14 thoughts on “Tent ban enforcement begins in Tacoma

  1. So they're telling people to leave and putting them out again on the streets in dangerous environments. I'd travel buy this area every other day the cops are definitely sitting out there and she can't even answer with they're going to do to the homeless that refused to leave that have nowhere else to go there most definitely and they have always been putting homeless people in jail and then kicking them out with no place to go they do it all the time I've seen it personally with my own two eyes leave people alone it's a public park leave people alone

  2. They cannot ban people from sleeping in parks. —
    “Under the panel’s decision,” Judge Smith wrote, “local governments are forbidden from enforcing laws restricting public sleeping and camping unless they provide shelter for every homeless individual within their jurisdictions.”


  3. This is going to get out of hand in the police are going to run two homeless into the middle of the street which is next going to be clogged in traffic the park is the safest place and you can monitor them it's not that hard no one really goes and plays in that Park anyway do too high police activity and not because there's crime just because police have nothing else better to do it at times the park is to safest for the whole community in that area

  4. I kind of understand why people don't have sympathy for drug addicts and alcoholics but on the other hand we're all human, we have animal rescues maybe we should have more organizations that rescue people we treat animals better in this society we live in I'm 64 I grew up in Seattle and never did I see this type of homelessness. Why ?? I wish we had more empathy for each other.

  5. Some people are offered all the help in the world but some still choose to live a lifestyle of no rules, no work.
    Its still sad that homeless people are just shuffled around from place to place. Shuffled from one districts problem to another.

    The tiny homes, in conjunction with having a future path for residents to follow, seems like a good idea.
    I just don't know what communities can do for people who don't want to help themselves?

  6. According to Martin v Boise they, da city officials got to have places for them to go to & if they don't then they can't force em to leave. Martin's 42 U. S. C. A. s 1983 claim by U.S.Dist. CT & da 9th C. C. of Appeals, was ruled dat it was unconstitutional to punished people for sleeping outside if there was no place or shelter for em to go to. Sounds like Tacoma will be da next Civil Rights challenge under 42 U. S. C. A. 1983.

  7. These tent camps are filled with drugs, alcohol and aren't safe. And the garbage is horrible. Of course shelters aren't going to let drugs and alcohol in them. Why enable bad behavior?

  8. People cannot live in filth! Help those who are trying and want to get back on their own two feet. Then you will see those who are not doing anything to get themselves out of that mess that they are in.

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