Stop, don´t move. Quietos, no se muevan. (eng. subt.)

Stop just hold still Stop, don’t move. No longer a request is an obligation I am here to help you. This supersonic roller coaster… has run out of rails no more planes, trains, schools… shopping malls, meetings… We have broken the frantic vortex of illusions and “obligations” that have prevented you from raising your eyes to the sky watch the stars, listen the sea let yourself be lulled by birdsong roll in the meadows, grab an apple from the tree. smile at an animal in the forest, breathe the mountain listen to common sense. We had to break it you can’t play God. Our obligation is mutual as it has always been, even if you have forgotten it We will interrupt this transmission, the endless cacophonic transmission of divisions and distractions to bring this News… We’re not well None of us We’re all suffering Last year… firestorms… who have burned the lungs of the earth have not stopped you. Neither the glaciers that disintegrate, nor your cities sinking, nor the awareness that you are solely responsible for the sixth mass extinction. You didn’t hear me. it’s hard to hear you’re so busy, struggling to climb higher and higher on the scaffolding of the comforts you’ve built yourself. The foundations are failing they are arching under the weight of their fictional desires. I’m going to help you I’ll carry the firestorms in your body flood your lungs, isolate you like a polar bear into a drifting iceberg. Are you listening to me now? We’re not well I´m not an enemy! I am a simple messenger I am an ally! I´m the force that will bring back the balance Now you have to hear me I am shouting that you stop Stop! Silence! Listen! Quietly now raise your eyes to heaven… How is it? No more planes How much you need to enjoy the oxygen you breathe? Look at the ocean! How is it? Watch the rivers! How are they? Look at the Earth! How is he? Look at yourselves! How are you? You can’t be healthy in a sick ecological system. Stop! Many are afraid now. Don’t demonize your fear… Don’t let yourself be dominated! Let me talk to you. Listen to his wisdom You’ll learn to smile with your eyes I will help you! If you listen to me.

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