Israeli immigrants: Why did you move to Israel?

Liat Health system pretty simple America gives you absolutely nothing they do not care about us So for old age, absolutely this is the way to live but for capitalism obviously America, it’s easier to make money but it’s not easy to live as a healthy human being I am old It’s time to maybe come back home David Haifa…

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Chaman City’s Streets Tour Balochistan Near Pakistan Afghanistan Border

I’m traveling Balochistan in Winter in this video, Chaman City’s Streets Tour Chaman is the headquarters of District Qilla Abdullah in Pakistani Province Balochistan It is a Border City Only 5 Km away from Pakistan Afghanistan Border Crossing point with neighboring Spin Bulduk Town in Kandhar province of Afghanistan

Peter Santenello’s SAUDI TRIP is Anti-Religious? (Muslim Response)

Peter Santenello is a man on YouTube who makes travel videos. the reason why he caught the attention of a lot of people especially in the Saudi community because he made a video where a man says a bunch of lies We are staying in a hotel with my girlfriend. I feel like I was living with ISIS here Most…

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#BCGrad2019: Adeel Paul—Journey to Commencement

– When you applied for the Journey to Commencement Program you mentioned that coming to the U.S. was almost a liberation for you? – From my own country, it was very protective of me, like of course the political situation and turmoils, there was a lot going on when I was growing up and you couldn’t be like, moving freely…

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Saudi Arabia Travel Madina To Badr Road Trip 2019

I’m traveling in Saudi Arabia, in this video Madina to Badar Battlefield road trip, almost 160 Km. The Historical places on my trip are Ber arrawha, Wadi Abu Zar Ghaffar, Jabl e Malayaka Badar city & Badr Battelfield The battle of Badar was a first key battle in the early days of Islam and a turning point of Muhammad PBUH’s…

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Travelling Toilet Tales

Providing loos is not a statutory requirement, would you believe? Councils, therefore, think ‘close the loos’ when the next tranche of budget cuts kicks in. MPs pay lip service to the problem and some giggle hysterically when the subject is raised. [laughing] These closures don’t just affect me, they affect us all. Society hasn’t grown up that much. in that…

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