The view of great ocean road in the helicopter [Battle Trip/2020.01.12]

The helicopter! This should be fun. (As Boreum is excited, Chiyeul is worried) (Another team’s helicopter takes off) (These two will also get on a helicopter!) Neat! I’ve seen a helicopter from up close, but this was my first time riding one. – It was for me too. / – You got to experience… – A lot of firsts in Melbourne. / – Yes. But it’s nice to try new things… – When you’re traveling. / – New things. – Or else you end up regretting it. / – Right. She’s always excited about stuff like this. – What? / – You love stuff like this. So cool! (I went skydiving, so I can do this too) (Scared) What is this? (Squats in case the propeller hits him) – In case it hits him! / – Gosh, he was scared… – That’s so lame! / – Hold on… He’s not just afraid of heights. He’s a scaredy-cat. He’s a coward. He’s just a coward. I walked normally. – What are you talking about? / – Really? – You folded yourself in half. / – Really? (It’s like he’s folded in half…) (They board the helicopter) Oh, scary! (The helicopter takes off) Here we go! How exciting! Wow! This is so cool! What is this? (So impressed as soon as they start flying) This is so cool! Wow! (After they pass the green plains) (They slowly head towards the Great Ocean Road) (It seems like the cliff stretches on endlessly) I’ve seen this. It looks so picturesque. This is so cool! So pretty. Beautiful! (The beautiful sight makes him sing) They almost look fake. – Right? / – It looks like a photo. – Do you see those pointy rocks? / – Yeah. Those are the 12 Apostles. – Oh, those pointy ones? / – Yes. This is the biggest attraction at the Great Ocean Road. (12 Apostles) (The biggest attraction at the Great Ocean Road) (Limestone boulders made through erosion) – There’s a place like this? / – Yes. A work of art made by nature. – No way that’s man-made. / – Right. – Cool! / – Neat! It looks like a castle. A bunch of castles. – It’s so different seeing it in person. / – I bet. – Chiyeul this is… / – It’s so different. Where London Bridge was. But it fell apart in 1990. Those are the remains. So natural. It’s so natural. Chiyeul, that’s Port Campbell. – That’s where we ate earlier. / – Yeah. It looks so small now. This is actually a really big cliff. From up here, with the naked eye… It looks so small. It just looks like a cliff. It’s so picturesque when you take a photo. But it’s actually huge. It’s a work of art made by nature. That looks amazing. This place is amazing. – This place looks incredible. / – Right? We’re on a helicopter, like in the movies. This is really nice. Thank you, Boreum. You can’t see this if not for the helicopter tour. When else would we get to see this? (You can only experience this in Melbourne) – This is wonderful. / – Yeah. I’m not afraid of helicopters anymore. – You aren’t? / – No. – Look! A helicopter! / – There’s a helicopter. Hello! You can fly. I’m so happy today. This is so much fun! (They’re back down from the helicopter tour) How was it, Chiyeul? That was awesome. – Right? / – It was totally awesome. – It almost felt too short. / – Right? I love how we got to see something you can only see from a helicopter. Yeah. We would’ve regretted it if we didn’t go. – You have to take a helicopter tour here. / – Yes. – Right? / – Or you’ll regret it. – You’ll regret it if you don’t go. / – Right? – You need a view from above. / – Yes. Even though it’s a bit pricy… – You have to ride the helicopter. / – Yes. Do you have to book the ride in advance? It’s good to make reservations because then you don’t have to wait. So you might not be able to ride it… – If you sign up the day of. / – You might be too late. Right. – If a lot of other people are there. / – Right. So sign up ahead of time online. Depending on how big your party is… The price changes. There are different courses too. It’s only available at certain hours? You can’t see things if it’s dark. Until 4 o’clock. – Dark? / – You can’t ride if it’s too dark. – Dark? / – Until 4 o’clock. You can’t ride it when the sun is down. It looks amazing just seeing it on screen. Imagine how amazing it looks in person. I bet I’d cry. I should add that to my wish list. Places I have to go to. I have a big list of places. I should make a list too.

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