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  1. West Yellowstone Montana…Grizzly RV Park. Is a great place to stay. Small & quite fit our 42ft jayco just fine. Just outside the West gate.

  2. Man, awesome video and tips… We have a 38F Motorhome, so yeah, no internal Parks for us either… happy travels,

  3. Great video, we use the same GPS, it works great. One time it took us to a low bridge, I had set it at 13 feet 6 inches that's what the bridge was. Luckily we are 13 feet 4 inches. We went nice and slow with no trouble.

  4. Really appreciate all the helpful information!
    How do you plan a trip in Rv Wizard and use the GPS for your route? How do they compare route wise?
    Thank you for all your help!

  5. MOAB! <3 Only a couple of hours from me.
    Your videos are great, please keep them coming. Very informative, my husband and I are in the purchase planning stage right now and your channel is the best thing we've found to help us!!

  6. Thank you so much! This was fantastic! I am a planner! If we are ever able to get on the road like we want to, this information will be so important to me! Can't thank you enough!

  7. Hey guys great video. I see you have so.e sort of brackets or mounts for your rearview camera and GPS. Do you have any information. Or something about that? Keep of the good work.

  8. Well before I found your channel I decided to buy the exact rig you have, in fact, this is how I found your channel to begin with. I thank you for your channel because I now have a starting point based on all the mods you have done as well as your planning process.

  9. I think I noticed that you said you used Smart Truck Route 2 before getting the new GPS. Did you stop using it because of troubles? Just wondering because they claim that the maps are updated daily.
    Also does RV Trip Wizard have an Android app available?
    Thank you so much for taking your time to respond to questions. This video was very helpful and very informative on how all the tech works together.

  10. truck question, did I watch in vidieo that your truck has the 3.55 rear end if so are you happy with it or have you been in places were a 3.73 or 4.12 is what you wish you had?

  11. Great GPS/Planning tips and showcase. But, we carry a Print Rand McNally Road Atlas just for some critical GPS directions' confirmations and backup. We have had GPS take us 2 to 3 hours "the wrong way" when blindly taking the routes and turns it suggests.

  12. This will be a video I will have to revisit to dissect and take notes! Incredible info, so helpful. I am also a planner also, so this video is incredibly helpful. I really appreciate the work you put into your videos! THANK YOU!!! ?

  13. I use my Garmin Dezel trucking GPS. It gives you the option to set the length and height of your tow rig and well help prevent you from going down the wrong roads. Works great for 18 wheelers as well. Great info guys.

  14. This video was awesome! Appreciate your honesty in all your reviews. I'm a planner too so this is great! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Love the video……I worked with a full blooded German gentleman……and with a thick German accent he would say "Marcus, preparation is the key to life"…..and you just proved it…thanks..m

  16. Looks like a good system to have, you appear to be out west this summer, we are in your area, just spent 10 days at Disney world, in Tampa area looking at new rv’s heading to the keys after the holiday. Just started full timing in March. Have been watching your channel for about a year.

  17. Very Nice video.
    We just got back from Yellowstone (we live in Indiana)… We use Google maps for navigation and I swear I would buy a truck GPS for we have an almost 35ft camper and Google really messes up…
    As for Yellowstone, Grizzly RV park is great for big rigs.

  18. Do you ever have a problem with height differences? I mean device says 13'6" and city paved and it altered the height

  19. Great instructional video on RV trip planning. Would you consider doing another one with focus on using Google Maps. I tried to follow along and create a map and calendar but ran was unsuccessful. Thanks for consideration.

  20. such an incredibly helpful video!! we are prepping to go full time and this absolutely helps with the super planners that we like to be! with 4 kids, we need to have things pretty well laid out. thank you SO much for taking the time to put this together!

  21. I do enjoy you kids. I shared your channel with my brother, a USN retired E7 that is a full time RV’er and he watches you as well. They are currently in Medford OR.

  22. Chad, just recently found your channel and love it so far. We just recently purchased new truck and a 39’ fiver. Your videos are very informative and great to watch. Looking at the new GPS and just wanted to check with you on how satisfied you are to this point, still using it and liking? I have used Garmins before but I like the looks and features this one seems to have. Can you provide an update?

  23. I tried your planning maps. At first, nothing worked and I realized I wasn't in Google Maps, I was in Apple maps. Suddenly I could drop pins and save. I'll probably view your video in starts and stops while I try stuff on MY map.

  24. I've use Trip Wizard for a couple  of years now and recommend it completely.  Like you we plan out trips in detail before we ever leave our home in, yes Plant City, FL.  Son lives in  Dover and "Bama' is our mutual friend.  We are heading to Yellowstone, arriving August 11 at Coulter Bay.   Perhaps we will see ya down the road some day.

  25. Wow!! Best RV trip planning video I’ve seen yet!!!
    Thanks guys!!!
    The wife and I will be joining you on the road in 21 months.

  26. I heard you say you’re going to Glacier NP. Don’t miss Waterton! It’s the park connected on the Canadian side. Carry you passport, it’s a beauty!

  27. I hate how these full timers call their fifth wheel an rv or rig… that’s not what it is… it’s a FIFTH WHEEL

  28. This is an awesome episode. We are going to be following the information presented here when we go full-time next spring.

  29. Thank you for all the great information. Unfortunately, I did not see a RV Trip Wizard app in the Apple or Google Play Store.

  30. If you guys end up in Franklin again this year shoot me a msg. I'm across the hill from there and can take a scooter ride anytime.

  31. How do you fill up your diesel truck and gasoline FW? Do truck stop truck/RV lanes have both diesel and gasoline? Some RVers have recommended filling up uncoupled truck the day before travel to avoid having to pull large trailer through crowded fuel stop but this obviously won't work for filling up the trailer. Could your GD 397TH have been built with a propane generator instead of gasoline? As is I would likely have no use for gasoline other than for the generator.

  32. Nothing wrong with planning. You two do a great job explaining everything. We will look into your suggestions. Take care and be safe.

  33. Great video, thank you. I've skipped the experimentation and accepted your expertise. RV Wizzard and Google Maps are the way to go. Safe travels

  34. You two are amazingly thorough! I know everyone that watches your videos is better for it! Thank you for spending this time preparing us while doing your own thing! Safe travels! Ps I geek out every time I see your videos?

  35. Thanks for this very informative video. I learned a great deal from it about using Google for planning and the robust features of RV Trip Wizard. I also have total appreciation for the value of planning, especially with a large rig. We have a 41' class A and, like you, are happy with our choice and recognize the limitations that come with an RV of this size.

    I own a Rand McNally RV 70 Tablet (now discontinued, but a sibling of the Overdryve 70) and use their TripMaker (looks like the former Good Sam software) program to plan our travel. Like RV Trip Wizard I'm able to do the planning on my computer which includes adding stops, finding points of interest, photo ops, rest stops, etc. Once done I turn on my RV 70 tablet and it automatically downloads my trip. Then, from the TripMaker app on the GPS I "send" it to RV GPS app with a button click. The RV GPS considers the travel plan as a multi-stop trip as it includes all stops along the trip path. Overall, the Tripmaker software and RV GPS is a bit quirky, but it makes travel planning pretty easy. TripMaker does have a 2005-ish looking interface, but I heard that Rand McNally is in the process of updating it. All that said I was wondering in your research if you looked at TripMaker and how you would compare it with RV Trip Wizard?


  36. Should give Furkot a test. Put in your location and destination, then how long you want to drive – then it puts the tents where you want to spend the night (the length of your drive) – it will also drop in gas stops as well. You can look for camping in there as well. I put in google maps beside that for general searching.

    On my old truck, it had a small tank, so it was crucial to find the truck stops – not so much of a problem with the 450.

  37. Hello again, the Kingsport Conquest RV'er. I want to travel, one day, with my profession and would love to upgrade to a bigger Coach. My Chevy Diesel Dually can haul any weight. So, I appreciate the information and honesty with my research for the possibility of the future for me, Thanks for much and Happy Travels!

  38. Hey you two. Harvest Host question: when your planning months out… how far in advance do you think is appropriate. Some have one or two spots, as you know. How does that work. Compliment time. It is a pleasure to listen to you both. Neither talks over the other. Nice. So, again, how far out can you call a HH. I am joining and plan to stop at a winery in SC on July 18th, BTW.

  39. Great video, I have a large 5th wheel too and planning is very important. I will look into purchasing this GPS. I have been shopping for a while. Thanks for the video, keep up the good work and safe travels.

  40. We have been looking at the Garmin RV GPS and the Overdryve 7. We can program our own routes, or modify provided ones, and upload them to the Garmin. Is that something that can be done with the Rand McNally GPS? I emailed TechnoRV the question and they sent me back an advertisement on how wonderful the GPS was and how GPS works and why we should have a RV GPS. There was no answer to the original question.

  41. Thank-you for sharing this. My wife and I are planning our first long distance trip and the tools and tips you showed are going to save us a world of hurt. 🙂

  42. My husband and I are preparing to launch our Full Time RV lifestyle as soon as we sell our house. We have been travelling as much as we can for a couple years now since we purchased our 44' Class A (toad is a Transit van). We volunteer LOTS with Habitat for Humanity in the RV Care-A-Vanners program. My husband does all the planning, reservations, campground research, but it's pretty primitive how he does it. I love the calendar planning in the beginning of the video…is that a calendar in the Google Maps app??

  43. I was thinking wonder if you folks had a way to plan parking such a huge rig. Just today was asking that question and bam! Ok I stole your thunder! Huge thanks for this video and the info on it. It was exactly what I needed answered! Thank you guys and stay safe.

  44. Rofl love the outtakes, and another great informational video. I know you said you work from the rv, what do you do? Take care

  45. I am not sure I understand, is there a reason you do not download your rv trip wizard itinerary and map to your desktop and then upload it to your google maps? I am new to this and am in the process of planning my fall and winter trip. Thank you.

  46. Thanks so much for your quick response, I will definitely make sure to check the route against another reliable source. Peace and love

  47. Eww! Ahhh! I might actually be able to provide you some information that you could use! Which would be really great after all of the wonderful information I have gleamed from you and your channel! First off again, GREAT job on the video and some really great information! Did you know though, RV Trip Wizard has another feature I did not see you cover? In RV Trip wizard, there is a feature to export your trip to your GPS! You click on the wrench in your trip plan, and in the drop down menu select "Send to GPS". (Umm. Ok, tried to paste images, and that DID not work). Andthat will call up a screen, and it appears it supports your Rand McNally device. So you can send you trip you plan out in RV Trip Wizard directly to your fancy GPS unit and not have to manually put that in if that works for your device!

    I use it to export the planned trip to a GPX file, and then create a map like you showed on the video, and import that GPX file to that map on Google Maps, and wa la! The map will appear on my phone and tablet and I can use that to navigate, works like a charm! I never tried it to a standalone GPS, but hopefully it will work for you!

  48. Oh, another point for other subscribers of your channel. The partner app for RV Trip Wizard, RV Life, will read the RV Trip Wizard route plan and punch it right to Google Maps on the phone and tablet without having to export to a file and then import into Google Maps.

  49. One other comment, Allstays another planning tool has been my go to resource for rest stops. Its database is just slightly better then RV Trips Wizards for many things, but its lacking in the area like trip planning and features RVTW has.

  50. I agree with Eric’s video’s.Does a nice job. What I to see on he’s series was how to import all the work I would do on Trip Wizard lets say and put that route as an option to RM GPS. Garmin had base camp which wasn’t that easy to me. I want to use Trip Wizard , load into Rand M GPS and then tell me if thats a bad road plan. If you get my drift. Seems that you have to do all this planning on wizard and then redo on GPS. Rand M has a tripmaker but Eric has not shown that yet as a tool to see if that will use RV settings while your making the road plans and then use the GPS for driving. Thanks. Love your channel.

  51. Your demo is pretty much the trip we just did. Gros Ventre is a great campground for Grand Teton. I think they can accommodate RVs up to 45 feet, and they have 30-something sites with electric. One good thing there was that I finally had good AT&T connection. Jackson is nearby, and so is GTNP. Nearby is the booming metropolis of Kelly, which has the Kelly Gros Ventre Deli, where you can get awesome sandwiches. And just down the road (up the road?) is the Shane cabin, used in the movie Shane, which provides great framing for pictures of the Tetons. Take a rafting trip on the Snake with Black Dog rafting company in Jackson. Those guys are great. Two things about Gros Ventre is they don't take reservations, and I'm not sure if the 45-length includes the tow. But if you arrive in the shoulder season (May or Sep), you shouldn't have a problem getting a site. If you want to get the iconic Teton photos, start at Oxbow Bend at sunrise (so you get the reflection of the Tetons in the river), then move south, stopping at the Snake River Overlook, then move on to Schwabachers Landing, and then the Moulton Barns (which aren't far from the Shane Cabin). The light at the Moulton Barns is good until about ten a.m. There are many, many more photo spots, but those are some of the classics. For Yellowstone you're going to be doing a TON of driving, because it's such a big freaking park (bigger than Delaware and RI combined.). It gets crowded once school is out, especially at the usual suspects (Grand Prismatic Springs, Lower Falls of the Yellowstone, & Old Faithful, to name a few.). The road system only lets you see 3% of the park and that's about all that 95% of the tourists ever see. So plan on some hikes. Learn how to use bear spray and never hike without it. That goes for all three parks. Best wildlife viewing is Lamar Valley, sunrise and sunset. Hayden Valley is good, too. Ask the rangers if there are any bison or elk carcasses, because that might allow you to see the two of the Holy Trinity of Wildlife (griz and wolf. The 3rd is the moose. You have a better chance of seeing them in Grand Teton.). When you head north to Glacier, if you're in no rush, take state road 83 north of Butte, which will take you past tons of lakes and state parks, such as Salmon Lake, Seely Lake, Swan Lake and so on. You could spend an entire summer just on those lakes. Make sure you get your grocery shopping done before you get to Glacier, because there really isn't anything near the park, other than those little general stores that sell a limited number of things for five times the normal price. You won't be able to take your rig on the Going to the Sun Road, which you probably know, but your truck is fine. If you want to get a parking spot at the Avalanche Lake trailhead or at the Logan Pass Visitor's Center, you have to get an early start. I mean really early. Hikers park at Logan Pass, and then head out on all day hikes. That's why there's usually no parking for people just traveling the road and wanting to stop at the Visitor's Center. The good thing is that the park does run a free shuttle along the GTTS, so that's always an option. I'd say spend half your time on the west side of the park and then drag your rig over to the east, so you can see Lake Saint Mary and Wild Goose Island, plus Many Glacier. It all depends upon your time available. I would recommend that one day while on the east side you drive up into Alberta to visit Waterton Lakes National Park (which borders Glacier). It's very close. Have afternoon tea at the Prince of Wales Hotel, one of the iconic hotels in North America, built by the Great Northern Railway in 1927. Oh, and AT&T cell service is great in Waterton, as opposed to non-existent in Glacier. My wife considers staying at the POW camping. Anyway, didn't mean to make this so long, but I've been going to those parks since 1969, and I'm sort of addicted to them.

  52. You’re more than welcome. Glad you got to those places. You’ll never run out of things to see in those parks. Love your show.

  53. Sorry I just saw this video and I too have RV Trip Wizard but I export the travel route to Google Maps then use it while driving. My understanding is that the RV Trip wizard builds the routs based upon your rigs specifications and as such I’m wondering why you need the Rand McNally GPS system if all of the trip precautions are built into RV Trip Wizard? I’d love to understand your reasoning before I go buy the Rand McNally system. does it import the RV Trip Wizard travel route?

  54. love you just throwing out this…lol "That's just STUPID, Ford." LOL! when talking about how they charge for updating their own car GPS. THANKS for all this info!! We are BRAND NEW Rv owners going full time NEXT WEEK! AAAAHK!! makes me feel more at ease about our first day!….

  55. I'm seeing very mixed reviews on the OverDryve 7 RV online. Some love it, some hate it. I like the review you gave, so Im gonna bite the bullet and try the OverDryve. I like the look of it and the training given at their site. I figure if I have problems, I can reach out to them. Thanks!

  56. I thought overdryve would not except google maps also what do you think it cost you to full time a month thanks enjoyed all of your videos

  57. Awesome info. I recently got my new to me/used xlr boost (40’ toy hauler).
    I’m a working contractor so I pretty much wing it. (Hate that)!.. but I really luv y’alls channel.. I’m from Texas and think y’all are the bomb.. yes I’m learning a lot from y’all. Still have internet issues but I am just starting my journey.. I’m one month in.. after my dad passed I went all in!.. I’m 48 and have to do this… life is short!.. lol.

    Safe travels.. set ya somewhere!.
    Keep up the good work..

  58. On the Rand McNally RV GPS, when approaching exits, does it tell you which lanes to be in? If so, how far ahead does it warn you? Also, the Garmin shows the next step and I believe the second step … how many maneuvers does it show you – just the next or even up to 2?

  59. Very helpful video guys ❤️?????? just getting into RVing and learning a lot of fun stuff thanks to y’all. Watched it twice ❤️?? love your videos ??? thanks for sharing and safe travels

  60. Thank you for posting about this! I've started using the google maps and layering to collaborate & plan our RV trips!

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  62. I understand that RV Trip Planner will export to GPS devices. What is the benefit of using an RV-specific GPS in addition to Trip Planner?

  63. Thank you for a great and informative video. We now have a Forest River Vengeance toy hauler, which is very similar to yours. We will put a lot of this info to use when we hit the road full time 1/1/2020.
    I too like to plan way ahead. The only problem I foresee with planning so far ahead is flexibility to change plans. We plan to stay at locations for 2 weeks. But if we don't like it, we may move on sooner, or if we like it we may stay longer. This could cause a chain reaction for reservations down the road. How do you guys handle this?

  64. I am interested in the Overdryve. But….I had a 780 and it routed me to parkways. In the northeast which we are not allowed on. I spoke with Rand which said they know it is a problem but have no time frame for a resolution. Will this one route you on a parkway? Try a route on the Taconic State Parkway in NY for instance.

  65. Great information… the link below to the Rand McNally Overdryve on Technorv's web site now points to a Garmin RV 785 just FYI…I have done some research but never actually used the Overdryve…thanks for the helpful information.

  66. Great and helpful video. You've added several ideas to my planning, thank you. I've noticed that your link for the Rand McNally OverDryve 7 GPS actually goes to the Garmin 785 page. Have you used both of these and, if so, do you suggest either over the other? The Garmin seems to be a bit more highly rated.

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