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[non-english speech] Are you listening to me? Of course. You were sleeping. I wasn’t. I promise. I was having the most
wonderful thought. Oh, yes? And what was that? It’s been bothering
me for over a year now. How does something
traveling to nothing? What are you
talking about, Albert? I imagined I was riding
alongside a light beam. Guess what happened? I have no idea. Let me show you. Come! Come on! [gasps] Come! Imagine I’m a light
beam traveling to Earth. Now catch me! How fast must we go? About 300,000
kilometers a second. Albert, you are mad! No, I’m away, traveling
through the ether. Come on! Come on! [woman laughs] Catch me! [playing violin] And if you catch up to me,
the strangest thing happens. I appear to slow down. Am I right? [playing violin] [woman laughing] And here’s the best part. When you are traveling
the speed of light alongside the wave, me,
I appear frozen in time. Is that it? Well, so far, yes. [playing violin]

100 thoughts on “Riding Alongside a Light Beam | Genius

  1. Gosh, french is my first language and when I heard the beginning of the video I was like "Hey, what she says sounds familiar to me, but I don't understand what she is saying" So I played it again and tried to understand what she was saying in english before realizing she was actually speaking in french, which is my language, that was kind of fun x)
    (Btw, she has a really strong accent, that's why!! xD)

  2. Are you listening to me? Albert, “I was dreaming,” “let me show you.” let me show you my light saber he meant, he’s got a light beam for her alright. This should be titled: Riding Underneath a Light Beam | Genius Ahhh, young physicists get all poontang. He should go to Japan.

  3. EINSTEIN would have definitely got Nobel Prize in young age if he had developed a equation that described : The motion of girl riding a cycle in skirts

  4. Just watched only half of the episode cause my sibling cut in and changed it to another channel. But am glad that the episode was posted here except, what the hell?! Why is the video blocked by my country? Talk about being grateful

  5. Look at this
    Imagine riding alongside a light beam

    Boom! U go flying to the past like


  6. Some please tell me the name of the Violin piece Einstein is playing. Been searching for it forever. Thank you!

  7. Adagio in E Major, K. 261, Extract – Arr. for Solo Violin – Oli Langford
    https://open.spotify.com/track/6jsGjH3vG2TY7ozLdRJsF1 🙌 I finally found the 🎻 piece which is being played by Einstein in this video 📹.

  8. Imagine those day people use their brain in any ways cause thy don't have Google o r books to scanned if they have questions

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