Sweden to Los Angeles (travel video with GoPro)

Final cold morning for a while. I’m in Denmark, in Klampenborg, so I’ll catch a train from here in a while and go to Copenhagen airport and then we are flying to Los Angeles and LAX So, we are on Kastrup, Copenhagen Airport and we arrived here at 1 p.m. The flight was suppose to leave at 3 p.m. It’s now 3:20 Not on schedule, it’s delayed until 5 pm, so another two hours of nothingness around here I figured, since I got nothing to do, and we do need some excersise we are going to walk from here all the way to the other end of the departure area so you can see what Kastrup airport looks like It’s actually a pretty nice and beautiful airport So I’ll get the GoPro with the wide angle, it’s here the book I’m reading It’s about the family of Wallenberg a big swedish industrial family there is the GoPro so, let’s go for a walk 2 200 steps or something it took about 15 minutes not bad ha? did you see everybody stepping on top of each other in the middle of the airport but then on either side, pretty much got it all to your self so you can go play! and I will go play soon, but first I’m gonna go get some coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee So, Trip is Done We are in Los Angeles on a hotel quite close to, or, somewhere in between the airport and Hollywood here is the view everything went pretty well actually I don’t really like the flights that much but it was ok and we just ran throug customs without any problems and then, while waiting for the shuttle to my hotel this guy who bought a few of my documents about Successfull real estate investing came up to me and started talking pretty cool to meet one of the followers here in Los Angeles very cool actually I’m famous 🙂 Super super famous 🙂 and that awsome! and now we are back in California so let’s get living again

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