Trip Memancing Bersama Fishing Vloggers Malaysia (Catch and Cook)

(Marinate chicken for BBQ) Good evening to all viewers. Just now i have marinated chicken for BBQ. Tomorrow I have a fishing trip with fishing vloggers from Malaysia. Most of them are from northern region of Malaysia. And there are also a couple of vloggers from KL. So we will do fun fishing and picnic with them tomorrow. We will grill chicken tomorrow. And if we got good fish tomorrow, we will also cook them. Stay tuned if you want to know where we will gather tomorrow. I will update you after we arrive at the place. Good morning. Today i am at the jetty in front of Seagate. Now there are 4 fishing vloggers who have arrived. Let’s check who will we have today. We are still waiting for a few vloggers to arrive. Now we are heading to Pulau Rimau (Rimau Island) for our trip today. We have arrived at Pulau Rimau. Here we are at Pulau Rimau. So here will be our basecamp. Look at this beautiful place. This place looks like a home for groupers. Let’s try microjigging. Haruan Sakit said that there was a bite. Let’s try to catch them. I wonder what kind of fish are they at this spot. First strike by Haruan Sakit. It’s a threadfin. Man Kumpaww got the second strike. It’s a Javelin Grunt. Yeah strike!! This is my first catch here at Pulau Rimau. Now Along Fishing got a strike. What a day. It’s another threadfin. Now they all have gathered at that spot. Naiem Coolzest is currently fighting a fish. So I want to try at that side. Mubin is there, so let’s go and fish there. Now it’s 10 AM. The fish activity is slower compared to earlier. Let’s see if we can still catch a fish. Now the time is 11.10AM. We are going to grill the chicken. You can see that Along is igniting the fire. This is the marinated chicken I made yesterday. We will wait for the charcoal to be ready before we grill them. Now it’s already 12PM. As usual, we will cook for lunch. Today our friends have caught a few good fishes. Let’s look at what fish we have today. We have a threadfin, queenfish and golden snappers. Now we will clean and cook them. Now it’s near 2PM. Just now we have finished our lunch. Now i want to fish for groupers at this spot. Because earlier Wan got a strike here but the fish ran off and broke his line. So let’s try to fish here. If we are lucky maybe we can catch some groupers. This is an orange spotted grouper, hooked on Zerek Live Shrimp lure. Strike!!! Second grouper on Zerek Live Shrimp lure. Here you can see they are fishing using shrimp. They are using ultralight setup. Now the time is 5 PM. I am going to pack my bags. We will end our trip with fishing vloggers for today. Next time maybe we can arrange more activity like this. See you in next vlog. Good bye. (Mubin’s fishing rod fell into the water)

71 thoughts on “Trip Memancing Bersama Fishing Vloggers Malaysia (Catch and Cook)

  1. Trip ukwah/silaturahim para para angler, bergabung, bersatu, meletop… πŸ‘… Saya sokong acara ni… Menu mantap… Semoga akan ada acara macm ni akan datang… #jgnisapgam

  2. Kayaknya sudah lama ga mancing LG ia bang
    Spot kali ini lumayan bagus…
    Salam saling support πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  3. ayam tu xbrapa trliur sgt..gulai tu yg buat bg pecah pala..hrtu gulai bwh jmbtn, ni kt plau rimau plk..blh bkak kdai mkn ni bos..trbaik yob goes dh subs…moga ada lg msk2 vdeo akn dtg

  4. Mantappp Bro… Maaf Baru Aku Subs Channel Mu. Baru Tau Dari Tgk Video Di Channel MAN KUMPAW. Trip Mantappp. Nanti Boleh Atur Di Negeri Sabah. Check Channel Ku Juga Bro, Angler Youtuber Sabahan. Support Youtubers Malaysia.

  5. Salam.. peh dpt naik senangi..sdp tu.. kena pulak tuan yg dpt tu pandai masak..

  6. Geng,nk mntak tlg bleh x??aku skang x tahu jln nk ke pengkalan untk pergi ke pulau hrimau….ada x sesiapa yg baik hati nk share kordinat map??serius x main2…..mmber aku pnah p skali tpi sygnya dia tu pelupa….nk p kali ke 2 dh x ingt….aku x pnah pegi lagi…tlg laa😒

  7. Waaa terbaik lh bro.. Memancing sambil memasak… Makan confirm lagi berselera dari mkn hari biasa kn hehhe… Terbaik πŸ‘πŸ‘

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