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– [Narrator] Are you the biggest “Spirit Riding Free” fan? – [Group] Yeah! – [Narrator] Get ready
to test you knowledge with a “Spirit Riding
Free” super-fan quiz, and keep track of how many questions you answer correctly. Round one, trivia. In episode one, where does Lucky first meet Spirit? Inside Filbert Canyon, alongside the train to Miradero, or at Copperhead River? (triumphant music) (bell ringing) (triumphant music) What is Lucky’s real first name? Lucy, Lucia or Fortuna? – Hello, I’m Miss. Flores, you must be Fortuna. (bell ringing)
– You can call me– – Yes, but I call her
Lucky, all her friends do. – [Narrator] Aside from riding, what is Pru’s special talent? Singing, painting or dancing? ♪ Leap into the saddle and my ♪ ♪ Horse and I are weightless ♪ – [Narrator] Who stole Abigail’s prize-winning pie? Mary Pat and Bianca,
Snips and Senor Carrots or Spirit and the Herd. – [Abigail] Mary Pat
had Bianca keep us busy while she stole pie number two. (bell ringing) – It was so good. – [Narrator] In season
three, what color dress does Pru wear to
the Governor’s ball? Green, yellow or pink? – I don’t look so bad,
if I do say so myself. (bell ringing)
I’m going to enjoy this. – [Narrator] When
Lucky finds out her dad is marrying Ms. Flores,
where does she run away to? Horse camp, Aunt Cora’s
house or the circus. (gallant music) (crowd cheering) – [Narrator] In
the episode “Lucky “and the Field Trip
Fraud”, Maricela thinks she discovers a fossil, but what does it turn out to be? A dried up horse dropping, a chicken bone or
a clump of dirt. – Maricela, that’s not a fossil, it’s a dried up horse dropping. (screaming) – [Narrator] What is Aunt Cora’s favorite kind of flower? Tulips, sunflowers or roses. – Aunt Cora, hold on,
something sprouted in my bag for you. – (gasps) Sunflowers,
aw, you remembered! – [Narrator] Where was Lucky’s half-sister born? In a barn, on a train
or in a hospital. (screaming)
(bell dinging) – [Narrator] Who
orders five de-stemmed cherries with their ice cream? Abigail, Snips or Maricela. – A hot fudge sundae
(bell dinging) with extra ice
cream, extra fudge, extra nuts, and extra,
extra whipped cream, and five cherries, de-stemmed. – [Narrator] In season eight, what did Liza hide
under Chica Linda’s saddle to sabotage the Buffalo Hills riding competition? A rock, a jack or a pencil. – With the rider in the saddle, this would drive
any horse crazy. (bells ringing) (gasps) – [Narrator] Round
two, what happens next? If one thing’s for
sure, there’s never a dull moment with the pals. Can you finish these scenes and tell us what happens next? Let’s find out with round two, what happens next? – But, you’re the
only one who entered, so, by default, your
guess is the closest. So, congratulations. – (gasps) They’re
mine, all mine! – [Narrator] What
does Abigail do next? Gives the jelly beans to snips, eats the whole jar
or drops the jar. (glass tapping) (beans scattering) – No! – (chuckles) I wish we
could dunk Maricela, but I’ll settle for Snips. – Not if I knock ’em in first. – I’ve had to live with Snips for the last six years. (air whooshing) – [Narrator] What happens next? Snips gets dunked,
Snips catches the ball or Abigail misses and
breaks the window. (shouting)
(water splashing) (screaming) (laughing) – Come on, Spirit,
we’re so close. If we can just make it
over that last jump, we can go on the ride. Ready? (horse neighing) (horse galloping) No, not ready! (gasps) – [Narrator] What happens next? Lucky and Spirit
stick the landing, Spirit knocks the
hurdle into the fence or Spirit falls
and hurts his leg. (horse neighing) (crashing)
(bell ringing) – We’re going too fast. – What do we do? – Jump! (screaming) (metal screeching) – Oh no! – [Narrator] What happens next? Spirit saves Lucky, Mr.
Prescott saves Lucky, or the handcar
stops just in time. (horse neighing)
(screaming) (crashing) – [Narrator] Final
round, name that horse. Think this has been too easy? Well, hold your horses. It’s time we put you
to the ultimate test. Can you name these horses? You have three
seconds to answer. (clock ticking) (bell ringing) (clock ticking) (bell ringing) (clock ticking) (bell ringing) (clock ticking) (bell ringing) (clock ticking) (bell ringing) (clock ticking) (bell ringing) (clock ticking) (bell ringing) (clock ticking) (bell ringing) (applauding) – [Narrator] That’s a wrap! Add up how many questions
you answered correctly. What level fan are you? Keep watching “Spirit
Riding Free” on Netflix until you’re a champion “Spirit “Riding Free” super fan. (outro music)

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