The Crabitat S02EP02 ‘Travellers’

I have seen the Nemchin before, but never have I seen their tracks What .. Why do you have such heavy guard at the sand bridge .. and not at the village ? It is not a planned attack, just a rogue nemchin They search for food at night, often alone Your companion Donny, how is he? Not yet recovered He should continue to rest What’s that, no Browny .. don’t dig there not in the village What are you doing there Browny? I knew it wasn’t a good place to dig around here Browny, it’s too close to the huts isn’t it Yeah well it’s the highest spot around here So how are you travelling Sammy, do you need a rest? I’m pretty right thanks Ghoul, I’m pretty right to keep going for now Yeah ok How are you doing are you alright to push on? Yeah I am .. Just looking at a few nuts under the tree here Sammy, not sure if we can eat these ones or not Let’s push on a bit further Ghoul, stay on the track mate it’s easier walking Are we still going to stop for a rest before the forest Sammy Junior Looks like some nice shady spots here might be ok The Fendron said to find a good spot away from the track We should find somewhere off the track a little There’s a few trees now Junior, maybe we are getting close to the forest Yeah I guess that’s a possibility Ghoul we have been walking at a good pace Yeah I’ve still got a bit of water left, it was a good idea we filled up We haven’t seen any water since we left When we get to the bridge, we can check if we need a re-fill then Ghoul There are many tales of a green dragon guarding the bridge Junior We might have to fill up quickly and then keep moving And then we stay on the main track through the forest, until we hit the beach Then it was a .. ah .. it was a left wasn’t it Yeah, a left on the beach until we find the twin trees, we must line the twin trees up .. Oh I don’t like the water Ghoul The Fendron said the only way was through the water The Fendron said that’s the only way but do you think there might be another way? No wanderer Why do you follow me Wallace? Here my fish friends .. Argh Frost .. Are you low on food Wallace? Mmm, Frost .. Time draws near for .. the gateway .. Yeah

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