Travelling ke Jogja – Mengunjungi Filosofikopi

Halo, good morning ! Right now, I’m in Yogyakarta. Today morning, I haven’t had my morning coffee. For those who likes hang out or traveling, I really recommended this to you for those who are lazy to bring coffee equipment. You can use coffee sachet from Otten Coffee. The way to use is very simple. Fresh from coffee beans. There is no instant here. This is coffee ground from Otten Coffee. And this time, I use Mandheiling. The way to brew this coffee is very easy. Exactly like others sachet coffee. The shape is like this. Just follow the instructions at here. First, tear it all. After you tear it all, there are two hooks like hanger. Then, you can hook it on the mug. This is your drip coffee. And I have prepared my hot water, so just pour to the coffee. Pour slowly. Actually, it is not complicated to use this coffee drip. Because this is not heavy. You just need hot water. And that’s it. Only hot water that you need. You just need to wait. You can take your coffee anywhere. And you can brew your own coffee. Your morning, Your evening, your night, Or maybe your afternoon, Even can enjoy with the coffee. Usually, I drink coffee for 2 until 3 mug in a day. So, this is my first morning coffee. The way to use this coffee is like usual Pour Over dripper. Just pour hot water. And wait a moment. Let the coffee extract for around 3 minutes. It has been 3 minutes. Take out the dripper. And this is my coffee brew. Let’s try the Aceh coffee brew in this morning ! A delicious coffee can not lie. This is very well-balanced. Have fruity taste, even not strong acidity. To help boost energy in the morning. Of course, Agung, Haris and also coffee lovers. I will take you to one famous cafe in Yogyakarta. So, where is the cafe? Okay, exactly like I have promised I will take you to coffee shop. This coffee shop is very trend since the first and the second movie came out. Makes this coffee shop become more popular. I come here 30 minutes earlier from opening time. To get a good spot. But, when I arrived here 30 minutes earlier, There are a lot people sat here like waiting queue number. The coffee shop opening time is 4. They will tell us if they have opened the coffee shop. So, right now I am waiting for the opening announcement at 4. What I mean just now, this coffee shop is Filosofi Kopi Yogyakarta. I ordered apple pie which is the signature cake from this Filosofi Kopi. The apple pie is very delicious ! Then, I have Affogato. Next is Cappuccino. This is Latte. I even ordered V60 but haven’t come. I am waiting for Tiwus Coffee. Where does Tiwus come from? Tiwus Coffee is from West Java. It is so crowded, right now a lot of people are queuing. This is my Tiwus Coffee from West Java. Let’s try the coffee from Filosofi Kopi Yogyakarta ! It has caramel aftertaste. Good Morning, coffee lovers ! This morning, I am at Punthuk Setumbu. For today morning like this, it feels so good to drink coffee. I like to take All in One Coffeemaker : Cafflano anywhere. I take Cafflano with me. For those who likes to drink fresh coffee from fresh coffee bean, Cafflano can be your true friend for your traveling. Now, I’m enjoying sunrise in Punthuk Setumbu to see the beautiful of Borobudur. As you can see, the sun has risen. So, we can’t see the Borobudur. But, its okay. While enjoying the background, let’s brew my coffee with the Wonderful Indonesia. The way to use this Cafflano is so simple. You only need hot water and coffee beans. Today, I use Kerinci Coffee as I want a bit of fruity and light. We will start to grind coffee beans. This time, I use metal filter. Usually, I like to combine with paper filter. But, I think I want bold coffee. Put the coffee bean. Let’s grind the coffee ! I want course grind coffee. I have set up into course grind. Th grinder is finished. Let’s brew the coffee ! I have prepared the hot water. Let the coffee extract for 30 seconds like usual. Soak the coffee first. Have a good smell ! Okay, it has been for 30 seconds. My coffee is finished. Its time to enjoy the brewing coffee with Otten Coffee Mug. For those who likes coffee in anywhere, this mug is very suitable as made of good food grade enamel. Not easy to break like others cup which are made of glass. Heavy and quite complicated to bring anywhere with risk of broken glass. But, this glass is very durable, lightweight and even don’t have risk of broken. Enjoy the hot coffee, with beautiful view. It is so delicious ! Drinking coffee in the morning makes world feels much brighter. Having coffee together with Otten Coffee and Kerinci Coffee. The taste is so light. This is what I want. Okay, then, let me have my coffee !

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