TessTube#13 London Adventure Part 1

hi there! i’m excited! and so i went around because the weather is gorgeous i went to my favorite place in London… ..come join me as i explore! here is my favorite coffee shop.. this is where we get reduced price westend tickets look, you just pick what shows are available here, i have seen Wicked.. this one i have not seen – The Comedy About a Bank Robbery Phantom (of the Opera) i have seen multiple times this is good value like this, this is half the price.. so for instance, this is now GBP42.50, this used to be GBP80.00! so it’s really a good deal here i am still frantically walking because of excitement.. because as you know, the weather is not always as gorgeous as today my hair is messy now isn’t it? oh well let it be.. the important thing is that i am able to vlog for you i’m so enjoying today because you’ll never know, this afternoon it will be raining.. my hat is now all askew.. but it’s okay ..we’re walking.. i’m trying to catch a musician, you’ll see in a bit.. it’s a bit embarrassing, as i am talking alone here but this is my secret, when the weather is not too nice and i can’t walk around outside i watch a lot of movies.. ..and this is my favorite place to watch movies – Vue Cinemas ..the buildings here are so gorgeous, i have not even panned my camera up because i am currently walking,, their buildings are gorgeous! this is a Lebanese place.. ..there’s so much to see here ..i wonder how much that is.. i’m surprised at the line at Lego.. ..it goes around the corner! i see our fellow Filipinos, but i am not able to say hello because i’m filming …so you can all watch this! ..what a long line.. ..there’s even a sign that says – Christmas in Leicester Square ..let’s check it out.. ..so many things happening! let’s head there to see a taste of what is offered at the market.. ..a pigeon flew by that’s not a ‘low flying pigeon’ here, let’s take a closer look.. i wonder what this is? ..coasters.. Elvis is only GBP12.00 check it out!

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