ROAD TRIP!! Cornwall to the Lake District!

The first leg of our road trip took us up
to Cannock Chase in Staffordshire. A distance of about 205 miles from Cornwall. So here we are. We found our way to Beaudesert campsite in Cannock Chase Staffordshire. An it is a Lush lush day! It’s about 36 degrees! There is only a little bit of wind and if anything its a little too hot, but we don’t want to say that. We don’t want to wish away the heat
and we don’t want to wish away the sun. There’s Rachel, sparked out after putting the tent up in this heat. Daisy say hello! Hey! Unfortunately Beaudesert Campsite isn’t open to the general public, but myself and Daisy being in scouts ourselves, we managed to get on there. Id like to say thanks to Emily, the booking agent who allowed us to do that! Beaudesert campsite is lush, especially in the heat! If you are a member of a scout group, Im sure that extends to the air cadets and all that kind of stuff, come and check out Beaudesert campsite on Cannock Chase, its really really cool! I didn’t expect it to go up that quickly but thats cool! All the people that are maybe watching from Alaska or wherever they make fires, please don’t scrutinise! haha this fire! I’m not a guru I’ve made a few. It’s going up pretty decent with what we’ve got, which is nothing other than a few sticks and some meths. Im not about to start rubbing sticks together! And after a long hot day it was time for bed! We survived the night, thunderstorms, it was actually quite wet and quite loud but a good night. I slept quite well actually. Now we are going to go off to Lichfield City to have a look around. I grew up in Lichfield but I haven’t
been back in years! Here is a statue of Edward John Smith, the captain of the Titanic, he went down with the Titanic. It was given to Lichfield from the city of Stoke on Trent
because they were a bit embarrassed about the captain going down with the ship. So they
gave the statue to Lichfield City centre, where its been all these years until the Titanic film came out and Stoke on Trent wanted the statue back. Lichfield said nah! and here it
still is! Here we have Lichfield Cathedral. Lichfield Cathedral is the only English medieval Cathedral with three spires. The Lichfield Gospels, also known as the Book of Chad, are the gospels of Matthew and Mark, and the early part of Luke and dating from around 730AD. The Cathedral keeps the colours safe for the now disbanded Staffordshire Regiment. Lichfield market square plays host to a vibrant general market on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Dr Samual Johnson the inventor of the dictionary also has his birthplace here on the market square. Where you can look around the great museum! and dress up too if you like! Morning guys! Last night it was crazy thunderstorm! Its really quite wet still! We are off up to the Lake District now, should be an amazing time. that if we can find somewhere to camp. We are just winging it day by day. So we’re all packed up. Off we go! Just get the satnav
programmed. Newby Bridge, two hours thirty five minutes and we’ll be there, can’t wait! Its not a bad trip up to the Lake District from here, its just a simple M6 all the way! 154 miles from Beadestert and we’re here! Brilliant! We have arrived in the Lake District and its not hot hot hot! Its really wet! We still don’t have anywhere to stay yet so are going to ask at this pub, in the Langdales if they know of anywhere cool we could camp! Lets see what happens! Thankfully the pub knew of a campsite just down the road. So we were
off to put the tent up in the rain! Surprisingly it went up really easy! Thank God! The campsite in question is the Baysbrown campsite in the Langdale Vally. For one tent, a car and three people it will set you back twenty two pound a night, which is fantastic value considering
the fantastic amenities on site! Well! last night was.. wet! This Morning is joyous! Look at that! The sun is shining and we are going off to Lake Windermere for a paddleboard! Cant wait! We are almost about to get on the water on Lake Windermere. Just been blowing up the
paddle boards with the electric pump for the first time. You can hear that in the background
I’m sure. I totally recommend getting an electric pump, because it just makes things easier!
It takes a little bit longer but for eleven quid and the little adapter that goes on the
end of the electric pump that allows you to blow the paddleboard up, brilliant and well
worthwhile! Mines blown up to 20psi already and Rachel’s is almost there. Helps to pump
the board up a little bit with the pump first and then finish it off with the electric pump. A few more minutes and we’ll be on the water! Windermere is the largest Lake in the Lake District at 11 miles long. Which makes it a very popular with Stand Up Paddle Boarders from around the UK. The sheltered North and South ends of the lake are perfect for paddleboarding with sheltered bays and the North has easy access into the mouth of the River Brathay The close proximity
to Amblesides lake side pubs is a perfect location for stand up paddle boarding followed
by a pint. Whats not to like!? We’ve just walked all the way around Ambleside. Checked out loads of shops. An got Daisy a pair of walking boots, An a nice north face jacket! We are just going to have a bit of a pit stop. Bite to lunch Thanks Van!! (Inaudible) And a pint before we attack the Old Man of Coniston! We’re are so lucky today the weather is lush! Its so hot perfect conditions for climbing the 803 meters to the top of The Old Man of Coniston! The Old Man of Coniston! We are going to tackle that and then walk along into Coniston itself, who knows? Definitely up we go! Should be brilliant! The weather is good as well. The Old Man of Coniston is a fell in the Furness Fells in the English Lake District. It is 2,634 feet (803 m) high, and lies to the west of the village of Coniston and the lake, Coniston Water. The fell is sometimes known by the alternative name of Coniston Old Man, or simply The Old Man. The mountain is popular with tourists and fell-walkers with a number of
well-marked paths to the summit. The mountain has also seen extensive slate mining activity for eight hundred years and the remains of abandoned mines and spoil tips are a significant feature of the north-east slopes. Right We’re having a bit of a pit stop, this lake is called Low Water. Right on we go again, onwards and upwards! Almost at the top! Success! Success for Daisy and Rachel too, well done in reaching the top! Brilliant effort! Going back down
was a lot easier Just a short beautiful walk from the top and we were back at the car! So here we are back at the car park at the foot of the Old Man of Coniston. That was an epic walk, really really cool and the weather conditions were amazing! Something that I want to say
is about parking though. If you are going to visit the Lake District and do what we
are doing, like Paddleboarding and walking in the fells ect. It’s probably worth signing
up for a year long membership to the National Trust because thats going to cost you about
forty quid maximum and your parking for the week is going to be about forty quid anyway. The car parks are chargeable and anywhere you can possibly park a car is chargeable
and its usually National Trust and they are usually quite expensive so thats a big top
tip! This carpark though. I’ll put the location actually in this vlog on this next little
slide. This is a free one and one that’s worth looking out for! Use it! Its really good and
its right at the foot of the mountain so it gives you a seven hundred foot of a head start, if you didn’t want to start at the bottom where Coniston Water is. So there you go! Today we visit the Langdale Pikes! The Great Langdale valley is some 12,170 acres, much of it in the care of the National Trust, who have ten farms here! The valley stretches from Ambleside
through Clappersgate, Skelwith bridge, Elterwater, Chapel Stile, to the New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel,
and the glaciated valley of Mickleden. Right! We made it to Side Pike! Massive big outcrop of rock! It’s got the passageway that we are now going to go through! Yeah!!! Yeah!!! Finding things like squeezing between these rocks on Side Pike makes a fantastic end to any
walk! Especially if you are with children! The views from this point don’t stop being
any less fantastic! Absolutely breathtaking! Next stop Dungeon Ghyll! Pub!! A short walk from Side Pike and you pick up on the main path, this will then take you into the national Trust glamping site, which is really quite cool! There’s the pub!! This pub is an amazing
pub! The Old Dungeon Ghyll, its a climbers pub, a ramblers pub, its just like one of
the most Lake Districty pubs in the Lake District! It’s got my pint too on tap! Very happy about that! Thats the end of our Lake District road trip! I hope you liked it! If you liked it please do Like and Subscribe and leave a comment below! See you next time!

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