38 thoughts on “Tokyo Japan – Mt Fuji, Lake Ashi and Bullet Train Day Trip

  1. Was there on my birthday in Feb 2015. The guy is right, Mount Fuji, Lake Ashi and Mount Komagatake are seriously seriousllyy serriouslly GORGEOUS! You have to be there and see for yourself to believe it..Japan is kinda expensive but it's really worth it!

  2. Just a quick question, how quickly does the bullet train return you to tokyo? Also, what train station does it arrive to? Thanks !

  3. i'm in fuji right now. did an amazing one day tour yesterday with clear blue skies. SPECTACULAR! 6800yen great value. theres a video on my channel about it.

    i'd definately recommend fuji as a place to go. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

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  5. This Link shows the world most famous mountain! (The Matterhorn in Switzerland / With typical Swiss music): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ltua5oKbPmY&t=57s

  6. Wifw and I will stop by Tokyo for 2 days and our wish to go to Mt Fuji. Can you give us more detail on it. Ah we 'll be there on apr 16 – 18 , 2018. Million thanks.

  7. I'm afraid I might miss a trip back to Tokyo or get lost while touring , is there a guided tour riding bullet train?

  8. Did the tour. Paid $170. Weather was horrible and didn’t get to see anything 🙁 tour guy was nice but spent most the time on the bus .. like 4 hrs! Not really worth it.

  9. This majestic mountain captured the hearts of many tourist specially during winter because you can see the snow covering the it's tip like a veil. It is more tha. 1 hour trip from Shizuoka Ken.A.must to visit including the man made lake that surrounds the view.
    You can also bring your camping gears and materials because you can actually camp in its vicinity with the amenities provided by the management.
    There is a shower room, hotels near by and a lot of toilet.
    A must in Japan!

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