Israeli immigrants: Why did you move to Israel?

Liat Health system pretty simple America gives you absolutely nothing they do not care about us So for old age, absolutely this is the way to live but for capitalism obviously America, it’s easier to make money but it’s not easy to live as a healthy human being I am old It’s time to maybe come back home David Haifa…

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Why 2020 Is the Year to Visit Cairo | MojoTravels

Not sure where to travel this year? We’ve got you covered. Welcome to MojoTravels and today we’re counting down our reasons why 2020 is a year to visit Cairo are you a fan of our videos be sure to subscribe to merge o travels and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos for this list we’re looking…

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3 Days in the City of Love: A Paris Vlog (LGBTQ+)

My Muslim Girlfriend has been randomly selected… again. Hello from the airplane Hey Z where are we? We’re in the UK! This is Z, she’s our photographer and we brought her along with us Goofy! Say hello Hi my love Hi Where are we? Paris! This traffic is insane Hello! Welcome to our tiny apartment in Paris! Here’s our sofa…

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Chaman City’s Streets Tour Balochistan Near Pakistan Afghanistan Border

I’m traveling Balochistan in Winter in this video, Chaman City’s Streets Tour Chaman is the headquarters of District Qilla Abdullah in Pakistani Province Balochistan It is a Border City Only 5 Km away from Pakistan Afghanistan Border Crossing point with neighboring Spin Bulduk Town in Kandhar province of Afghanistan

Peter Santenello’s SAUDI TRIP is Anti-Religious? (Muslim Response)

Peter Santenello is a man on YouTube who makes travel videos. the reason why he caught the attention of a lot of people especially in the Saudi community because he made a video where a man says a bunch of lies We are staying in a hotel with my girlfriend. I feel like I was living with ISIS here Most…

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‘Pakistan” Top 50 amazing tourist Places | T 4 Travel

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#BCGrad2019: Adeel Paul—Journey to Commencement

– When you applied for the Journey to Commencement Program you mentioned that coming to the U.S. was almost a liberation for you? – From my own country, it was very protective of me, like of course the political situation and turmoils, there was a lot going on when I was growing up and you couldn’t be like, moving freely…

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