we’re going on a family vacation this is
my dad and we’re about to surprise him with a trip to Mexico because in the
last month he’s turned 60 happy 60th dead and if you’re tired of a 38 years
of work as an RCMP officer then a cop and when shift work was too much on our
young family he took a job in the city commuting up to four hours per day all
the while he hasn’t missed a beat as a dad husband or coach this is our small
way of saying thank you for all that and more the first time since the days of
Santa Claus I have not been able to sleep on Christmas Eve because I am so
excited I just can’t wait to see my dad’s reaction and yeah let’s get
everyone up like you can see my happy vein… I’m excited Merry Christmas
everybody we can hang out on Christmas buddy it looks like Santa knows you
changed your address too yeah just waiting for the days where you gonna be an E on the stocking election I should wear this to work on Monday?! this is like multi- use like a thermos like… a family vacation Wow what I gift!!! that’s a stocking stuffer?
Wow Wow thoughtful thank you guys oh we can’t wait party the five of us they done who we waiting for
Junior all right let’s go there’s my backpack talking at us they’re bye-bye
thank you well good morning friends and welcome to
paradise it’s nearing the end of our trip here with my family we’ve been
super tranquilo and just having a really good time while even and I typically
wouldn’t choose resorts and this kind of vacation for ourselves it’s been so nice
but none of us have to cook clean organize nothing we just get to hang out
as a family but if you notice I’m moving a little bit slower than usual in this
video is because I have been struggling with a hangover for about three days but the best part about this place is
there’s a gym and after our morning coffee coach like spaghetti us in the
gym why let’s take a little bit more time though no one understands what
about vloggers they put the work in I think parents got to be one of the
most underrated for a small time you’re gonna love this one if you throw up in the toilet you may
bring the vlog in there what’s that say more I really honestly
feel babe like this new app is really helping with real-life conversational
Spanish which is why we are super excited to introduce you to our new
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the number one language learning app in the world and currently offers 14
different languages that you can learn we are learning espanol espanol and what
we love about it is that it really focuses on vocabulary and grammar that
you’re going to use like asking for directions or how to order things at
restaurants well Becca hops in the shower I’m gonna
quickly do a lesson this app is awesome because you don’t even need an internet
connection you can access it completely offline and it’s small digestible
lessons that are 10 to 15 minutes so probably get to and by the time she’s
done showering the feeling bubbles really helped with my pronunciation
because of their speech recognition tool so they say the word and then you like
hold down and say it back do you think I’m perfect though so if you’re looking to learn a new
language or even before your next trip grab your phone download babble and if
you put in just four or five hours I’m confident you can get basically
conversational there is a link at the top of our description box for you to
get three months for free when you sign up for a three month subscription so get
chatting folks it makes your trip so much more
enjoyable to to speak with the language is totally totally tienes hambre see
they say you know see okay catch at breakfast
truth does even tourists tacos yeah now you’re having a little post Jim is that
Bailey’s in your coffee no no just milk
I mean soymilk all right we’re headed to the main pool area this Resort is
absolutely massive so we’re gonna go meet up el Papa el mob today have been
half fuck and two amigos I’ll let you go are you guys drunk already poquito Oh like I thought we were going
to the pool we have something more important this guy and that guy finish
what we started are finishing what they started my God’s
big goal for retirement drink the list in the first week last one on the menu and you and more you stay away from
sangria today yeah I’ve been off there me too
I’m done for 2020 so far the weather on this trip has been absolutely impeccable
but there is a massive storm cloud coming in and we’ve decided Oh let’s
leave the resort now and go on a beach walk so I don’t know whether we’ve just
finished the wall of drinks or why we’re being this local but you feel that right
now we’re gonna be stuck in a storm on our way to this Lagoon not good Lagoon
and I don’t know are we walking are we are we meeting you there when it rains it pours still beautiful
mucho mucho would you why not can you guys smell that that’s no that’s
Jerry’s FOMO we’re headed to the buffet area right by
the beach so you really have to walk like ten meters so it’s been pretty good
lots of fresh veg fruit could be better I will show you around what we’re gonna
have for la comida these little cuties here are normally around the food and
they’re Mexican records thank you this is like a little baby
they’re kind of like monkey raccoons because they climb trees everybody yeah I guess the name the name is right
here with Ana see we don’t know one of three
restaurants they have at this beautiful resort and last night they turned it
into a steakhouse slash seafood place there was one option for Ospital 3d7 and
today’s a buffet so this were even spending most of our time at the salad
bar the veggies are all really nice fresh cut up but after a while you start
to get a little sick of them and then today we got a lentil hummus and a
regular hummus you know back that can survive on hummus so we’re good
nice vegan meal basically when we see this symbol Amon and I cry of joy which
doesn’t happen they have a veggie soup today all this
is like hot foods we skip more than half but yeah look at my dad smile all right and now that it’s raining we’re gonna
chill here and have a little cafecito work ain’t no good yeah I think Miguel
struggling with our coffee harder we’ve had like ten coffees delivered these
guys wanted iced coffees with Bailey’s and it’s just all there you go we’re
almost there Mel’s putting Bailey’s in well the raves are something son
but it’s definitely stopping the majority what we’ve had
been a pretty good run to be honest this is the first time it’s raining the
entire trip post rain aim and I came back to the
room bought some work done he’s now working
again my family all went out for a wonderful dinner at the Mexican
restaurant and we’re now having a party in the other room
hi everyone so you’re using the bed runner too well Adam doesn’t have a
sweater you can borrow huh I’ve seen a couple of my shirt this shirt back shape that’s gold
melon I do that all the time I chop chop get that before I got it it would yeah 7:30 checkout no math tequila tell them
any other piece of me keeps burning on you like an ink this way see you distant
star and one you close hippy only one on the best for
you that’s true make no mistake you clear enough variance what are your
thoughts on the trip Wow anytime I get to spend time with all my kids all
together it’s wonderful fabulous it’s been a long time coming in it no better
way to start than to have the whole family away on a luxury vacation that we
just had in the Sun this is the way every January should be spent and you
have any Spanish you learned this trip let’s hear it
porca going what okay no idea como estas that’s how are you okay Gustav nice from
mucho gusto aiming oh look right oh thanks bro I
learnt the nth MP n which means that good it’s great what you learn not as
good as luxurious as your time in Mexico guys sleep in today’s soup I wasn’t it’s
basically a shame my meals are all perhaps all I had to do is coach do a
little workout any finish work I remember dos mas vino Tinto well that’s it Mexico it’s always a
pleasure hopefully we’ll be seeing you soon but for now back to Toronto not for
long though hey guys we really hope you enjoyed today’s episode we just quickly
wanted to say we know that flights can be super taxing on the environment so
all of our flights moving forward are now carbon offset using fly Green Comm
see you next Sunday


  1. We are so excited to share today’s video with you as it brings tears to our eyes! To be able to surprise my parents with this gift after all they have given us means the world to us both. Please enjoy our family adventure to Mexico & squeeze your loved ones tight today x

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    2. I watched this right before my Sunday workout. Thanks for the motivation!!

  3. Great video! I’m a new sub and been binge watching you throughout xmas! Such feel good videos!! Lovely to see you treat your family like that. Is Eamon’s family originally from Ireland? Best wishes from Dublin.☘️🇨🇮😊

  4. Honestly, I wish every fruit was like a pear! The flavour is good, but it is a handy hand fruit, no peeling, easy to tell if it's ripe and you can eat almost all of it! Safe travels, hope you had your fill our tacos before ya switch back to tapas! PS which lagoon was that? (Was is off resort?) We're on the Yucatan now, wondering if it's close…:) Thanks!

  5. Bec, I am only halfway through this video so far but I have to say. I am already crying. I know how much you love to do things for people and how much you care about family. I am sure it just filled your heart to be able to see your dad open that gift. wow. I feel the love and excitement!

  6. That's so nice you went on a trip with family. I feel like that is the ultimate family vacay for Canadians in winter. I always fantasized about being able to do it when we lived there. Were you in Cancun?

  7. Well, it is easy to see that Bec comes by her laughter honestly. I think your dad looks good for eighty. I know you goofed and said 60 but I'm sure that was a mistake as that makes me old enough to be your father.

  8. 유튜브자막에서 한국어 자막도 꼭 넣어주세요!^^
    Please also include Korean subtitles on YouTube.

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  10. Hi.
    You said that this video was sponsored by.
    Do you contact them or do they contact you.
    Please. Out of curiosity
    Happy New Year
    Wish you Well

  11. What a sweet wonderful video loved it. Glad you all got to go on a a vacation with the family . Thanks for sharing . Love you kids. Hugs

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  14. Oh my gosh!! I have been watching your vlogs for a while and when I saw this one I was like – for some reason I recognize your dad. Then it dawned on me – I worked with him on a couple of things where he worked Toronto (won't share anything for privacy). I worked for that company for 25 years and so met many people. Your dad was a stand out. A consummate professional, kind and hard working. So great to see him enjoying retirement and wishing the best to all of you.

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    Can you please tell me what back pack that is at 3:40? Looks to be a dry bag or something. TIA.

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