Road Trip Through Slovenia

So we’ve just entered Slovenia for the
very first time from Croatia. We’re going to be here for about three or four
nights exploring the capital Ljubljana or
avianna or some other way of pronouncing it we don’t really know and then we’re
gonna maybe Lake Bled and maybe a few of the mountain areas and then we’ll exit
again back into Croatia. So let’s go and check out Slovenia! So here we are on a foggy night here in the capital in Ljubljana. The Christmas markets are on and you can hear the music going on and
stuff and we’re going to have a quick walk around and see what it looks like Today we’re doing a quick spin around
the hotspots of Slovenia. First stop is Lake Bled and we’re hoping to get the
drone up today and you know hopefully get some good shots. We’ve heard that
parking is expensive here but you know we’ll check it out and see what we can do. So we’re going to Zlenci Nature Reserve
which is higher up in the mountains than the previous place we were at and
apparently here there’s some pretty cool stuff to see. It’s a bit of walk through the
forest so let’s check it out. So we’re here up in the mountains even
further now to the old Russian Church which is up there in the bushes. You can
see it just. This thing’s really tiny. Apparently built in the First World War by the Russians in memory of all their
killed comrades when the Italians invaded Austria or something like that. But I mean looks really cool it’s made out of wood. Worth the fifteen minute detour up the road, I reckon. S o we’ve just come over the mountains
and it tops out at 1611 meters and that’s what those shots were. We’re
heading down into the valley now it’s still quite snowy but the roads really
clear and it’s very easy to driver. It’s a bit windy, but it’s no biggie. Let’s check out some of these view on the road. So it’s goodbye Slovenia and hello again
Croatia. We’re heading across the border right now to Zagreb and continuing
our trip through Croatia. Thanks for watching. I’m Adam from Pergi Dulu. We’ll catch you next time.

5 thoughts on “Road Trip Through Slovenia

  1. Kuraaanggg lamaaa Ce Susan Mas Adam…tsaakepp bgt danau bled OMG😱😱padahal cuma liat di vlog..gimana kalo liat langsung..pasti jerit2 aku😆😆😆

  2. Sayang banget kurang detail. Jd berasa kurang dpt gitu feel nya kak T.T . Andai agak detail pasti kita at least can imagine betapa kerennya d sana walau ga kesana hahaha saran aja sih kak. Sukses ya

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