Sand Dune Riding on a 50cc Moped | Puch Maxi Travel in the Sahara

fine so far I haven’t come far though yet so
we’ll see but I’m following them the road it’s okay
it can be done I guess is that the end?
I hope so there’s the Castell made it! That’s the fortress,
behind there there’s the Oasis Ksar Ghilane but yeah now I’ll enjoy lunch
here in a little bit of the shade and there’s the moped that’s where I came
from I went all around over there and there’s the road to here amazing
exhausting but amazing I made it kind of coming here was the purpose of this trip
I got it done pretty fast and now I’ll head up north towards Tunis again
hitting up a few spots and yeah amazing I guess I’m now officially a desert
mopedist, yeah it’s really hot it’s around midday I’m burning up and I’m
going back now honestly without luggage or just the bit
I have on me it’s amazing wouldn’t want to do that with all my
luggage though that would be horrendous that’s too much now it’s time to push the hardest part is done
but um I’m done, right now it’s just back to the Oasis into the shade I need that
I need that so bad now, but we’re *heat induced gibberish* I’ll finish it
yes -How are you
-Good! -French?
-No Austria -This is a Liar, said you were French -Told me he met you at the Fortress and you were French, but you didn’t look french -so he is a liar, right?
-Haha *unsure smiling* *french talking* -How are you?
-Good I need something Cold drink I need something -You stay here or not? -Yes at Paradis (Camping) hello, one beer

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