TRAVELLING DURING THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC | Watch this before facing the Coronavirus.

Hey guys, welcome to FOMOthevlog today, it’s a bit of a solo the vlog because The other half of FOMO is actually in Bali right now. Our channel FOMOthevlog is all about traveling It’s about gaining experiences. It’s about meeting people from all over the world As creators of a travel blog We thought it’d be super important to actually talk about the things that you should think about before you go traveling during this pandemic the precautions and things that you could do to keep yourself safe while traveling and Also, I want to bring to attention some things that you need to think about before you actually travel This is a disclaimer. I am in no way a medical professional all the information I got was a combination of the things I found online things that I’ve been told and The things that I’ve learnt myself while traveling and trying to keep healthy and safe I want to talk to you about five main things today The question stands should you even travel during the corona pandemic? Tip number one would be the most obvious and the most clear tip Don’t. Don’t travel during this pandemic because the less you move around the less people you’ll come into contact with the less chance you get of Getting sick the less chance you have of spreading the sickness to other people Because I understand that like most of the people that I’m making this video for are around my age. We’re young. We’re healthy. That’s great. But a lot of the people that we come into contact with are older or they might have underlying medical conditions You having a mild sickness and then spreading it to someone else might create a completely different situation for that person This pandemic is more about taking care of the community and taking care of others. It’s about understanding how your actions have consequences. Stay in your bedroom, get all cozy, and put up some lights, make some tea You know, binge the office for the 13th time make a video about the corona virus pandemic like I am What do you do if you choose to travel? During the corona pandemic. The first couple of things. I want to talk about are of course more practical So as you’ve heard from everyone and everything and everywhere, wash your hands Literally every time you touch anything or anyone especially if you’re going in an airport It’s already a super grubby, icky place make it a habit as much as it is checking Instagram every half an hour Go wash your hands every half an hour, have a little bottle of antiseptic with you Every time you touch something right after disinfect your hands, Please disinfect your phone because that is the single most Nasty object that you carry around everywhere all the time You go to the bathroom with it. Don’t even lie to me I know it. We know it. Y’all know it. There’s been a lot of information going around about not wearing masks And yeah it’s a hundred percent true that you shouldn’t wear a mask if You’re not coughing and not sneezing and you’re not spreading anything a mask isn’t for the protection of yourself It’s for the protection of others So unless you have symptoms, you don’t really need a mask, but from personal experience when I was traveling around Asia Polina and I still chose to wear masks during our flights. That’s not because we were super-paranoid that we’d get sick I know that for example I’m a face toucher, like I touch my face every moment, like possible, every moment that I get. It’s a super bad habit that I really need to get rid of especially right now But it is what it is And I know that wearing the mask is gonna prevent me from doing something stupid like I don’t know touching a door handle and then scratching my face and then getting coronavirus if you’re like me maybe a mask would actually be a good idea So look into that and stop touching your face Or I should like I should do a thing where I have to Put a dollar in a jar every time I touch my face because I don’t even notice when I do it It’s really really bad and I don’t even understand why I do it Tip number four this tip is actually inspired by the one and only Naomi Campbell we watched a video the other day where she showed her routine of disinfecting every airplane seat that she got on she has Disinfectant wipes that she literally wipes down all the possible surfaces that she can so the tray table The seat in front of her, the little handles on the sides. She wipes it all down even the window She had a couple of microfiber towels that she used to kind of wrap around the seat that’s Exactly, actually what we did when we were traveling in Vietnam on the overnight train because we heard it was super dirty We got our towels and we kind of lay them across all the possible surfaces that we would touch before actually laying down there Especially because we have to spend 15 hours on that train. Yes. It’s a bit extreme, but it’s better to be safe than sorry and Especially right now. I want to talk to you about what you should Definitely think about before you even travel don’t buy a ticket before you find this information out go online Go on the website of the Ministry of Health of whatever country it is you’re going to so for example I’m from Cyprus and my parents really wanted me to go back then I decided to check the Ministry of Health website and once I went on there I realised that if the UK is one of the countries that the added to self-isolation which means that if I come back to Cyprus I wouldn’t be able to leave my own house for two whole weeks Check online about whether or not you’re gonna have to quarantine yourself Another thing that you should check is if you’re gonna require certificate proving that your coronavirus free so again back to my example another reason why I decide to stay in London is because Cypriot government started asking for Certificates from every person that arrives to Cyprus proving that their coronavirus free and that is not a certificate that is easy to get make sure you check that your country doesn’t have a weird rule like that Requiring extra documentation about the state of your health and stuff We thought about how important it is right now to talk about this information and get it out there because our channel is all about Traveling but sometimes travel might not be the best thing which it is right now So watch our vlogs and live through us vicariously through our experiences. We were lucky enough to go around Southeast Asia Before the whole outbreak so we came back in December and literally January all of this mess had begun So if you watch our previous episodes you’re gonna get to see Asia From the comfort of your living room or bedroom or wherever it is your watching. So watch our other episodes They’re pretty fun. Right now. Polina is actually still in Asia and she went from Malaysia to Bali the other day, and I asked her to film a video about her experience traveling and How it is to travel in Asia during these outbreaks and what precautions they take over there Asia has been dealing with the corona virus for at least a month and a half to two months longer than Europe has Everything has just started here So it’s gonna be interesting to see the sort of measures that they have in place as compared to the measures that our government has here take responsibility for your own choices right now because staying in a couple of weekends and You know concentrating on other parts of your life like meditation and you know making videos for YouTube Could actually save lives For real. It’s about making sure that the more vulnerable members of our communities are safe and protected Be mindful of what you choose to do. And if you do go traveling if you must Please keep these tips in mind and I hope they’re gonna keep you healthy and safe and happy I’m gonna include some links below from like official sources and official information If you want to know more tips about how to stay safe how to stay safe while traveling how to deal with Even the emotional stress of this whole situation. Thanks for watching I hope you got some useful information out of this video and follow, like Subscribe and keep an eye out because we’re gonna make a video about polina traveling Right now during this epidemic From one Asian country to the other and she’s gonna tell us all about it FOMOthevlog is now contained and isolated for the time being we’re gonna keep posting videos from our previous travels, but at the moment unfortunately We’re also taking responsibility and trying to stay Contained and isolated. Um, take care. Love you all and Wash your hands See touching my face

9 thoughts on “TRAVELLING DURING THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC | Watch this before facing the Coronavirus.

  1. Guys, since we made this video many travel bans have been put in place and the situation is changing everyday depending on the country! Please make sure you know the conditions under which you can get home, especially for those of you who are students! Take care, stay safe, wash your hands ❤️

  2. Love this honest discussion. Yeah we aren't medical professionals, but we are travelers and have a responsibility to warn others when it is not safe to travel. The world has closed right now any,way, so visiting cities wouldn't be fun at all. I am a face toucher too and so are my kids! It was so stressful to keep them washing their hands before school closed.

  3. I am not one to typically wash my hands often, but I have been doing so more…April is proud of me. How come Polina is in Bali without you? April is a clean freak, so she already disinfects airplane and train surfaces. We have always wanted to visit Cyprus; how cool that you are from there! LOL, I am always touching my face too

  4. We agree with you that the best thing is not to travel at all right now! We are travelling in Guatemala since October and we decided to stay here and not go back home to Europe. It's safer for us and safer for everyone else. We are isolated in a hotel in the middle of the jungle and here we plan to stay until Corona is over. We try to not touch our faces but it not easy! Stay safe and make YT videos!

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