Strange Ancient Pyramid in Cambodia – What is INSIDE? Baksei Chamkrong Temple

Hey guys, today we are going to look at a
very strange place called Baksei Chamkrong in the Angkor Wat Complex in Cambodia. This is a very strange site because this is
the only stepped pyramid in this temple complex. As you can see this is desolated, this is
not a popular site but this is a perfect stepped pyramid and is one of the oldest construction
sites in Cambodia. In fact there are inscriptions which actually
take this back much much earlier in time. Who built this and why? Archeologists and historians claim that this
was built by a king called Rajendravarman and he spoke Tamil and Sanskrit. But there are inscriptions where he takes
the entire Khmer dynasty to mythical times, more than many thousand years ago. This is a very interesting pyramid, and to
understand it fully, we need to look at the aerial view. When we look at the drone footage, it is obvious
that it was built with a specific pattern in mind. A specific frequency pattern. Remember, frequencies create patterns which
can be understood visually. This is precisely what the ancient builders
have done here, otherwise such a design is not necessary. In the center, there is a circle, and this
a small square around it, and a bigger square around the smaller square, and 2 more squares
bigger and bigger around them. Also the staircase on all four sides, makes
it look like a 4 bladed fan or a turbine or a windmill or something like that, which can
generate energy. I mean look at it, this is not a coincidence,
that it is looking like this. It was designed specifically to look like
this from the top, as though someone would be watching for these patterns from the sky. It is amazing to see a stepped pyramid in
this Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia. Why was this stepped pyramid built here, there
are no other stepped pyramids in this complex. And why is it so similar to the stepped pyramid
in Mesoamerica. Is there a connection or, is this a mere coincidence? Now, I have already shown you another stepped
pyramid in Sri Lanka called Sathmahal Prasada. That pyramid also looks very similar to this. Were all these different stepped pyramids
in various places built by completely separate civilizations? Or were they all built by the same ancient
builders? Let’s go up and find out more information. The pyramid is about 42 feet tall about 89
feet across the base. The pyramid is made of rocks, but the dome
at the top is made of bricks. Now, what is the meaning of Baksei Chamkrong? Baksei Chamkrong literally mean means ‘A bird
who protected under its wings’. It is said that a bird protected the God King
under its wings and the temple is dedicated to this incident. The word ‘Baksei’ actually comes from Sanskrit
word Pakshi which means bird. Okay guys, as you can see, I have come up
and I can’t wait to see what is inside the main chamber. Let’s go take a look. It is a reclining Buddha and has these beautiful
inscriptions and everything and I am going to check them out but I gotta remove my shoes
first. So, and then, after we, after I remove my
shoes, then we can examine what’s in the chamber, okay? Okay guys, now I am ready, I am going to go
inside, and take a look at this beautiful Buddha and see what’s the history behind this. This is an amazing Buddha, once upon a time,
it must have been freshly painted, I can see this green paint on it. Look at the lips of this Buddha. It is amazing. I am not sure how old this is, but you can
tell. People still come up and pray to this Buddha. This infrastructure is (made of )brick. Look at the top, this is fantastic stuff. This is amazing, I cannot believe how beautiful
this looks, like a hollow pyramid. Long hollow pyramid, with a hole up top. It is an amazing view. This architecture is not easy, normally people
would place beams in between, for support, but this dome is completely hollow. Why did they not put these supporting structures
in between? because they wanted humans to see this pattern from the ground. A very intriguing pattern, similar to the
aerial view. A circle in the center but around it, there
are concentric squares, multiple squares, like a weird cymatics pattern. It is beyond our current intelligence to understand
this. It was created so the humans could see above,
and see this frequency pattern, while the Gods would see below and see a similar pattern. Wow, what do we have here? I know this is a Buddhist temple now, but
you see what this is? This is a Yoni, which once consisted of 2
lingams. Remember I have shown you various types of
lingams in Cambodia, this is a Yoni. A rectangular base with the spout like a water
spout. Whenever they pour water or milk on top of
the lingam, it comes out like this. And these holes, are for placing the lingams. So, it appears as though, this was originally
a Shiva temple, possibly consisting of this lingam. And later on, when Cambodians became Buddhists,
they placed this new Buddha statue. So it is very interesting to see how once
upon a time this was built as a Hindu temple, possibly dedicated to Shiva. Or maybe even there was a main statue of Vishnu
here, because we see a combination of Shiva, Vishnu and even Brahma in many Cambodian sites. And then later on, you know, people became
Buddhists, and then they placed a new statue here. In addition to the lingam, scholars say that
originally, there was a large golden statue of Shiva, some say this a dancing Shiva, some
locals think it is a golden lingam. That would have been a fascinating sight to
watch. Now let’s see what else we can find. Look. Writings in Sanskrit. On both sides of the doorway, we can see writings
in ancient Sanskrit. It is very interesting, so this will give
us, some key points in understanding the history of this ancient temple. So we have seen one doorway, but I wanna go
check out the rest of the sides, to see if they have more doorways. Here.. Very interesting to see. This is a doorway, and this is a door, made
of solid rock. I don’t know why this was carved. Solid rock door. It doesn’t look like a window actually, it
looks like a door, but you cannot get through this. Cambodia is full of mysteries like this. But let’s go see the back side. We are on top of the pyramid guys, it is amazing
to walk on top of this pyramid. Here is the back entrance, you can also get
through this way, and again, look. Same thing. Same thing. I don’t know why this is required, look at
how beautifully this is carved. This is more than a 1000 years ago, see beautifully
ornate this is, imagine how beautiful this must have been 1100 years ago. Very very small micro carvings as well. Let’s see what is on the other side because,
I would guess that this side as well, look, In architecture, we call them blind doors,
because they cannot be operated. They are designed to blend with the wall in
all finishes, and are a part of the wall. Blind doors in ancient structures of Cambodia
mean something special. If you see a blind door, it means there is
something important on the other side, in this case, there was a golden statue of Shiva
inside, during ancient times. Even though most of the carvings have been
destroyed, we can still see some. Here the dancing figure is almost unrecognizable
now, but once upon a time it would have been a marvelous Hindu deity. On the lintel of the doorway, you can see
this deity. Do you know who this is? He is Lord Indra, the king of heaven. See how he is shown riding a 3 headed elephant,
this elephant is known as Erawan in Cambodia, not by its original name Airavatha. I hope you guys liked this amazing Pyramid,
I am Praveen Mohan, thanks a lot for watching, don’t forget to subscribe and I will talk
to you soon in a completely different video. Bye!

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  2. In those days only Bharat had the ability to measure, that's why they were asked to draw and build the most difficult things. There were also giants in those days right? Since the time Bharat gave the zero to the world, they were able to build and travel too.
    One question to ask; why is the Shiva Lingam in all forms found in the whole world and even the ancient buildings?

  3. A king: so. Kinetic in. Ground…..manifested and rose out of the ground with the seed and sun technology, the rocks are like dirt and the element of the seed is all that has to be incorporated, and the su. To make it rise….kinetic energy to shape or vibrational shaping

  4. Still beautiful even in ruin. Especially the carved stone blind doors. Wish there was some way to see these in their glory when they were at their prime. Thanks Praveen.

  5. This is dr ved prakash dwivedi from madhya pradesh , indore.
    I want work with you. Regarding ayurved history and it's experiment and amazing formula .

    I am an ayurvedic doctor.
    Working with jiva since 10 year .

  6. Dear brother,
    While saying about a Shiva lingam. Please mention as panavattam. Be a hindu and mind your pronunciation should be good.
    Thanks for understanding.

  7. Those temples are probably the oldest being that they depict the timurti so often and indra and his elephant illarvta and other scriptural things. Just because it's in modern Cambodia's borders doesn't mean modern Cambodians lived there and built those temples tens or hundreds of thousands of years ago. India borders stretched out all the way to the Indonesian

  8. 10:30 that doors are not intended to open since its an exact replica of a space craft however later whoever majority group there tries to establish their stamp by putting Hindu or Buddhist idols there to claim it as their own.

  9. Praveen You are doing a wonderful job . It is great service to hinduism it's indomitable spirit and great achievements . We are really thankful to you .

  10. This looks like the inside of a camera. The hole may project and image on the ground at night. If the door was covered the only light would come from the hole and project an image on the ground. Is it possible to try this one day?


  12. How come they build door with rock but dome with brick? That is wierd. I guess they overlayed rock with brick to hide some structure.

  13. Hello Praven. If you see The Buddha is not part of the temple is from another place. It was placed there long after it was built

  14. This is samadhi the outlets to it and underground tunnels are provided for receiving fresh water out the samadhi is made by some sage of king as the pyramid has total five steps they are for first step is pruthvi means generation of earth or command on earth ,second aap means water control over water ,third is vayu means control over wind ,fourth is tej means control over light ,fifth is aakash means control over skys after mr.x s death or samadhi in his early times after his samadhi he proved his presence by creating water from second step of pyramid or samadhi the water flowed to nearby area and collected in lake and river the shiva linga is always placed on the top of samadhi it is mandetory this water has flowed and flourished the landscape till mr. X kept his presence in his samadhi

  15. And this is the real story and nothing else this mr x was a very gr8 yogi i.e. why his samadhi is made such big he did it for the people's around the area who were starveted by constant drought in this area so this is not a temple but its samadhi check radition in the area if you get lots of radition the samadhi is still live if its dead samadhi no radiation will be there

  16. This is not a shri chakra as shri chakra has to have all the daities carved in it the door solid one is door of heaven there will be seven such doors of seven heavens and one has to walk steps to each door as you pass one door there is first heaven like wise travel second door same way to seventh place

  17. As this is the samadhi of a nag of reptalian as this part of land was submerged under vast oceans and present day earth is colage of remaining peices of land frim total seven times larger earth this earth we are leaving is just a collection of destroyed earth so history is not

  18. This temple is beyond huddhas time. It cannot be d original statue that supposed to be in that main chamber!!
    And pls mention. "Aavudai" n NOT yoni !! We call it AAVUDAI N LINGGAM sooposed to be ON IT. yoni a word given by anti hindus to humiliate it.

  19. Amazing structure resembles Vishnu posture and sri chakra…
    Pallava architecture who are the twins of Aswathama….so we can see the devaraja cult there, where as in kanchpuram Tamil Nadu we can see varadaraja cult.
    Both people having Indra concept…They two are angali- pankali.😇..Buddha is Vishnu clan. Thanks for the wonderful view praveen.

  20. Vaikuntha doorways:

    – four wise men,

    – four stairs on all four sides

    and only one is open: Sanatana Dharma.


    “Initially, Brahma gave birth to four great sages: Sanaku, Sananda, Sanatana and Sanat-kumara. None of them had the slightest desire to engage in material activities – they were all unusually exalted personalities as their seed moved up. When his sons appeared into the light, Brahma told them: “Now, my children, you must produce offspring.” However, since the Kumaras were attached to Vasudeva, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, they did not want anything but liberation, and therefore refused to fulfill the request of the father. When the sons refused to obey his father’s order, Brahma’s mind was filled with great anger, but he tried to restrain himself and not to discover his anger. "(Srimad Bhagavatam n. 3, 12, v. 4-6).

    The basic principles of Sanatan Dharma are: – Ahimsa – non-violence. – Satya – truthfulness. – Asteya – non-appropriation of another's. – Brahmacharya – abstinence for monks and moderate sexual life for laity. – Aparigraha – non-possessiveness.


    "… 25 The gates of the city will never be closed during the day, and there will be no night there. 26 And they will bring into it the glory and honor of the nations [p]. 27 Nothing unclean will enter into it, and no one who commits shameful or deceitful acts. There will be only those whose names are recorded with the Lamb in the book of life "(Bible. Revelation 21).

    The Golden Gate is located in one of the towers of the eastern wall. This is the oldest gate of the Old City; it was through this gate that Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem.

  21. Infact this sage donated his life to shiva he seperated each of his five elements soil ,water,air,light or soul,and chaitanya and he became generator of life for others who were in trouble at his time once upon a time it is a very very old history the result is in front of you that there is abig jungle now it is called real yogic master

  22. Thank you Praveen for a such good feast,,some historians dilute the truths and they uploading false history,, differently there is strong link between Mayan culture and combodia,,,Srilanka too.thank you

  23. PraveenMohan I couldn't help to notice the line of erosion about a foot up from the false doors. I am curious what would have caused this? It looks to me like water erosion because it is at the same level at all three doors, and erosion below and above this line are completely different. The carvings below this line are very eroded almost beyond recognition yet above this line they are well preserved. This suggests that the pyramid was flooded to this level. I would guess that a flood that big would have flooded most of Cambodia and Vietnam!!! I LOVE your videos Praveen you are a truth warrior of the highest regard! the world needs more of this! Thank you sincerely!

  24. Mr Mohan, Mr Mohan please i am still picking up my jaw from the floor in pieces!!! WOW…those frequency theories, the structure with hidden tunnels, those intricate carvings waaay on top. Whaaaa?
    You sir are to thanked and bowed to in person. Ur knowledge of these temples and languages is incredible to say the least. Thank u sir. Thank u very much for revealing this historical information to the 🌎 world.
    May the good Lord bless u always.

  25. Hinduism is speeded all over the world, but they destroyed or hidden. You are the person who invent or clear the puzzle to showcase the same to the world. You are great Praveen 👌👌👌🙏🙏

  26. Very interesting message about Siva and Vishnu gods in this temple.please make a research on this temple

  27. I think this is a Vishnu temple.. why I am saying this because this pyramid have 4 main layer.. before entering to the main room.. these layers are build for pilgrims to rotate the temple for 4 times.. because in tantrik it's saying for Vishnu we need to rotate 4 time(chathvashtari vishnucha devim)..

  28. I think there was probably a staircase leading up to the top, maybe even more inscriptions or another remnant of a Buddha further up. Idk, just a thought

  29. I also firmly believe the yoni and linghums are more modern time interpretations of what those were used for. They found them, then decided a use for them that has lasted this long.

  30. Praveenji, wonderful video. இது ஒரு ஜீவசமாதி ஆக இருக்க வாய்ப்பு உண்டு. சதுரவடிவ பீடம் மேல் ஆவுடையார் அமைப்பது பெரும்பாலும் ஜீவசமாதி யில் தான். திருமூலர் அமைத்த திருவம்பல சக்கரத்தின் மாதிரி போல் கோவில் அமைப்பு, சக்கரத்தின் நடுமைய பிந்து போன்ற துளை அமைப்பு, இது யந்திரம் மாதிரி கோவில் என்பதற்கு சான்று. வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

  31. Amazing Praveen, can't thank you enough for bringing us our ancient treasures & the wisdom around them. Appreciate your work keep it up 👏🙏🏻

  32. Great stuff! Why did they decline? Or did tbey finish their job on earth and flew off via an alien craft? Its amazing why mainstream never emphasise about the Tamil and Sanskrit languages of the kings back then in Khmer. I saw an Aus poduction shwing Khner Angkir Wat as some kind of vicious alien kinda of fighters/warrior folks – no mention of any Indian connection. Thnks for a top mindboggling Ytube!!

  33. Three headed elephant probably might be indicating the quick speed of the elephant…Previously you had mentioned in old videos like four or mutliple hands in hindu gods are bascially a way of showing mutliple things in one carving..

  34. Where will be the Golden Lord Shiva Statue ! 🙁 ? … obviously we can see the brick structure placing Buddha is newly added . If do 3d laser copy all the carvings outcome will be mind boggling !

  35. Hindus get converted easily…this is proof…oldest religion in world bt Hinduism only left in(birthplace)India..even here 25% r converted

  36. It would be interesting to get an x-ray of the newer brick wotk inside the temple. The mortar patterns show it is close to modern age and big enough to be covering something.

  37. Hey Praveen, has it occured to you that the aerial view looks like a giant "X" ?
    Like "X marks the spot" type of design?

  38. Fascinating…thank you for the vids Praveen, it really challenges the mind with inner and outer truths/reality. So many variables, and the idea of time travel and extra terrestrials is challenging. Here's an idea that I come across from other material read/viewed. Conscienceness and sub-conscience are connected, but operate as having no connection at all…carrying out what it wants/habits. (Interesting to note, that the microbiome has it's own ability to manipulate both.) There has been speculation that water is a living entity, and that 'living' healthy water contains carbone's; which is particulates of all elements. Many feel frequency/vibration is the genesis to all things.
    Here's where I wonder, because I've listened to theory that water holds memory, and that it's possible that our memories are not inside our bodies/brain, but stored elsewhere, and our brain is more like a radio receiver. (Possibility that water is much vaster than popular belief, and there is a difference between water and healthy living water.) 
    I've also read, that the ancient Aztec emperor was kept in a closed chamber, and didn't have the privilege of seeing anything outside…but the ruler in place would have vision's.
    I wonder if maybe odd depictions (past/future) on temples could be creations from tapping into the hidden realm of a greater awareness/conscienceness?…… kind of like the conscience mind tapping into the sub-conscience…… there's some speculation regarding the double slit quantum theory and atomic model that postulate that the electron can and do slip/disappear into another dimension.

  39. Thank you for showing us these mysteries, humanity needs to know our past, and it is fun. (You have nerves of steel to climb around up there!)


  41. Anyone who wrote a false door is to confuse attackers should really look at this temple first lol… only one room! Explanation is absurd, imo.


  43. It is good you found some of the Hindu parts in the temple. It was a shiva temple. During the remodeling when the lingams was remove that broke the Yoni corners holding the lingams. When both the statue and the lingams were removed it removed the healing from the temple. I also seen the Padmanabhaswamy temple doors. They have a protection place on them which people call curse. It is to prevent graverobbers and people from destroying any bodies of the dead. We seen this issue in the past which is why that security was added to all tombs. The hindu temples was a place for prayer so it wasn't placed on the temples unless there was a tomb. I am expecting to see more people get hurt from them since they don't believe in them. When that was added to a tomb only a few members was allowed access to the tomb. It checks the soul to see who they are. I might visit the Padmanabhaswamy later in life to get a few things to repair some temples.

  44. Well done Praveen to capture all the important informations.
    1. It is Shiva temple, who is Aadhinatha by showing the broken Yoni of the lingam.
    2. Showing Indira with elephant is the sign of Aasevagam religion followed by ancient tamils.

  45. At 11:19 you can see metal rebars inside the stone blocks. That tells us they are made artificially and with this in mind all the carvings we see could be casted instead.

  46. this is Glenna. i think that at one point there was common knowledge all over the world but each one is a little different. i think they were different cultures that were all in contact with each other and all had ancient technology that one of the cataclysms has wiped from the earth. like the Hopi people said there were people of the earth that took their ancestors into the caverns and they survived the cataclysms underground. the people of the earth were smaller humanoids. they also believed there were people who came from the sky and people who came from the sea which coincides with legends and religions all over the world.

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