The Journey Hotel Yogyakarta | Review Hotel Instagenic Jogja

I’ll eat first, after breakfast I’ll take you guys take a walk around the hotel And … Oh yeah, this isn’t a room tour yet? Okay after this we go straight room-tour Yes, now we have breakfast first Before we start the room tour, I want to tell the location first I’m here at The Journey Hotel Yogyakarta, the exterior is really cool From the outside appearance, it’s already seen that the inside will be cool it’s concept is minimalist but looks elegant, commonly called contemporary on the front, we … this is a great spot for photos, seriously has been greeted with the words THE JOURNEY we explore the outside of the hotel first, as a whole, not the room Okay, that was the exterior, the parts of the hotel Now the main part is the room I got downstairs, because maybe I checked in too early *kegasikan (javanesse)=too early and certainly this is close to the parking lot so it is good to commute to a vehicle Okay now it’s time for us to reveal revealing how the conditions in this room it will be a little messy inside not because this room is a mess, but because I sleep so carelessly okay we just go in, let’s go we start the room tour starting from the entrance behind the entrance is a mirror Baaa.. Helloo.. Here is a mirror, then later this table is cool too it uses “JATI BELANDA” woods if I’m not mistaken here is the table, this table is for putting the bags actually but I packed this bag, so I put it here there’s a tv, here’s a wall … this is an industrial design, I told you before this is cool … then… So the place is minimalist, minimalist but … I like it really suitable for young people, but also suitable for families and then … here there … there is a telephone

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