We Rode Bikes On The LA River

What was that? I think it got me! Hey guys, just wanted to break into today’s video. First, let me merge in Link. Present. As I was saying, today’s vlog, was recorded before the corona virus outbreak. Which incidentally is Link’s fault. It was the creative choice. No it wasn’t. It wasn’t my fault. But I’m currently hunkered down in…

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TRYING TO MAKE IT REAL A jazz journey [Full documentary]

Good show, guys! Good show! Ok. Let’s go! Good evening. Welcome to B-Flat. We are SOA. We are from Canada. This is our last concert in Europe. It’s the end of our tour. We are very happy to be here. – It’s been a long time! – Oh my god! -You haven’t changed a bit. – How is it going?…

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WIGGLE ARMS — Dances Moving! Ep. 4 | bdg

Here’s that new thing that you’re choosing, Get up with Dances Moving! EPISODE 4: WIGGLE ARMS Welcome, friends. I’m BDG, and I’ll teach ya how to dance properly! There’s a special way that dancers greet, and in order to greet hold up your arm-meat! Let your elbows wobble like they’ve suffered great harms And that’s how you’re gonna get the…

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SLOW WORM — Dances Moving! Ep. 6 | bdg

Here’s that new thing that you’re choosing Get up with Dances Moving! EPISODE 6: SLOW WORM (monotone) Welcome, friends. I’m BDG and I’ll teach how to dance properly. Sometimes it’s hard to get up and go, so here’s a dance move you can do real slow. When you’re feeling rough, I can confirm: You should get on the ground and…

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드림캐쳐 (DREAMCATCHER) – Black Or White | Performance Video (4K) | MOVE RECㅣ딩고뮤직ㅣDingo Music

There isn’t a right answer Stop trying to make me fit you Stop trying to change me As if you already know everything You hold back laughter and wait for my answer If the correct answer isn’t an option I cannot chose Oh, no Oh, no Maybe within your head this scenario is already over Black or white Black or…

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Marek Iwaszkiewicz and Outlander PHEV: A Journey in Search of Inspiration

Hi Darling! Listen, I’m really struggling with this piece I feel like I need to go somewhere I feel quite overwhelmed here That’s alright lovely, go just let me know once you’ll be there