San Diego Senior Move Manager | Working with Senior Move Managers to Increase Listings with Seniors

There could be a lot of different reasons and this is something that every senior usually has to face at some point. A lot of times its because of health issues, they are reduced in mobility or they just don’t want to take care of a larger home because of the maintenance issues, keeping a yard and so on and so forth and also sometimes its just a matter of isolation that they feel like they’re not getting out as much so a lot of time they know that they really want to have that transition in lifestyle but then it’s that dreaded move aspect and other concerns that they have that make them resist making that move. It’s the process before hand that they get overwhelmed and that’s the reason why they are resistant to signing the listing is you’ve got to give them a reason of how they are going to be able to get through that process physically and emotionally and knowing that there is someone that’s trained to be working with senior and understanding their unique issues, that is the key. I work with realtors every day that significantly increase their listing volume because they understand the unique needs of seniors and/or they work with someone like myself that is a certified senior move manager; and what I do is I come in and help the senior make a plan and that includes going thru and doing everything from the purging process, space planning which is extremely important being able to help them walk thru that process of what do they really want to take, where are they going? That is where I come in to help as a support factor for the realtor and for the client in helping them remove those roadblocks from the process of making that decision to list the home. Seniors know the difference when they are working with a quality organization and when somebody really has all of the details laid out for them, the tools for them to be able to move through that process and this is absolutely a tool for realtors to be able to significantly increase their listings.

17 thoughts on “San Diego Senior Move Manager | Working with Senior Move Managers to Increase Listings with Seniors

  1. Deborah and Priority moved my own Mom out of her La Jolla home to Assisted Living and I can tell you this service is just as important for the family members helping their parents downsize as for the seniors who are physically moving. Thanks for keeping us sane!

  2. Makes total sense as to why seniors initially hesitate to list. I'd be totally overwhelmed if someone told me I had to not only move, but get rid of half or more of everything I spent my life accumulating just to fit into a smaller place. So, having a service like this is incredible!

  3. Do you work throughout San Diego? What happens with clients that are moving into this area? Can you get this kind of service with people coming in from out-of-state?

  4. Priority and Deborah moved a client of mine to a retirement community in Carlsbad last year. They were an unbelievable team!

  5. Priority's our favorite mover! Doesn't surprise me that they are helping educate the Realtor community on ways to help us increase our listing share. Thanks Priority!

  6. Just curious as to how many seniors out there in San Diego know that this is available? I hadn't heard of this before, but I bet there are lots of seniors who could use it.

  7. Love the 3D space planning stuff! Great idea! Can you do it for one room or does it have to be a whole house?

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