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it’s an ugly weather today so we need to drink plenty of Vit.C we are going out it’s time to come out because it feels like we have been hibernating for a year and this is why we need to go out Let’s go! bye! see you later ahhh we’ll have lunch first since it’s still early because… we meant to come early in the airport. This is the advantage when you are not rushing when travelling because it is relaxing and not running in hurry We will look for lunch first it’s only 2pm and our flight is 6pm… like 6:10PM right? 6:10pm is our departure and we are already here in the airport at 1PM we are excited because we have been inside the house for a long time it’s like one week we did not go out, that’s why we are so excited to travel and because we are not doing anything we really need to travel and it’s impossible not to got out, because… eventhough we are introvert we love to travel I don’t know how we will call our selves of being introvert but a traveler how should we call the combination of introvert and a traveller? that’s the beauty of it… but how can you be an introvert if you are a traveler? so.. please answer it in the comment bellow please explain to me how would you define us or me as introvert. as I love being inside the house but I loves to travel. how would you call me? so how would you call me? please answer it alright, we eat first this is what we do if we have nothing to do in the house we meant to come to airport much early before departure when we travel because we avoid rushing because what tiring when you travel is the rush where…you will look for drinking water? just come early in the airport to avoid the rush because it’s stressful to rush it’s better when you are early, you can laid down and relax window shopping when you are broke right… there’s no rush, no tension…. no stress stress free when you travel without rush my tip…. if you are not…. if you have plenty of free time come early to airport to avoid the rush it’s fun to arrive early in the airport, especially in the beautiful airport like here in Copenhagen the airport is beautiful so many things to see, you even drink in the bar there are many bars here there is many restaurant and shops… there’s so many thing an do. You will not get bored even if you come much early I am now laying down because I am so sleep and I am done window shopping I like so many thing but I bought nothing because I have no money to buy it’s now only one hour and we are flying so… see you in our destination and because it’s christmas let’s carol here in the flight huh? I will sing and you will play the tamborin it’s a challenge… it’s a big chanllenge I will stand in the aisle and i will sing a christmas carol do you think I can do it? I can’t do it… what do you think it’s so embarrassing just to think of it wait… lets just wait to finish the announcement and I will sing I will sing in the middle… just wait Yes! welcome to Belgium… yeeees! Alexa, turn the light off

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  1. Wow,ganda ng life natin dyan brad Noli sarap talaga ang pa gala gala while doing a sightsering the beauty over there in Belgium!

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