100 thoughts on “SixBlindKids – Cancelled Trip Backstory, Aidan’s Bed, and Now the SCHOOL YEAR IS CANCELLED!

  1. Sorry your first vacation in 10 years did not work out as intended but glad that you and your family are all home safe. Every thing seems to have happened so fast. A lot of people's plans have been changed . Weddings,graduations ,holidays abroad ,etc. We all have to be patient and hope this virus goes away soon.

  2. Sorry if people have been criticizing your other videos. I think it was fine to go on the trip as things were then.

  3. I really feel you shouldn't have needed to explain yourselves, but I feel very touched that you cared so much to do so. I am thoroughly thankful Aiden has his bed because you cared so much.
    In this new reality of being home there might be more newer people watching that don't know how long it takes to make a video and realize that if it doesn't say live on it it isn't live. Also by giving the timeline with the schools emails as an example makes it just as relevant to everyone going through this which is actually building a world community of understanding. It shows how each city, county, state and government differ from another country. And that makes people aware not to judge by their laws for another country without being well informed.

  4. Thank you for the update and advice, Mama Karen!!! And I also agree and believe that good things are going to come. We are going though this! Love – Melissa

  5. It's such a weird and uncertain time, but I admire your positive attitude. I work for a school district, and we're closed until at least April 14th – probably longer. I hope we can get some school in before summer vacation, but it's impossible to predict what's going to happen.

    I can't wait to "meet" Melody on your channel someday soon!

  6. Can we please start seeing the 6 kids in the upcoming videos! These last couple uploads feels like we barely got to see them! Your families positivity always cheers me up! 🙏

  7. Wow no schools that is sure going to change things up. I agree that social media has changed the way we respond to crises. When the swine flu was in full swing there was internet but not social media as we have now. We had custody of our granddaughter but had to send her to her Mom's for a couple weeks because hubby and I got it and didn't want her to get it and because we were so sick we literally could not care for her. Our Dr.s gave us prescription for anti viral med and just bedrest, keep hydrated, keep cool to combat the fever, but not hospitalized because they didn't have enough beds and we weren't critical. The only place for information was TV news, radio, newspapers, and MSN news on the PC. Now, just like you said, the information is updated hour by hour even minute by minute. Your gut instinct that things were going bad in a hurry and you should all go home was dead-on. So for now, thanks for keeping us updated, and happy Aidan got his bed! Stay well!

  8. Will the young man still get his bed I hope so. I hope he can get it. Today was a good day other than it snowin. People need to relax. Y’all calm down.

  9. It’s so sad that you felt “ backed into a corner “ to explain yourself. You were doing a good deed, what the country needs to see. The kids weren’t in danger, you weren’t in danger either. Hey, and yes i’m going to point this out. Atleast you and Joe didn’t go to Mexico, come home and take your two ( one who’s vulnerable) and one not even yours on a road trip. ❤️ You are an amazing, humble family!

  10. It is good that Aiden already has his bed. I told my sister that they had to suspend their trip (we canceled tickets and hotel here too) and was surprised by the civil responsibility they showed even though the mandatory quarantine was not declared as it happens here in Argentina where They allow us to go out into the street, it is a risk of being taken prisoner. The isolation is very hard, the streets are empty and everything is stopped. I'm so glad that everyone is well there. I send you a big hug !!.Excuse my poor English.

  11. what about universities and collages my niece is in pre med and she is graduating in a couple of months i have another niece also in college they have to be on line now for classes

  12. How is Hanna taking this? I know she loves to work and run errands. I have felt at a loss without my schedule too, I'm a university student and I have online classes and a part time job to continue with though.

  13. No need to explain anything. We all love you and the kids 🥰🥰 Stay well and healthy . Aiden WILL get his bed soon .

  14. Up here, my fellow paras and myself are wondering how this is going to legally affect our guys. We're in south western CT and NY is a big hotbed. We haven't cancelled the year yet though, we did just get told that the out of school time would be extended from two weeks to the 20th. We gave our work computers to the students to be used for distance learning and our guys are among the more able in the school system. All are verbal and mobile, many degrees of disorders, but all of them except one were very…concerning when trying to work with the distance learning platform. I really wonder how the parents are working with them because they really need a lot of academic attention and I know their parents love them, but we also know that many of their parents don't know how to do what the paras do and haven't had the lessons from the behavior therapist and things like that.
    It's all very confusing to me. I hope we can at least get my guys back in school before the end of the year. We were doing some great work and I only hope we'll get to keep it up before summer.
    Good luck to you and yours. Be well, I'm with you going with the flow and following the Que sera sera way of thinking.

  15. It blows me away that people can just jump in and shame you for taking your kids out of state. It was obvious to me that it was before everything escalated. I live in Virginia too, so I know how quickly things snowballed even in our state, despite the fact we live in different parts of the state (Shenandoah Valley area here).
    I hope you guys all stay well and don't get too stir-crazy at home now all public K-12 schools have been closed down for the rest of the year. I hope David's doing ok too, is he finishing his semester online? I know from experience that online college stuff can be kind of rough so I wish him, and you all, the very best.
    (NOTE: The Jade in my user name comes from my eye color, as I understand it, rather than my name 😄)

  16. I’m sorry that people were being so critical and judgmental of your family. I just cancelled my trip yesterday to see my family member with terminal cancer. Only weeks ago, I was hopeful that things would get better. You’re right! Everything really did happen fast! You don’t have to prove yourself because we do understand you were trying to do something good. Many many people all over the world are having to cancel plans and rearrange their lives. Let’s all be supportive or each other during this time and not let fears make us judgmental or self -absorbed.

  17. You don’t not need to explain ur self u and ur husband an awesome parents… u should only explain ur self only if you want.

  18. Cracker Barrell was open? With COVID-19 epidemic? Geez. About 90% of the restaurants and stores are closed in Maine.

  19. I'm glad you're home safe. When you spoke about schools being closed into April, I thought you were about to burst into tears & wondered if the thought of having a full house with no down time, was stressing you, Lol. I hope you are all well.

  20. It is sad ! I am very disappointed I just got the message from my coach special Olympic basketball has been canceled for the season ! We only had three practices so sad ! Our chumming year is shut down for two weeks !

  21. You hit on something big! We need to be attentive, informed, and at times humor and being positive is 100% necessary! I absolutely LOVE watching your family’s videos, and love what you do. We all have a passion, and SHOULD bring attention to areas that need it. I care for my 70 year old mom (she’s in decent health, has fibromyalgia) so we’re being abundantly cautious. I lost my father several years ago, and most recently my estranged partner to circumstances unrelated to COVID. I’ve found over the years life has its ups, downs and in-betweens! We navigate through it all in REAL TIME quite often – and positivity & humor make the ride a bit easier. Sending love and positivity your way (And Aiden’s family too!) 💖✨

  22. I saw it as well ,my heart really hurt for her she’s a strong momma,she also loves her children,I was hoping u guys sent the bed ty so much

  23. 😥Single mom of 3.Didnt get paid till 20 food stamp 21st the store in NC were empty basically only junk food left.I dont know what we will do.no stores will allow ordering food shipping with food stamp.luckily our schools are delivering breakfast & lunch meals during the week to each home. They just extended school closings till at least may 15 here today! Glad yal made it back home safety!My 16 year old son is disabled.Thanks for all yall do for the disable community!

  24. Don’t ever feel like you need to explain yourself for the decisions you make for YOUR family. You are obviously tremendous parents and like you said, many viewers don’t seem to understand that these videos are filmed days or maybe weeks previously. Take good care of yourselves during this scary time!! ❤️

  25. i just hope and pray that any of my comments mainly the one when things fell apart they was not took in a bad way by anyone

  26. Well hello Mom🤗! I'm so thankful that I ran across you and your beautiful family here on YouTube. I see a lot of myself in you. You're so passionate, patient, loving and loyal. But, unfortunately for me people have changed that for me. I'm still compassionate, considerate, loving I treat people how I want to be treated but, I now have a very low tolerance for ignorance, users, negative people in general. I guess that's why I admire you and Dad so much. You guys are just awesome, and and take everything in stride. I miss that sometimes about myself. I pray daily for patients and understanding. I'm getting better at it but, I guess we will never understand people and their behavior. I guess I'm just trying to no need be to explain yourself, being be me I would tell the " petty Nettie's" to kick to rocks! You and Dad are awesome parents and have something special to deal with six blind kids and and it just comes natural for you. I dare anyone to question your judgement.💪🏾💞

  27. your seriously the best shoot i wish you were my mom and my kids grams you guys are so awesome people are so mean and cruel and overstep its unfair that you felt the need to explain but all your reali friends and fans stand behind you no matter what God bless you all stay safe

  28. I agree 100% with everything you said. This virus needs to be taken seriously but the panic is unnecessary. My heart breaks for the Killen family and everything they've been through. Schools here in Florida are closed until April 15 and virtual school in my county starts March 30. Fingers crossed that that doesn't change.

  29. Oh my gosh. Thank you so much for your talk. You are so reasonable and I needed to hear this after everything. It’s is so comforting. ❤️❤️❤️

  30. People really need to mind their own business! It's one thing to express concern for someone based on what you're seeing, it's another to criticize when you're only seeing tiny snippets and have no idea what the whole story is, let alone what it's like to live it. Ohio now has an official shelter in place order starting now (3/24 @12AM), but BJ's is still business as usual, except we're opening an hour earlier until further notice and they're temporarily increasing pay. We are literally out of everything, though so even the essentials we're staying open to sell are running out.

  31. You are so right about social media.Iam so glad you are all home safe and sound.Iam so glad he got he new sleepbed.Love your sweet family. God bless and stay healthy.

  32. The UK is on a full lockdown now… And I had a massive migraine today… Was unable to keep food or drink down… Fun way to start the week… And I can imagine for some of you guys how difficult it's going to be to change routine… How are you handling it? I'm trying to make a schedule so I don't go crazy… and I'm also teaching for languages to some students… Keeps me happy and busy. But I was supposed to have a lesson today, and I was sick all day…

  33. Where in Alabama are the beds made? Our cherry blossom festival was cancelled. Google cherry blossom festival Macon, Georgia. Its known as the pinkish party in the world. Trashcans are pink, the main street in town, there is a pink line, 3 pink poodles, 2 are real ones that are white, but use beets to turn them pink, ice cream, doughnuts, water in the fountains, everything is pink. Keep doing the great work. I still think you guys should write a book. Loads of blessings!

  34. I would like to share one of my favourite songs from my favourite band ..Blue October ‘Fear ‘…please look it up on here the song and video is beautiful…it’s brings me hope ,faith and love …..sending much love from Canada be safe everyone ❤️

  35. It is a stressful time, this is crazy. I believe that things happen for a reason, and something positive always comes from something negative. I praise God in the good times and the bad because there is a reason for everything. ❤❤❤

  36. You don't have explain yourself. You have done nothing wrong. Both you and Joe are amazing parents that do whatever it takes to protect your kids. I would have done the same thing you did if in your shoes. Both of you are smart parents and love your kids. Some people just need to get a life.

  37. Hello!
    I love your kids. I wish I can be best friends with them.
    Because they all have a happy spirit inside there heart.

  38. You shouldn't need to explain yourself. It should be clear to anyone that as a mom of blind and special needs kids you probably have thought it out before acting. You also made it very clear how much time had passed between filming and posting the video. So should be okay to everyone.
    As a positive, we all got to hear and see you talking to us for some extra minutes 😀❤
    Stay strong, it will be interesting times with everyone at home and managing schoolwork…

  39. I live in England at the moment and it's very worrying knowing how many people have got the virus and passed away, we are staying in doors and trying to stay positive. Your videos always lift my spirits and make me think more positive. So glad you are all safe and happy xxx

  40. You are such kind human beings…your kindness won’t go unnoticed. So sorry you have to explain yourself it takes away from the good deed that was done here. Love watching your videos ❤️

  41. Karen, there is no need to explain yourselves. We know you and Joe would never do anything which would put your children in danger. And good for you that you keep your sense of humor. How else can we stay sane during this situation 😅

  42. Dear Joe & Karen, I have so enjoyed catching up on many of your videos. I agree… living in fear is not a good thing. We definitely need to keep a good sense of humor at all times. Praying you all stay well. ~Joanna♡

  43. I wish he could get his bed…. this is sad. BUT this is a pandemic, so so dangerous. But truly don't explain, NO ONE expected this.

  44. Joe and Karen – I saw on another YouTube page that if you say the virus by name you could get demonetized. Just a heads up!

  45. You didn't need to explain anything… you will always get those people with that sense of entitlement to tell you what you should and shouldn't be doing. They forget that with YouTube there is a big delay from the time you record your video, then you have to edit the video and then you release the video. Even if you decided to go out and if there wasn't a lockdown order in place in your town, or state then you still had the right to do whatever you wished to. And you are a very, very responsible family to trust that you'd be doing the right thing. Haters are everywhere. I love you all! 🙏🙏❤️❤️

  46. Karen you are one wonderful lady!! And not only that you are an awesome mum!! Your kids are so lucky to have you! Where would they have been today if not for you and Joe?? I really hate to think.
    Please don’t ever feel you have to explain things that occur. You are an adult of sound mind who knows what you are doing and what’s best for you all. Please take good care of Karen and the rest of the family including that beagle Annie!! Big hugs! God be with you all!! Thank you!!

  47. ❤ From NY here, 2 weeks ago when this virus really started coming and panic ensued, our grocery stores were bare from panic shoppers. Fast forward to yesterday, stores are stocking back up here. The panic is less as people realize that the world is not going to end after all.

  48. We've never been through something quite like this so it's bit annoying when people say you should have done this or that way. I don't doubt that you made the best decitions at that moment. Hope it all gets better soon, I'm quite worried and sad about it all but we can only keep on living, somehow I feel like we needed something like this too, to be ready and avake.

  49. I do really agree that news creates fear!!! We should take care of ourselves but we shouldn't panic, it's great Aidan got his bed too 🙂

  50. I just love this channel so much! I have gone back and watched all the videos in the past month. I hope you guys become daily vloggers (realistically I know this can’t happen lol) but wishful thinking 😇. Sry you were getting shamed before too, Maybe if you say the date in each video or write it on there people will understand it’s not recorded and edited same day. Love you guys & Glad you’re staying safe 💜💜💜💜💜

  51. Lol every video you posted about this trip, AT THE VERY TOP it's mentioned that you guys left before things started seriously shutting down.
    Geez people.

  52. What you guys are working towards with the Amazing Families foundation is amazing. I’d like to offer my services in sourcing donations and partnerships from companies that align with your goals. I know the foundation is your baby and you are doing a great job, but if you ever get overwhelmed or extremely busy with family life please do not hesitate to reach out. I spent my paid career in law enforcement, but my volunteer career(my soul filling career lol) has always been working with foundations as needed as a liaison to source donations and create relationships with businesses that had like-minded philosophies. I’ve volunteered my time with a disabled veterans foundation, a foundation that runs a home for at risk young men, various church foundations with focus on feeding/clothing and many more. I am also familiar with grant writing in the same field.
    I’m now a SAHM Momma of 4, I homeschool and manage my husbands care(he’s 100% disabled from the USMC)….while that may sound like I’m super busy, this type of work fills my soul and is actually a source of energy & self-care. We are not in a place in our lives where we have extra money to donate, we help as often as we can but well our financial situation is only relevant because doing this type of work on a volunteer basis is one way I can help exponentially without money.
    Anyways, just wanted to offer my services in case you are ever in need of them❤️
    Keep doing amazing things!

  53. You guys are just amazing with what you do with your own family and helping other families that have the same kind of problems you guys do, I hope you guys stay healthy and blessed , and just stay amazing. I know how you feel school wise in a way because with the schools in the UK we closed them on Friday as well but they said that all schools are closed until further notice and it's up to the parents to teach the kids whatever they need to learn and with the older kids they have online classes plus catch up work etc. I don't have to deal with that thankfully since I'm an adult and not within education. Last night the UK we went on lock down with only limits to what we can go out for like food, walking the dog, appointments etc. I hope that everyone just stays safe and use their common sense until the virus is just over.

  54. People are always gonna talk mess!!! Learn an know that now or your gonna go nuts with these comments!!!! When we watch youtubers we start to feel apart of your family an we become invested in your lives in a sense, so sometimes we are concerned but some people take it to far an try to shame youtubers an that's wrong!!! Know the difference take these comments with a grain of salt, your true fans will always support you🤗

  55. I can't wait to see your family trip happen one day! Visiting Melody, Hellen Keller museum. You owe no explanation for your choices. Thumbs up!

  56. The grab and go lunch programs have been discontinued in many areas in Louisiana because the virus is spreading so fast here. 🙁 The governor here said that rates in Louisiana are rising faster here than anywhere else in the WORLD. 🙁

  57. where was this bed when i needed something like this for my son.now granted we dont need one now but when he was younger and was in need i had never heard of such a bed

  58. Let us know if you want to become secretary of health and human services, because I think you have some wonderful experience and compassion and we would all support you in that! (Not that you don’t have enough to do! 😂)

  59. Your an awesome person yes this family reailly needed an Angel like you to help thom te way that you did …. Thank you for being kind and a very caring person ….!💕😷 May God and his Angels alway watch over you and your family……🤗💕

  60. In the UK we are on lockdown for 3 weeks and the police are going around towns and cities asking people why are you out, separating big groups and telling people it's not a holiday go home. I hope the bed gets delivered soon. HI from South Wales UK ☺

  61. You guys are great people, and the jerks making you think you need to defend yourselves suck. You have more kindness in your pinky nail than they do in their whole bodies.

    Glad to see you guys bunkering down and staying at home!

    Stay safe and send love to the kids from this random YouTube viewer :)♥️

  62. All that should matter that even through these trying times Aiden NEEDED that bed and he got it! I feel so terrible that you needed to explain yourself and that people would think for one second that Momma Bear would put her 6 wonderful children in harm's way. I mean come on people, Karen and Joe have clearly shown us over and over again that they are amazing parents who ALWAYS put their children first. So why for one second would you think they would just be careless with their children. I am so glad that you were able to give Aiden and his family this wonderful blessing! Please continue to stay safe and God Bless you all! ❤

  63. Literally u realized it got crazy around the same time everyone else did. I don’t like how ppl made u feel like u have had to get all explanatory and break it down.

  64. Hey, no need to explain at all. I understood it wasn’t real time and I also understood that Aidan having a proper bed was a life and death situation. It really is! He could wander or become entrapped or get into household medicines or chemicals, you name it. No need to explain. I’m so glad he has a proper bed at last. Insurance should’ve acted sooner.

  65. Thank you for making such a bold statement about social media from a former PR professional. Couldn’t have said it better. Glad you guys are all doing okay. I’m doing okay, as well. Tell everyone I said hi 👋🏻.

  66. You shouldn’t have to explain yourself if anybody has seen your video’s they would know you are a very capable mother Keeping our children safe And it really is upsetting to know that there is not insurance to pay for beds that families need

  67. Hi!!! I'm a special education teacher in a neighboring country and state… I would LOVE to hear how your country is implementing distance learning for Obed and Jessie

  68. Love you guys! I can't wait to see your quarantine adventures at home!! Stay safe and thank you for being you, you rock!

  69. Sighs softly ppl are idiots anyone with sense would know that would never jepordize your family and it's super sad that you have to defend your self and your actions love you guys keep safe and healthy in these times I love you guys tell everyone I said hi and I love them all ❤️

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