Short Stories for Kids – Trip to Brazil

I don’t dance, so don’t ask me. Aw, come on, Tiger. It’s Carnival in Brazil. Brazil! In South America. Let’s go and dance samba in the streets with all the people in flashy costumes. I’ll watch, thank you. And perhaps enjoy a Brazilian treat. It’s a big country. I’m sure there’s a lot to discover. Ready when you are! This isn’t Carnival. And my ears tell me that isn’t samba. It’s Opera. Ola! Welcome to the Amazon Opera house, the only Opera stage in the middle of a rainforest. But the show started an hour ago. Who would build an Opera house in the jungle? If you build it, they will come. Especially back when there was a huge logging town here. Now, people come to the Opera house and take a tour of the Amazon River Basin. I’d like to do that! Follow the path to the docks. Watch out for Piranha. Ha ha hah ha, What are piranha? The Amazon is one of the worlds’ longest rivers, feeding the largest rainforest in the world. Sorry Appu, just a little startled. Snake! A python. Can grow to 25 feet. The Amazon is not for the weak-hearted. Bugs sure like it. The Amazon is wild. You want to see something else wild. Try the sand dunes at Dunas de Genipadu. Oh, don’t stick your nose too near the water. Why not? Piranha. Flesh-eating fish. Let’s go to these dunes. I’m tired of mosquitos. And flesh-eating fish! Ola! Hola, I speak a little Spanish. Ola is actually Portuguese. Some people think Brazilians speak Spanish, but Brazil was once a colony of Portugal. Oh, ola then. Know what’s even funnier, we say tchau for goodbye, which is Italian, but we spell it differently. What are they doing on those boards? Sandboarding. Give it a try. Woooooooo! So this is what sledding on sand is like! BRAZIL IS WILD! I need something a little less wild. Like there! Devil’s Throat Waterfall. This, is more like it. Refreshing. Brigadero? It’s chocolate cake with sprinkles. Samba! We came here for carnival! Let’s go then. This isn’t Carnival! Last I checked, these were called trains. I sensed we should see this statue. I recognize that from school! It’s the Christ Redeemer statue that overlooks Rio de Janeiro. That’s how you know you’re in Rio, that statue! And there’s Carnival! Appu, where is Tiger? He doesn’t dance. Don’t ask him.

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