Seojun “Daddy, Don’t go..NOOOO” [Battle Trip/2018.04.29]

You startled me. You startled me! Geez! Hey! What is this? I have a weak heart. That’s because you’re old. What is this for? It’s our 2nd-year anniversary. Now it feels real, huh? That is quite fascinating. What is? I get surprised when I see us like this. Don’t people usually sit like this for announcements or if they did something wrong? Or announcing a wedding. That’s right. What? What are we doing? – What is this? / – This is how it’s done. There we go. Seriously… – Congratulations on 2 years. / – Congratulations. (Congratulations on 2 years Battle Trip) Time sure goes fast. It goes really fast. Shouldn’t we go somewhere for 2 years… Over the past 2 years, we were asked the most about family trips. – Family… / – If it’s a family trip… But I live alone. – A family trip… / – Sikyung and I… – Dad, mom… / – Family. – The old bachelor. / – Uncle. It’s kind of a stretch for me to be the son, right? – It’s a little hard. / – You’re too big to be our son. – You’re too big to be our son. / – Then… – You’re right. / – This is good. We’ll go on a trip like this. Korean families go on a trip to Guam the most. – Oh, Guam. / – I went there 3 months ago. – For me… / – How many times have you been there? 6 times. – To be honest… / – You’re a Guam native. This means you’re a native. – Right. / – I even… Have a family photo from Guam. It was so good then. Goodness. You look so happy. It was good then. Seriously. Let me tell you one thing… There’s an ice cream shop here. I know how it tastes so I want to eat it so bad. They’d like this place too. Just go. (Battle Trip’s official Guam professor, Lee Hwijae) (The ultimate girl crush, Kim Sook) Blue is for women. Men aren’t supposed to drive. With her… Forget all this. Darn it. Help me! Help me! (Battle Trip’s official girl crush, Kim Sook) I’m so happy. With salmon. One of these too. (Battle Trip’s official youngest, Sung Sikyung) You can’t! Let’s be happy for a long time. (We’ll start their family story right now) The thing that parents like the most is having the hotel close to the airport. Guam is the optimal location for that. – Right. / – How long does it take? 15 minutes. The kids can use the pool as soon as you get there? – That’s right. / – Right. Also, the weather’s good. You don’t have to move around a lot. – For me… / – You can plan everything then. No, I shouldn’t plan everything. – Why not? / – Since it’s a family concept. – Should we divide the work? / – Yeah. I’ll plan the mornings. Let’s divide it into morning, afternoon, evening. Yeah? Can’t we sleep in the morning? What? You can never sleep in on a family trip. What are you on about? You can’t sleep in the morning. You have to be diligent on trips. Then I’ll take care of the evenings. Sikyung, you take care of the afternoons. – Okay. / – Okay? – Fine, okay then… / – Yeah. What do I need to do? Things to do in the morning and to eat. – What to do in the afternoon. / – What you want to do. – You decide what you want to do. / – Just decide. – Just pick one thing. / – For me… I can think of so many things. In the evening? Too much. Let’s enjoy our trip. Yes. I’m so… Come on, Sikyung. Join us. Let’s have a good trip. Let’s go to Guam. This looks like a big version of “Gangnam Style.” Try it. This will be fun with just us three. Good restaurants in Guam… I’m going to eat a huge breakfast no matter what. This looks good. Yes, Sook? Are you busy, Seyoon? What time do you finish? The radio? I finish around 4. – You finish at 4? / – Yeah. Then I’ll wait for you. Hello. To Guam. – Guam. / – Guam expert. I’m Guam expert, Moon Seyoon. I’ll record this. – Do you have to record it? / – Yes. Who do you work for? I don’t want to miss out on anything. Okay, okay. You know I love Korean food, right? Why? I’m going to eat Guam food. Restaurant “D.” Restaurant “J.” These names… And… The course is good. At night. – This is the course I like. / – At night. Night… “S” chicken. At night… – “S”… / – “S” chicken. “S” chicken. They have good spicy chicken. Korea has the best chicken. It tastes like Korean chicken. Hafa adai. What is that? Hello. – Hafa adai. / – Hafa adai. – Hafa adai. / – Hafa adai. – Hafa adai. / – At the airport… They’ll be playing music like this. – Saying hafa adai. / – Hafa adai. You can’t just walk past them. Hafa adai. Hafa adai. Hafa adai. – I learned one thing, hafa adai. / – Hafa adai. I learned one thing, the greeting. Sinyeong, Sinyeong, Kim Sinyeong. Hwijae. Sinyeong, Sinyeong, Kim Sinyeong. What should I do in Guam? First, you have to go clubbing in Guam. They have those adult shows as well. You’re on camera right now. I’m recording. Oops, I’m sorry. What about doing busking? Busking? – What? / – Busking. “Say Goodbye” in an acoustic version. It’s been a while. As you can see, I have no help. I’ll just plan it myself. Go, go. Seoeon, Seojun. Why are you packing? I’m going to Guam tomorrow. Why? Babies can’t go. Just me… No… Huh? Did I wear sunglasses? Take me. How am I going to leave? You can’t go. Why not? It’s for work… If we can’t go, you can’t go. I’m going for work. You can’t go. You can’t go. You can’t go. Can’t go. (The day of the 2-year-anniversary trip) (Who’s the first to arrive at the airport?) Isn’t anyone here yet? Isn’t anyone here yet? Isn’t anyone here yet? (Awkward) I can’t remember the last time… I left on a trip alone. You’re confident about Guam, right? I’m a Guam native. I’m a native. I’m friends with the owner of the shooting range. I’m friends with Chamorro people. It’s the best place for a family trip. The airport is close to the downtown area. It’s safe. I’m in trouble. (He receives a video call from home) Seojun, I’ll be back real soon. No! I’ll be back soon. Don’t go. Then… Is it because I’m leaving or I’m going to Guam? Don’t go. You don’t want me to go anywhere? Dad, don’t go. I’ll call you when I’m there. No. No. (Who’s arrived at the airport this time?) It’s been so long since I’ve been on an overseas trip. It’s nice to see you. Oh, my. This is amazing. We sent people to enjoy like this for the past 2 years. We made them happy. Hello. – Hello. / – Oh, my. – Hello. / – Hello. Hello. It’s Sook. (Ho) (Hahaha) Hurry it up. Yo! Hey, Hwijae. Yo! Hurry it up. So we’re actually leaving. Seyoon recently went to Guam. I know. So… But Seyoon… Only told me about Korean restaurants. (No help, just like Sinyeong) Did you bring a lot of money? No. Why? I have my credit card. You need cash though. How much did you bring? About $100. Lend me some money. I mean it. Just lend me $1,000. I don’t have $1,000. Sikyung is here. Shouldn’t I wear sunglasses since I’m going on a trip? (Sung Sikyung now looks cool) Incheon International Airport gives you this sense of excitement. He visited the salon. Sikyung looks so cool. It’s his airport look. He’s the only one looking cool. Airport fashion. – Look at Sikyung. / – Why are you doing this alone? Sikyung. You know these aren’t mine, right? – I know. / – These aren’t your clothes? – No. / – I knew it. – Sikyung, did you bring some money? / – This… – No. / – Talk about money later! Don’t they accept credit cards? I want to exchange some money. Did you bring your passports? – Passports. / – Wait a minute. I have my passport. My passport was the last thing I packed. I almost messed up bad. Do you know about this? They said I had to show my ears and forehead. But now it’s changed. It doesn’t matter now. Also… – I’ve ordered our meals already. / – What? You have to order in advance, right? What did you order for me? I ordered a variety. – So we can share. / – Okay then. Let’s board the plane now. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. Hey, I can use my credit card in Guam, right? Of course. I don’t need cash, right? They accept all cards there. But shouldn’t we bring at least $100 in cash? $100? I have $100. (Off to Guam) – Here are your in-flight meals. / – Thank you. I ordered them in advance. Excuse me. I have your meal… Yes, the healthy meal. For Sook, who’s on a diet. I like that they gave me the right spoon for my size. That’s for Seoeon. This is where the trip begins. To be honest… I wasn’t going to say this because it’ll make me look old. But the world has become so advanced. This is so good. This is the good restaurant. – Sook. / – Yeah? This is good. I think I can eat this for every meal. So we’re actually going. Happy trip. I’m so happy. As soon as we arrive… – We sleep. / – We must sleep. – Let’s sleep. I’ll wake you up. / – Okay. I’ll wake you up then I’ll sort out where we’re going. I should’ve brought my tablet. (See you in Guam) (Incheon International Airport) (Guam International Airport, 4 hours and 25 minutes) (Guam) (Guam is Korea’s favorite family trip destination) (Everywhere you look) They’re so cute. (You can have fun everywhere) (So many activities to do) (A paradise where you can do everything) (We invite you to this magical island) (Guam)

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  1. I think Sook is wearing the shoe that Han Chaeyoung gave her during Unnies Season 2 when she had a meeting with the Guam Expert hahaha.

  2. Seojuna is so attached with his appa now. I could remember the tros episode when they test the twins's attachment to their appa the doctor said that seojuni might not look for appa more and more but now he is so in love with his appa <3

  3. I just started watching The Return of Superman!! And I did not know that Guam and Saipan was the biggest vacation spot for Koreans! I was born and Raised on Saipan, and have been to Guam so many times! It is sooo cool and funny to hear Korean’s say Hafa Adai 🤙🏾 and on a side note if you want to try some real local food, we love fish! And coconut milk and bread fruits! Mangos! And BBQ pig🤗

  4. Yeaaaaaaah the boys are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Guam is a part of US Territory but they can't vote for elections of USA, Puerto Rico is also a part of US Territory and can't vote for elections of USA

  6. 1:55 Omg what is this song called😂 i used to have a star necklace that played that song when I pressed a button

  7. This is so touching in a way. I remember in the early episodes of return of superman and the twins did some development test, seojun was seen as detached from his parents. But hwijae worked so hard to improve himself as a dad and now, seojun cries when his dad leaves.

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