Should Harry and Meghan move to Montreal?

He’s quite independent-minded it seems, like his mother. Why not take a chance? Meghan has lived here before. She shot
Suits in Toronto. She knows people in Toronto. She has good friends there but
Montreal could give her a little distance from her Toronto friends. I think it will give them everyday exposure to instant translation English-French, French-English and would therefore improve their vocabulary in both. I don’t
know where they’re at at this point. I know this Queen herself speaks quite a
creditable French and obviously her English is impeccable so it will
probably enlarge both their minds and make them a more marketable commodity if they’re visiting francophone countries. Well whether they should or shouldn’t
it’s kind of their decision, I would think. They’re taking a leap to want
to do things independently so I think they should just make sure that they’re
safe but whether they should or shouldn’t, it’s really their decision. But Montreal is a safe place so I support it if they were to choose Montreal. He’s a long way from being on the throne and it’s up to him to do what he wants to do. My only thing concern would be
money. I don’t think they should be getting public money but they should
definitely do what they want to do. I think they’ll go to a bigger city because
Montreal is a small city. Look, she’s from the TV world and all that I think it’s going to be a short step to step somewhere else until they
can get everything organized and then she’ll go back to the states, where she belongs. Fantastic city, bicultural English-French, a little bit of Europe, a little bit of America, lots of Canada, great people. What more do you want in life? I think it’s their decision. It should be
their decision, not the Queen’s. Should we pay for their protection if they decide to show up in Montreal? No, l don’t think so. They should have the money.

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  1. The Monarchy should be banned, their assets seized and returned to the people. They should refund all Canadians for all their trips we paid for… and put on trial.

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