surroundings, and two friends enjoying time, doing something they obviously love. It doesn't get much better then this.

  26. Sometimes I watch stuff like this and realize I should have followed a career that would have led me outdoors everyday. Good work.
    Thanks for putting this together.

  27. what crazy movie and fishing instants, i´m really fond of lappland and i can exactly feel what you shared with us, thank you very much.

  28. At first I was like shit then I see trout an waaaaa iam in a school of big fat char nice 👍
    Char AKA brook trout useing that white line ,should used longer leader with black end

  29. 10:39 That hat though 😛

    Amazing film! In these times of not being allowed to go fishing a good distraction.

  30. Looks like my old 8'6" Scott G 4 wt would be right at home. Brook Trout (Char) and some browns in a small stream with a good fishing buddy. It doesn't get any better than that. It looks like a spring creek to me.

  31. What a beautiful video, that would take a lot of filming and editing.Great job!! What camera do you use? greeting Steven

  32. How do you know you have some amazing video? I watched the entire thing and realized I never turned on the closed caption button. Now to watch it again with the sub titles and see how right my brain interpreted the conversations.

  33. What a beautiful video! makes me want to pack and go there right now, but only if you guys @Carpe Diem come with me and bring your scotch and coffee 🙂
    Can you share what tents you used? do you recommend those?

  34. Yes, it is fantastic fishing, but the most remarkable thing is drinking out of the stream! Wonderful vid. Thanks.

  35. Fishing and a nice bottle with fantastic scenery and great fish ..this is heaven..may I recommend a bottle of lagavullin whiskey from the island of isla

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