Nothing to See Here, Move Along | Uncut Trout Fishing #37

Ok. Hello, dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, this is Uncut Fishing and this is my first trout of 2020, believe it or not. Oh, no, not the first one. Slightly hurt his lip.. I’ve caught before, but the first one definitely today. We’ll try to get something. Haven’t been posting on YouTube or recording for a really long time. Trying…

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Chitradurga Fort with Guide Forts of Karnataka Tourism Chitradurga tourism India Historical Places

In dwaparayuga this town was known by the name of Hidamba town here a little ahead is a prison and a single stone Nandi is there, that too let us go and see for the purpose of Gun and cannon the gun powder required was prepared using these grinding stones all of it is Underground, this is done during kings…

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BIKEPARK SPICAK – Season end trip with Raddiesl / Trail mix

follow me where to go? – there are a few lines don’t go up there! wait and see this was a big thing back in the days it’s confusing with all those lines to the left omg Check it out! can you do that? you need momentum this works! yeah well done huh? Slipped a pedal.. just while rolling down…

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Should I Move to Utah?

Should I move to Utah? Why? You didn’t become Mormon, did you? No, I didn’t. It is a growing state, and so many companies are relocating there that I want to know if I should move to Utah. If you won’t want to be immersed in Mormonism, live in Salt Lake City or Park City. Don’t live in Utah County…

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Say hello to Chinmay – an autism parent-son journey

HI guys my name is Vineet. I am a technology professional and this is my son Chinmay. He is 11 years of age.Chinmay is fun loving guy. he loves water as you can see, and he is an out an out outdoor person. he loves to swim, he loves to skate, he loves bicycling, running, he also likes to sing.…

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#4 Enduro Trip to Montenegro – travelling through Serbia was much slower than we expected.

Hello, Youtube adventurers! Today, we’re riding to Montenegro, across the whole Serbia. We have like 7 hours of riding. But we hope we will make it. And now we’re still packing, at 8 a.m. The weather today is little chilly, currently it’s not rainig but we’ve some clouds. But hopefully we’ll stay dry. At morning… I left my boots like…

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Hello friends before the time of the corona virus Chinese tourists come to Moscow a lot after corona virus broke out in China Let’s see if there are Chinese customers? At the moment there are almost no visitors from China in Moscow or very few Thank you for watching the video, please subscribe channel