Top 10 reasons NOT to move to New Mexico. It has some of the worst towns in America.

Hey, what is going on everyone? Who wants
to hear about the Land of Enchantment New Mexico the title Land of Enchantment
was chosen to describe New Mexico’s scenic beauty and rich history the
nickname was placed on New Mexico license plates in 1941 but wasn’t the
official state nickname until April 8th 1999
kind of afraid of commitment there or something didn’t want to pull the
trigger on that one New Mexico is our fifth largest state
and 36 in population New Mexico became a state January 6 1912 making it our 45th
state most people think New Mexico is one big flat desert most people would be
wrong the southern portion is considered to be
a desert and it’s it’s relatively flat but the northern section that’s got some
areas of continental and alpine climates they actually have a lot of mountains
there New Mexico is another state that has a population on the decline it’s
been going on for about the last six years or so except for 2017 where they
had a slight increase due to high birthrate that year not many people set
out to make a life in New Mexico anymore but that doesn’t mean you can’t some
people actually do if you’re thinking about making the jump to the Land of
Enchantment you should probably watch my top ten reasons not to move New Mexico number ten open roads while driving
along a major highway here it could be hours before you reach the next
destination when it says no gas for a certain amount of miles take heed pay
attention to that and there’s nothing like breaking down in an area that looks
more like a Mad Max movie than a US state number nine the unemployment rate
unless you already have a job lined up in New Mexico you probably don’t want to
go it’s gonna be hard to find one that whole thing about not many people moving
into the state that also goes for companies – and that’s a major factor in
this exodus the land of enchantments been experiencing it’s not a lot of jobs
the unemployment rate is about 6% whereas the national average is about
3.8 and that’s how it is currently if you’re think about leaving some comment
about it’s wrong and stuff like that it’s six months down the line just stop
typing these numbers change on a monthly basis
number eight safety New Mexico has been ranked the 47th safest state considering
there’s 50 states that number sucks they have the most number of assault per
100,000 residents and has the lowest amount of law enforcement officers in
the country so high crime and a low number of cops is their main issue maybe
not their main issue but it ain’t helping I mean it already sucks you’ve
ended up in New Mexico but then you get assaulted and there’s no cop around to
help you out number seven the heat New Mexico is hot but it’s a dry heat as the
old saying goes in the winter it gets to be about an average 57 degrees and in
the summer it averages over 90 degrees and that’s averages before you leave
some lame comment about how it was over a hundred degrees the other day or two
days last week or something like that just stop typing Google how averages
work before you just leave some stupid comment but anyway just keep in mind
it’s always hot in New Mexico number six health coverage in 2016 New Mexico was
ranked as 26 for access to health care 14% of the population didn’t have any
form of health insurance during that time keep in mind it’s been kind of
mandatory for some years now well maybe mandatory but you kind of get fined on
your taxes if you don’t have it and after reading how many assaults they
have every year I’d make sure I had health insurance number five sales tax
New Mexico sales tax is about five percent however each town can have their
own sales tax and in some areas that can get up as high as nine percent they also
have a pretty high alcohol tax beer is taxed at a rate of forty one cents per
gallon now my first problem with this is I didn’t think anyone really measured
beer by gallons I mean I know it comes in gallons and I’m sure someone has in
the past I just have never seen beer in its gallon form thought that one was
kind of weird but anyway that is the 13th highest beer tax in the country
wine is taxed at a rate of 45 cents per liter they’re just getting per liter per
gallon well I guess later make I don’t know anyway that’s about 33 cents per
every liter now you can’t tax wine like that in
California you will have a total riot on your hands I know all these housewives
all over the South Bay of Southern California they would lose their if they
taxed wine like this it’s crazy number for drug abuse Breaking Bad actually
isn’t too far from the reality for many New Mexico residents drug problems are
so bad in New Mexico the police can’t even make a dent I mean there’s really
not a lot of them and they’re always filling out reports on random assaults
so it kind of limits their time they could be looking for meth labs about 25
people per 100,000 actually suffer a fatal drug overdose every year in New
Mexico and that’s way above the national average they might actually have more
meth labs than almost any other state I think I don’t know how you’d measure
that but they have a lot of them they used to break up about a hundred a month
now because they have so few police officers they’re lucky thinking you know
knock out 20 number three education if you have school-age kids and you really
don’t like them enroll them in a New Mexico School District their school
reviews are consistently bad in their rated second worst state in the country
for education you know something isn’t good when the only state
below you in a category is Mississippi sidenote 75% of all New Mexico eighth
graders can’t find Mississippi on a map and 80% of Mississippi eighth graders
can’t find Mississippi on a map number two poverty as if he already
didn’t figure this one out with all the employment and drug facts in New Mexico
about 20% of the adults live in poverty and about 30% of their children of their
whole population about 17% experience hunger and food insecurities at any time
estimates are that there’s about 20,000 homeless living in New Mexico right now
that is a horrible place to be homeless I mean that’s Sun beating down on you
all the time there’s like water not available everywhere you go that’s a bad
place to be homeless and number one fleeing residents like poverty you
probably had a feeling this one was coming with the working-class fleeing
the state with their children because of all the crime schools poverty and drugs
the state will soon have a low population problem it’ll probably last
for years between 2010 and 2016 about 53 thousand more people moved out of them
moved in but like I said at the beginning there were more births than
deaths in 2017 and the states saw a small growth 1.1 percent in the year of
2017 much lower than the national average of 4.7 percent this is bad for
any state when the people that are earning and paying taxes decide cheap
rent isn’t worth it anymore and start fleeing the sinking ship
yeah that’s bad stay tuned it’s 2018 right now and unless New Mexico does
something drastic or something major they will be in bad shape for decades to
come all right so that’s a top ten reasons
not to move to New Mexico hope you enjoyed it that one’s kind of a bummer
New Mexico is really not doing good I hope they do turn it around I have
some friends that grew up there they since left they back there at about a
decade because they knew it was getting bad back then but hopefully they can
everybody have a great day be nice to each other you

100 thoughts on “Top 10 reasons NOT to move to New Mexico. It has some of the worst towns in America.

  1. Correction: New Mexico is the 47th state, not 45th. Not sure why I said that, I had it in my script as 47th and didn't catch it in editing.

  2. Recently moved to Santa Fe NM. Epic mistake. Counting the seconds until I can leave. Do yourself a favor, don’t move here.

  3. New Mexico was a state that always had a ton of oilfeld job opportunities. It's was why I moved here, but work started to run out. There were less and less oilfield jobs, but the rent and housing rates stayed the same in my area… Their excuse for such high rental fees was always: "well we are an oil and gas industry town"…
    Like wtf!!! You used to be! Wtf cost of living still so high with less and less oilfield jobs.

  4. Everything you said except for the weather could be directed at New York…New Mexico is beautiful and I froze my ass off there two weeks ago, so your weather report was off, and generally speaking you have to stay away from thugs and meth labs in every state to enjoy your visit!

  5. You should do a video on 1000 reason not to live in America this country is evil and full of drama and murder.

  6. I'm from California and just did a full tour of New Mexico. I found it clean, friendly, and beautiful!… California on the other hand has become a complete shite hole.

  7. I live in New Mexico. It is beautiful and the weather is good. Go to the mountains and southern part in the winter. You keep telling people not to move here and the land will stay pristine just the way like it.

  8. Yep… it pretty well sucks here… but on the bright side, as long as California exists, New Mexico will never hold the top spot for worst places to live…

  9. Any of you that says Albuquerque's worth a f*** wear black and white down Central and see what happens to you you rich motherfukers don't know s*** about your own town you live in your fancy houses actually go walk out on the street and see what your Town's really made of New Mexico's a s***** been here born and raised and I'm even saying it s***

  10. Born and raised… I agree with this video wholehearted, the only part I disagree on is police numbers and only because they are all placed in areas where there is less need for them. Good video.

  11. New Mexico is my home state, and I find much of the video to be accurate. Personally, I like the climate in New Mexico, and I like the food, but there is nothing else about the state which I like. The schools are terrible (I wrote this before the video reached #3), the colleges and universities are mediocre. Jobs of any kind are hard to find, and when you do find one, the pay is very low. New Mexico is a brown state, and when I say "brown," it is like the "brown" note from South Park. Many of the houses and buildings are brown, most of the natural scenery is brown, much of the food is brown, and the people are brown, regardless of race (the sun is strong, and would turn McCauley Culkin the color Geronimo if he got enough of it). 

    The police, on top of being few and far between, are corrupt and incompetent, (I say this as a veteran of law enforcement), and sometimes are worse than the criminals. The only jobs in New Mexico which pay well are government jobs, and the state, local, and federal government are the largest employers in the state, but there are not enough taxpayers to support the large number of government workers. Drugs and alcoholism are huge problems in the state, hence the high alcohol taxes. Drug crime is rampant, with lots of burglaries, robberies, prostitution, not to mention drug dealers killing each other. Gang violence is a huge problem, and has been so for half a century. 

    One of the main reasons for the high poverty rate is the large American Indian population (my grandmother was an American Indian, she hated the expression "Native American"). There are a large number of Indian Reservations in the state. The lucky ones in good locations operate casinos to rob white people of their welfare and social security checks, but most reservations are out-of-the-way, and the people who live there have to get by on their monthly substanance checks, much (or most) of which is spent on booze and used tires for their pickup trucks.

    New Mexico is a great place to visit, so long as you stay away from the southern half of Albuquerque. But like other places which are interesting to visit, you don't want to live there. I now live in Tokyo, Japan, and to give you a little something to compare, there are 2 million people in New Mexico, and 125 million people in Japan, but the entire county of Japan has fewer homeless people than the state of New Mexico. New Mexico is one of the few states which allow the open carry of a firearm, and I take advantage of that right on the very rare occasions that I visit.

  12. Hey! New Mexico is a beautiful state to live in but I'd stay away from Hobbs though…. it's the mexican version of ghetto😂😂😂😂😂

  13. The absolute biggest mistake I ever made was moving here. Good people, good food, piss poor state government (corrupt as hell), piss poor schools, etc. everything he stated is true except the “hot.”

  14. I have lived in NM for 43 years, and I love it here. I love the beauty of the state, the weather, and the local diverse culture. But he is correct about his warnings about our future. If the employed tax payers continue to move out and leave only the poor welfare recipients behind, our economy will continue its decline. Just look at Detroit. (And yes, it gets cold here in the winter. And yes, it is a dry heat, which means you can escape it by getting out of the sun.)

  15. Pretty much all true. We moved here and the basic comparisons are certainly true. Still, this is a beautiful state with a wide variety of people and opportunities. Some areas are touristy and some are wild west; anything goes.

  16. Oh my gosh. You called this so right. I travel for a living, and Albuquerque is literally the worst place I’ve ever been. The drugs, the crime, it’s ridiculous. New Mexico is a BEAUTIFUL state, but they have failed horribly . They let gangs and corruption completely take over!!

  17. Land of Enchantment = Land of Entrapment.
    This is true. I grew up in NM, but I was born in WI and lived there for nearly 7 yrs before being forcely moved out here. The school system does suck, but Special Education and it’s resources suck even more. This case is strong in the Los Alamos School District. Why? Cause I went through it. If want good story just type “yep”, or “yeah” and I’ll tell you.

  18. It's a fact that visiting a place, and then actually living there are often very different experiences. I love visiting New Mexico, it has some stellar beautiful mountains and deserts. I live in the Pacific Northwest Washington State, and plan on visiting New Mexico again. Loaded with scenery. Incredible sunsets.Thanks for the great road trips, NM.

  19. I was born in NM and live here, yes we have crime and plenty of drugs and a horrible governor Michelle Grisham, but the food is really good though lol

  20. The worst video on YouTube history. Most incorrect information. Top 10 reasons for u to do something else with your life.

  21. I relocated to Las Cruces, NM from Fort Worth, TX back in September 2013. I was working for Barnes & Noble College and accepted a promotion that placed me as the store manager for the Dona Ana Community College Bookstores. I had been to LC in the past and wasn't exactly thrilled about moving there. I ended up leaving LC towards the end of 2015 because I was homesick and wanted to be much closer to home. I ended up relocating to Oklahoma City, OK for a year and a half before making it back to Fort Worth, TX. As much as I may not have cared for NM it wasn't very long before I was missing certain things about Las Cruces. It's not an ideal place for the young and I definitely wouldn't raise a family there – education being the primary reason and safety among youth being the next. The problem is there's really nothing for young people to do out there – which is where the trouble comes in. But for an older person Las Cruces is sort of ideal for retirement if your goal is some place open, quiet and somewhat remote. You're an hour away from El Paso, TX, 3 hours from ABQ, 4 from Tuscon and almost 6 from Phoenix. Being from Texas the heat wasn't a problem for me. I prefer the dry heat of NM any day over the humidity that we get with our heat in Texas. I will say I couldn't handle the Mexican food in NM. You guys ridiculously put Hatch Chile on everything including ice cream. Who the hell eats spicy ice cream? My acid reflux was never worse than while I was living in NM, LOL!

  22. Used to live there when I was a teenager. It's the Land of Enchantment and the Land of Entrapment. It's scenery and weather are amazing. It has 4 distinct seasons, and even has a monsoon with awesome thunderstorms in the high desert. But the crime, poverty, and wages suck.

  23. Yea’ stay out of “Our” state & out of my REZ…& yes’ I have a full time career & I am educated…🙄
    Stay in your over crowded cities…

  24. It they don't have a variety of different races living there it must be boring. At least here in California we have all colors working side by side 💜

  25. You're considering all the small towns, and villages. But all of the cities and towns, are much more prepared. Especially the small towns: and villages, are much more prepared.

  26. I'm not looking at New Mexico to work for a slave driver. I'm gonna take care of myself the way a healthy human being should in my opinion

  27. You make is seem like new mexico is just horrible…new mexico is such a beautiful place and has such beautiful places to go you literally showed little towns like we have bigger towns and citys you know like bruh you know nothing about this place and no it's not all dessert like dang and it's not all hot you got wrong research there…live here before you start saying stuff like fr fr 😠😠

  28. I only experience New Mexico as a go through getting from Texas into Colorado(highway). I wouldn't say I hate the state but I just don't get the hype everyone I know raves about it. It's seems treeless and not much there. The suburbs seem weird being these adobes all scattered around a dessert

  29. Ruidoso has sorry internet with TDS , Windstream and Dish. Should be run outta town and replaced with quality , strong companies!!…..Dream on………………..💭👎👎

  30. Sorry, But I have to give my opinion. I love this Country and New Mexico was one of the State I was considering to visit and or moved in.
    I'm do disappointed that a lot of beautiful States in America are going down the hill and although, you said the situation in each place change from time to time it is very sad that to know slot of places will not make it to a better future. It is just like the European Union, only Germany is doing good, the rest of the Countries are reaching out to America.
    What do you think is the problem that is triggering all this chaos?

    I find your channel is fascinating:
    Where from you get all this data?
    Don't get worry about the negative comments from your followers. We just can't deal or face our own reality. In other words, it is not the same to live the reality, that understand it when somebody talk about it.
    And that is the heavy part. We know that there is a problem in our System, but we can understand it. So when someone talk about it, as you do, we denied it.

  31. i’ve lived in santa fe my whole life and while some of the things said about new mexico are true (mainly education and crime) i’ve still had one hell of a good time living here. and no we’re not dying from dehydration, water is less prevalent here, but pretty much about 95% of new mexico has water. as long as you know what you’re doing and avoid the bad parts of town, you should have a wonderful and beautiful experience here. sorry for being so long winded and thanks for reading my comment.

  32. I live in Albuquerque New Mexico and the drug problem is bad I walk down the street to a friends and there’s needles on the road the cops are always here the guy in front of my got raided I guess there were state cops with ar-15s pointed there’s a bullet hole in the stop sign down the street it’s just not a good neighborhood I live in but Albuquerque overall is okay

  33. This is not true at all. Please don’t listen to this guy, he’s just an idiot. Humid places like Florida and California are way hotter and more uncomfortable than NM. I can’t believe this has more likes than dislikes. What an idiot.

  34. I was just bored. So I looked up New Mexico on the YouTube search bar, just for fun. The first thing I see is " TOP 10 REASONS NOT TO MOVE TO NEW MEXICO "
    And not to lie I got a little offended because I grew up here, in New Mexico and i love my life here. Sure it's boring sometimes but hey we have our own amusement park.
    Cliff's Amusement Park and that place is a blast!

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