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in today’s video I’m going to be riding
my horse bareback and bridle less what I’m doing is I’m riding my horse with
just a halter and a lead rope and instead of having two reins that I can
steer with I can go like this and turn my horse just like if we were starting a
colt that’s what we do so I just flip it over her head now I’m gonna not steer
her at all and just go around the arena let her go wherever she wants I don’t
care how fast we go she just needs to be going somewhere this is exactly what we
did during my lesson tonight and went extremely well with the three riders the
purpose of this is to focus on legs and just getting a horse to go forward not
worrying about where they’re going but just focusing on the forward motion the
problem that I see a lot is I have riders who want to pull on both reins or
over-over use their reins so they’re always steering the horse and not just
letting the horse go forward and they forget to use their legs for forward
motion so my horses get really frustrated they want to pull the reins
out of the riders hands and it’s just overall not fun for the horses so this
is really really a helpful wing for me to make sure that when horses are having
a good time and it also makes it so the riders understand how to use their reins
better and make sure that they’re using their legs to get the horse to go
forward okay so I’m gonna demonstrate with this horse she’s more than likely
gonna kind of circle around in the center and stuff because we don’t do
this very often and I really need to so that’s what we’re gonna do she’s gonna
want to go to the gate make sure she gets out of there now when
she went to the gate I didn’t make a big deal out of it all I did was get my legs
to hustle her feet and get her out of there not causing her to do this gate at all
she’s just so she just gets good at going somewhere she wants to just kind
of circle around and you know I probably might Comanche her a lot with my rings now here I’m not asking my horse to
canter she could trot if she wanted to she could walk if she wanted to I just
want her to go forward and basically the way she’s circling here I’m not asking
her to do that I’m merely a passenger I’m letting her go anywhere she wants to
go but this is an exercise what she’s doing right now is she’s kind of doing
like figure eights through the arena and that’s an exercise that we frequently do
during lessons so it’s kind of funny to watch her just kind of go right into
doing that exercise so it just tells me that I need to get out and ride her
straight a lot more and kind of mix it up I typically ride with my students
when I’m teaching and this is the horse that I usually am riding and it’s just
funny to really see that in her to know that she’s just got all the patterns
memorized are you going to post this tomorrow or
today Jim post it you should be with that being said I’d really like to know
if this is a video that you find interesting so if you do please be sure
to give me a comment below or just simply like the video and then I know if
it’s something that I should do again in the future what I’m about to do now I
completely did not plan on until that very moment and that’s just kind of how
it works with horses sometimes something feels like it’s going really well and so
you want to take it a step further so what I did here is I just pulled her
halter completely off strictly out of curiosity but just to show you that I’m not anyone
in her at all as you can see she’s still doing figure
eights over the polls because she genuinely just thinks that’s what she’s
supposed to be doing this is just proof watching this that
the horse is always looking for peace and so she’s thinking well if I just do
what we usually doing here it’ll be nice and peaceful and that’s what you’re
looking for so that’s what I’ll do and it just kind of makes me smile to think
about how smart these animals are and how willing they are to just try now if
I had started this ride with a high expectation of where we were going to go
and all these things and expected her to be perfect or as good as she is when
she’s got a bridle on I would set her up for failure and I would discourage her
from trying the fact that I’m just a passenger and going with her you know
she’s free to do as she pleases and now at this point I am asking her for a
canter so she’s going this bead that I’m looking for but she’s still able to go
wherever she wants now at this point I think that Nocona
really figured out that oh we just need to go somewhere because her gate has
freed up and she’s now just going around the outside of the arena and she just
seems to be a lot more opened up and willing to move we’ll see you now I am gonna start steering her with
my leg to see if I can get her to travel left around the arena so now I am trying to interfere in a
little see if I get it now as you can see a Nocona reverts back
to doing the figure 8 exercise because she’s a little confused as to what I’m
asking of her so she goes back to doing something that she thinks is correct Nocona now clearly understands what I
was looking for as you can see her gait has really opened up a little bit too so
she’s nice and forward and happily going around with her ears up and not trying
to turn into figure eights anymore so I didn’t plan on doing any of that
besides just riding her around and letting her go she’s gonna go I didn’t
plan on taking my halter off but once I got going I’m like you know just not
having this in my hands will keep me from wanting to interfere at all because
I have a tendency to micromanage my reins get rid of them who was a good
thing I’m a little out of breath so is Nakata Nocona and i are both a
little out of breath right now but um so that was super fun though and I think
that I needed stuff like that more often just a fork focus on the forward and um
you know the fact that it was really hard to get her to go to the left really
tells me that I need to work on that when I do have my reins and making sure
that I’m not over steering her and I am directing her with my legs and making
sure that she’s going where I want her to go so that was a totally fun
impromptu ride and like I said I have never ridden her without something on
her head before you know even just a halter and I’m really pleased with how
good she did once she realized that she could just go forward that’s super cool
super duper cool get her to go do a little turn around again a good example
that it’s all it’s all way that direction that I get her to go
there with my life and as soon as the leg comes off that’s
when we stop and I can’t I don’t I’m sure I’m gonna back up no I will not get
it back up I’m not my backup is not good enough we don’t have that so I need to
make sure my backup is a lot better same with stopping to my stopping is not
very good I can come down through the gates really well but going from you
know go to stop it just kind of like we kind of like fall through it so I can
work on then so by doing stuff like this that’s how I get better because I find
where our weaknesses are well I hope you enjoyed today’s video if you did please
be sure to give it a like share it with your friends and leave me a comment
below let me know if you’ve ever ridden your horse without a saddle or bridle
and thanks so much for watching I’ll see you Morrow my

7 thoughts on “RIDING MY HORSE WITHOUT TACK // Versatile Horsemanship

  1. I LOVED this! I watched her ears, Nocona really seemed to be really enjoying herself & is willing to just be a horse & take you along for the ride. Fun that she decided to work the figure 8's on her own. Thanks again for all your hard work in sharing things like this with us, really appreciate it!

  2. Thank you ! So nice to see the peaceful communication between horse and rider and cantering must be as much fun for horse as for the rider. Your strength and balance skills are fantastic. Are there exercises that you recommend to improve those skills to make one a better rider ? Will be watching this episode again …so sweet to see !

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