Sally and Possum Season 1 Episode 9 – Big Balloon Ride

Hello! Look! Look! I’m Sally! And I’m Possum! Hello! Oh, hello! Hold on. That’s better. I had all these little bubbles all over my fingers. I’m using the bubbles to clean my dishes. Bubbles can be fun too. You can see there’s lots of small bubbles in there. Today, I want to teach Possum how to make small bubbles and big bubbles. And I have something even more fun for us to do. Let’s go see Possum. Hello, Possum! Hi, Sally. You don’t look very happy. You look sad. Oh no, not sad, but I’m not happy either. Why don’t you try jumping around? That might make you feel happy. No, I don’t feel like it. Mmm, I know that if I feel happy, I feel bubbly inside, and then when I watch bubbles, that makes me feel happy too. So when you’re all bubbly inside, you’re happy, but what are bubbles? Ah, bubbles are beautiful things that can float through the sky and show off all the beautiful colours when they shine in the sun. Oh, hey! Do you mean like balloons? Yes, that’s right. Like balloons. Sally, I wish I could float like a balloon or a bubble. Oh, I thought you’d like to do
something like that, Possum. So I’ve organized a very special surprise for you. For me? That’s funny, Sally. That’s a small balloon. No, Possum, it’s not a small balloon, it’s a
very big balloon with a basket underneath. And it floats through the sky and
we can sit in the basket. Wow! When is it for? If you look at the ticket, Possum,
it says where and when. That’s today! Yes, that’s right! We’ve got to go now. Let’s go! Oh, hang on! Oh, that was so much fun, Sally! If I’m ever feeling sad again, I’m just going to remember that balloon ride and the beautiful view, and that will make me feel happy again. Yes, there’s another way that you
can remember our balloon ride too. We can do that by making bubbles and watching them float through the sky. That can remind you of the hot air balloon ride. How do we make bubbles? Oh, that’s easy, Possum. We only need two things. We just need water and detergent. That’s all we need.
Is that it? Okay I’m ready! Yes. We can make it in the bowl. We just need one cup of water. Yep, that’s good. And now, a spoonful of detergent. Yes. Now mix it together. That’s good. Well done, Possum. Sally, how does this become bubbles? Well, do you remember in our balloon ride, the balloon had a skin? It’s the same thing here. The small bubbles will have a
skin with the air on the inside. Oh, yeah. So to make the bubbles, we just need a pipe cleaner. Here you go, Possum. All you need to do is make a loop. That’s great. We just need to dip it in the
mixture to make our bubbles. Now dip that in the mixture, make sure it’s all covered. Good … now blow. Ooooh … look! Pop pop pop pop … Wow! Oh wow! Pop pop pop.
Look at all of those! That’s great! Hey, did you want to watch some
children playing with bubbles and see how many they do? Yeah, let’s watch! Wow! Those were some big bubbles, but that hot air balloon was even bigger. Yes. Have a look at my small bubbles. They’re small, aren’t they? Yeah, they were! Sally, this morning, I was feeling a bit sad, but now I’m feeling happy. Yes, we’ve had a great day. Yes, Sally. Thank you so much for giving
me such a wonderful surprise. I loved being underneath that big balloon. And then you taught me how to make bubbles. and then I got to watch them floating in the sky and shining in the sun. Yes, Possum. I loved floating in that hot air balloon. Such a good day. We’ve had a very big day today, Possum. Well, our time is up. Thanks for watching! See you next time! Bye!

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