The coach won’t go up there! Cuchu is coming! Cuchu is just on his way now! He wants to know if we’re playing in a 4-4-2 or… Guys, look what I’ve made. I’ve baked a Trentino apple tart. – Great! – Are you a good cook? You’ve found someone to bake for you? You guys are always the same. Always…

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Metal Trip – #004 Metal Days 2014 Pt. 1 (Review with Subititles)

Hello Mothefuckers! This episode of Metal Days will be… FUCKING AMAZING!!!! I forgot to said, but we traveled for 36 hours! I think you understand why I was so tired in the last scene. The first thing that we did when arrived… was search for our only contact in the event. Wilson. And was our first time there. No choice…

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Europe Road Trip 2016 – GoPro

Just look how… *laughter* We give up. We give up. Look at this. No. No, screw this. We’re already on our way. Will catch it if I just do like this? Like this. *ssshh* In the water. You buy a new one if it breaks? …No Just catch it. This will be the clip of the year, shit. Shout. 1…

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What’s up guys? Welcome back to Vagabrothers Right now we’re about to kick off our week long adventure through Quebec, and we’re starting in Montreal. So before we get into the action, we’re going to get orientated into the culture of French North America. So we’re going to meet up with Martin who is a local tour guide here, and…

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Roadtrip Forever – Take the Trip Trailer

There are moments you’ll never forget>>Hi!>>Hi! Days that stand still [girl screaming] and nights that never end… [music and dancing] Take the trip.>>Heeey Ladies!>>You’re crazy!

BnTeT Vlog – Moving to L.A. & GEN.G offices

Okay. Hello everyone, let’s get back to my channel BnTeT CS Go With me Hansel Ferdinand, now this building behind me is the studio of Gen.G I’ll tell you know what it looks like as per your request in my Instagram channel. I create a video, and just enjoy the video. Hello, guys. So, now I’ll show you what Gen.G’s…

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Iceland Road Trip Day6 [Akureyri] 冰岛环岛旅行 第六天 北部A市

Behind us, it is the municipal swimming pool of city A. City A’s name is Akureyri, and I’m not pronouncing it. In there, you can find the cheapest thermal hot tub. 20 minutes passing through the tunnel to this city, costs us 11 euros. But the entry fee for this swimming pool is 7 euros. it really worth the money…

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