Seattle hot air balloon ride: Sunrise or Sunset

One of the questions we get a lot is you know why
do you only fly sunrise and sunset you know why can’t we go at like twelve
o’clock or two o’clock so the answer to that is that sunrise and sunset is
the moment in the day where the air is the most stable and there’s the least
amount of wind gusts or massive amounts of wind now wind gets created because of
heat exchanges right so if you think about it as the sun comes out so it heat
up the ground that it warms up the ground and that air and it exchanges
heat that cold air and causes wind that well that’s why typically the windiest
part of the day is going to be kind of mid-afternoon now the other reason that
we don’t fly in the middle of the day is as that heat right from the sun starts
to heat up the ground is that it starts to create thermals now
thermals are basically a pocket of hot air this big tube that goes up so what
happens if the hot air balloon were to get into it we would actually go very
very quickly ascending without actually putting very much heat in the balloon now
there are other types of aircraft you like paragliders or gliders
specifically use thermals in order to fly but not air balloons that would not
be safe so in the morning we find that that’s
when the wind is the calmest right we know that the upper level winds that are
about 3,000 feet are going to be very consistent and it’s not very fast on the
ground very pretty slow so when you’re thinking about booking a hot air balloon
flight if you want a little bit slower of an experience if you’re a little bit
older and you’re doing this as kind of like a bucket list flight or you have a
family members it’s in their seventies or eighties you may want to consider
doing a sunrise flight versus the sunset flight because the winds a little bit
slower now for evening flights for sunset flights it’s also very very
beautiful right watching the sunset and seeing the beauty of the bright
colors come up over the Seattle landscape is mind-blowing you can see you all the way out to
seattle and tacoma you can go see Mount Rainier and mt adams mount st. Helens
it’s incredible but it’s also a little faster wind now that means that as we
get closer to sunset the wind should start just slow down a little bit and
we’re trained as hot air balloon pilots to land in both slow wind and also a
little faster wind to both have safe landings so when you’re selecting your
flight you want to think do I want more of an adventurous flight which is most
likely gonna be more of a sunset flight or don’t want a little bit slower of an
experience with a sunrise flight both our flights are extremely fun you just have to decide do I want to get up early
morning or do I want to come out and surprise my wife or girlfriend or
husband or your anniversary for a beautiful evening flight

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