The BIG BEAR TREEHOUSE Airbnb | California Road Trip (5/6)

Time passes way too fast. We’re 14 days on the road now and after
LA we took a stop in San Diego for three days. And I filmed nothing. Nice city, great food and yeah..coyote ugly
but then again it’s only a city to me. There is something, a place I was missing
in the last two weeks. I can’t even describe what I was searching
for..something or somewhere I feel at home. A place that’s more raw, untouched and I
don’t know..some contrast to the life at the beach down on the coast. So when we left San Diego I searched for some
airbnbs up in the mountains and then I read „big bear treehouse“.. I guess that’s what I was looking for.

100 thoughts on “The BIG BEAR TREEHOUSE Airbnb | California Road Trip (5/6)

  1. I love that you bring in your actual life into the vlogs, some would choose not to display a bar scene having drinks with your homies, but you don't care. That's cool. Dope as always

  2. This is one of my favorites of yours, It has a passion and magic about it. Great VLOG bro, truly awesome.

  3. We camped out in Big Bear Lake last year. While beautiful as hell we were unprepared for the almost negative temperatures in our RV. Plan on going back soon. Thanks for documenting your journey Christian!

  4. Wiedermal eine tolle Inspiration! Danke Chris! Hoff, wir können mal einen gemeinsames Projekt auf meinem Blog ( starten!

  5. Been following you for a long time now and you are by far the most inspiring person on my feed. Keep creating this melancholic amazingness my man!

  6. Awesome, you ever need more of that get a hold of me I will introduce you to Oregon.



  7. May I ask you why did you pass on the 5d iv? Is the a7 III that better with respect to the Canon? How is the continuous AF in video with Canon glass? It would be great if you reply! Always enjoy your content!

  8. Sehr nice Video Christian. Echt schönes Storytelling! Bin mal gespannt was mit der a7iii so kommt (Der Newsletter war übrigens interessant 😉 ).

  9. Man you’re changing the game of vlogging with this dairy style. The narration just sets you up to get lost in the broll

  10. So much of skill, God damn it! Some over the roof, mind blowing, legitimate quality vid this was. Try shooting a short movie, I think you'll do good, hell good! Love from India 🙂

  11. Bringing something unique to youtube that's more than just someone talking into a camera, love it man these are fantastic.

  12. Das ist ein qualitativ wirklich hochwertiges Video. Weitaus besser als Videos von anderen, leider viel viel größeren YouTubern. Keep it up man. Phänomenal.

  13. Used to live up in Big Bear before making the trek to Tahoe. Such a chill little town and some amazing snowboarding! Nice video my dude.

  14. Ich liebe deine Videos! Egal was du machst, genieße es und richte dich nicht nach dem was andere vl. von dir erwarten würden.
    Grüße aus Österreich

  15. Christian, can your Lightroom LUTs work in premiere? I went through your store and I see camera settings and lightroom luts. Unless I missed something. Thanks!

  16. Man the storytelling here is next level CMG!! Amazing presentation with great mix footage to match. On point my friend!! Hats off. 🙌

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  18. Hello my friend

    I went to the Sony Store to have a camera
    sony a7 iii
    I found it at the bottom of the camera
    made in China
    Would you advise me to purchase this camera?

    and thank's

  19. CMG's basic video plotline: White people driving, then walking in slow motion with soulful music playing while doing absolutely nothing except filming each other. Contemplative Pug Meme.
    Nice LUT's tho 😉

  20. I bought your LUT pack which had this video as a reference, however I'm wondering which LUT specifically did you use on this video?

  21. Hi CMG! I recently bought the Cine LUTs for Sony A7III. I don't know if I graded it good but here's the video.. I used the Summer 19 LUT and tweak some settings in the basic correction. I appreciate if you can give some thoughts on how can I nail the settings. Thank you!!!

  22. Auch wenn es schon über ein Jahr alt ist finde ich dein Gespür für Schnitt, Musik und Atmosphäre genial. 👌🏼 Dein Podcast läuft bei mir auch immer. Danke für deine Inspiration die du gibst! 🙏🏼 Für mich auch eine Art Antrieb mich selber selbstständig zu machen.

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